Tantillo Law: US Magistrate Judge rejects Trade Secret Privilege and grants Motion to Compel Testimony


Order here: Order Erika Lance

Editor’s Note:  NTC’s “proprietary information” and “trade secrets” amount to little more than information regarding the manufacture of mortgage instruments for loan servicers to create the appearance of legitimacy.  Just like LPS/Black Knight, Nationwide Title Clearing is a fabrication operation and should be investigated and prosecuted as such.   Attorney Brent Tantillo has done a remarkable job of drilling down deep to expose the underlying fraud.

Testimony Required Where Worries About Disclosure are Overblown

New York, N.Y.—July 6, 2017—United States Magistrate Judge, James C. Francis IV, granted plaintiffs’ motion to compel compliance with their subpoena to depose a third-party witness, Erika Lance. The witness had refused to answer questions on the basis that they required the disclosure of trade secrets in the case captioned S&A Capital Partners, Inc., Mortgage Resolution Servicing, LLC; and 1st Fidelity Loan Servicing, LLC v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., JPMorgan Chase & Company, and Chase Home Finance LLC, No. 1:15-cv-00293-LTS-JCF.

Ms. Lance is an employee of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (“NTC”) and was deposed on March 21, 2017 by plaintiffs’ attorney, Brent Tantillo, Managing Shareholder, Tantillo Law PLLC. During the deposition, Ms. Lance refused to answer questions that would purportedly elicit NTC’s proprietary information, including questions about NTC’s clients and the types of systems Ms. Lance used to create certain documents on which her name appears.

In granting the motion, Judge Frances determined that the plaintiffs’ need for the information outweighs harm of disclosure and that it had not been conclusively established that trade secrets or other confidential information would be elicited.  Judge Frances further reasoned that a protective order in this litigation would protect confidential information from disclosure to entities other than the attorneys who are litigating the case.

According to Brent Tantillo, “We are pleased with the court’s decision to grant our Motion to Compel. Trade secret discovery objections shouldn’t be used to obstruct justice in cases where adequate protections are available.”


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  1. I have an assignment of mortgage/deed dated nov. 2001 stating synovus sold my note and deed to secure deed to mers as nominee for chase. Synovus purchased cbt bank in 2001. MERS wasn’t on my mortgage documents. Is that legal. let me know if u need a copy

  2. Have you ever come against Farm Credit?

  3. Just read the order ,, yup… pretty obvious they’re just a fraud doc manufacturer like DocX.

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