JPMorgan Chase Bombshell: The Mortgage Liens were Released and then Foreclosed anyways

Transcript Reveals How JPM Chase “Got away with it” — selling loans that were already sold, releasing liens and then foreclosing on nonexistent liens

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Hat Tip to Brent Tantillo, Esq.

In our Thursday broadcast of the Neil Garfield Show Mr. Tantillo offered to send us the transcript of a deposition of the person who was in charge of monitoring the National mortgage Settlement and compliance with restrictions and rules concerning the execution of the settlements that were under the purview of the witness.  The transcript shows a continuation of the pattern of setting the illusion of a monitor when in fact the regulator (monitor in this case) was either forced or allowed to rely upon reports generated from Chase.

While somewhat daunting for those who can fall asleep easily while reading, this deposition is very important for those who really want and need more insight into how nearly everything JPM Chase did or said was a carefully constructed lie designed to defraud investors and homeowners who were subjected to foreclosures by parties affiliated with JPMorgan Chase, who had no interest in the loans, while the investors, and the “owners” of derivative hedge products were left holding virtually nothing.

As Mr. Tantillo described on last Thursday’s show, there was major hidden detail to this particular part of the overall fraudulent scheme in which claims were false predicated upon securitization: the mortgage liens were released. Thus while JPMorgan Chase was having lawyers sue in foreclosure on a mortgage lien, it was for “other purposes” releasing and satisfying the liens in order to escape regulations that would have cost money.   By lying on both ends of the stick they got the best of both worlds — until Brent Tantillo came along and filed suit on behalf of the investors who were defrauded.

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  1. Is there any public record showing specific loans that JP Morgan Chase received consumer relief for?

  2. Reblogged this on California freelance paralegal and commented:
    Unfortunately JPMorgan Chase has gotten away with these types of things and will continue to do so as long as they spend money buying politicians from both parties.

  3. same old B$…nuting will happen until they can no longer PROP up the failing B$ banking system…lawyer (just take your $$$$)are just money mongers working for …well you go digging…dig deep enough and you will see….same old crap …but one can always wish. Java gold you are so so right ” still going on after 8 years”!!!. They will get the paper (insurance)..they do not give a hoot about the house …unless they can swindle someone else to make the courts more money…so insane. Blessing to all who can see and hear.

  4. These lawyers in general are obviously making better money working for the big banks, Than fighting them. Fighting for some one who has already lost most of their money (investors, homeowners ) does not pay very well when it comes to attracting talented lawyers.

  5. the investors AND homeowners need to come together ASAP to fight and kill the banksters and their fraud once and for all !!!….why it still hasn’t happen after 8 years is beyond me ????….but for some reason finding good honest lawyers to take up this fight is next to impossible and tells me all I need to know

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