Too Big to Fail, Not too soon to Tell

Editor’s Note:  The collapse of Spanish megabank Banco Popular happened this month after government and regulators assured investors it had passed a stress test with the European Banking Authority. The failed bank was taken over by Santander, another megabank, but the shareholders lost everything as did the suppliers of contingent capital in the coco bonds. Meanwhile in America, the Trump administration has proposed relaxing capital requirements and lending standards while the for-profit Federal Reserve issued a report on Thursday that 34 of the nation’s largest banks passed the stress test.    The bottom line is that the stress test doesn’t mean jack and every Federal Reserve chairman has failed to predict the negative consequences of their actions.  It’s all part of the Central banking mirage where everything is fine- until it isn’t.


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  1. The charts she exhibits and the fact that many countries are not using the petrodollar anymore.

  2. Louise, i can direct you to hundreds of websites that predict the same thing. it’s kinda like the Christians that continually tell us that Christ is returning. Although I agree with their analysis of the bible, e.g. “christ will return”, they have used every factor for the past 2,000 years to advance their theory of the end days being near.

    What does this article show that makes you feel that the currency reset is imminent?

  3. Truth ON, Neil…..

  4. This article is just more proof that you cannot trust any big bank, or any supposed government banking regulators. Nothing will change until they start jailing the top executives of the big banks after they have had to do the “perp walk” on live nationwide television.

  5. Iwantmynpv: Check out this link for monetary expert Lynette Zang. The currency reset is coming.

  6. Casinos. …. but still viewed by the majority as staid, safe and conservative investments. Bring back Glass Steagall.

  7. Dr. David… iceland has a smaller economy than most US States, if the US were to follow that approach, instead of printing new debt, we had better first put in place how the military would deal with the riots in the streets, when the dollar in your pocket buys 10 cents worth of goods. i mean, do folks really still believe that Americans are going to pay back the 20 trillion in admitted debt. The US hasn’t made an interest payment to Social Security fund (our savings) in over 60 years, and continues to redirect the alleged surplus to the general balance sheet.

  8. Louise the folks that had bitcoins stored at Mt. Gox would probably disagree with your assessment. Although, the block chain that is derived from bitcoin will eventually be the asset platform used for purchase and selling goods, the central banks play a far larger role than managing transactions… and if you think that they will lose control of the money supply with the arrival of crypto-currency, you are sadly mistaken. Moreover, when you have the most powerful military on the planet… you remain the world currency, and if you think I am wrong… ask Saddam and Khodafi how their experiment with the Dinar went.

  9. Yes, the U.S. still has the same old fraud in place with the big banks. We need executives at the top going to jail.

  10. I was reminded last night how Iceland solved their problem with the big banks.

  11. The big banks are close to complete collapse at this point. Many countries are looking at using Russian rubles and Chinese Yuan. Also, there is the rise of cryptocurrencies which basically means that your transactions (money) do not go through a central bank, which is good for us.

  12. Nothing is too bog to fail when big department stores are closing down in America. Why there is an exception to banks?

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