Secret Printer Code Could Be Breakthrough for Homeowners

It seems more likely than not that the fabrications and forgeries of documents used in foreclosure and in trading were ultimately printed on a printer that conformed to Federal requirements. This could identify several facts about the documents that the banks and servicers have been denying for years.

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Hat tip to M.C., who informs me that “the article is a little misleading because it implies it is only color laser printers but 60 minutes did a special about it decades ago and it was all printers and all copiers produce a unique image on each sheet of paper. OI believe the old version was just an inkless imprint like a document stamp.”
The pages from the NSA’s printers came with invisible tracking dots. This is a common feature in modern printers for forensics investigations, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They’re nearly invisible to the naked eye, but if you invert the colors, like Rob Graham from Errata Security did, they’re a lot more obvious.
Those dots are part of a DocuColor pattern, a grid of 15 by 8 yellow dots repeated over the edges of printed pages. It’s a code packed with tracking information, and can be translated to tell you the time, date and serial number of the printer it came from.
By using the code in the leaked documents, Errata Security saw that the pages were printed on May 9 at 6:20 p.m., on a printer with the serial number 29535218.

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  1. I would appreciate any help I can get. We may be getting the automatic stay of bankruptcy lifted by w.f. or trustee. They say we need to pay over 20,000. to get post petition arrears paid. Don’t have that kind of money, if we did wouldn’t be in this mess. I don’t believe we are behind that much, but those pmts. were made with checks by phone. I found some on statements, but I can’t find a lot of them. Bank says they don’t have records that long. Won’t help. In QWR I asked w. f. for their records for my check by phone pmts., I never got that either. Does anyone know what to do in Wisconsin about 2 qualified written requests sent a little over a year ago that w.f. never properly responded to? I contacted consumer protection, they just sent w.f. a copy, w.f. claims they responded (but they didn’t give any info I asked for. Under RESPA I understand I am entitled to this info. I want to take them to court. Besides other red flags that may spell mortgage fraud, I want to take them to court about the QWR. But is it federal court? I can’t even find an atty. that knows about that stuff, can’t afford 1 anyhow. Which papers do I file. Do I just take QWRand other pertinent papers to the courthouse and add them to the file? How much does filing a case like that cost? Also we had a car accident last week. Car was in impound lot. Had to pay almost 300.00 to get it out just for towing & only about 24 hrs. in it. Then repairs of about 800.00. W.F. had just raised our mortgage pmt. about 150.00 starting this month, and soc. sec. started taking over 200.00 out for my medicare too. Cannot make mtg. pmt. this month. Know what you are thinking, should have waited to fix car, but husband is disabled and can’t walk far. We need the car for him to get places. Would not be able to get to a bus stop. Would fall,. he has.Plus place that repaired car could not let us leave it there until we could pay. I spoke to person in w.f. bankruptcy dept., she says I have 30 days to pay before they would file a motion to dismiss, and I asked about over 1200.00 shown on statement as being unapplied funds. I asked about using that for this months pmt., she said no, because it is on hold for the trustee, but the money we pay trustee isn’t for mtg., it’s for other bills. We pay the mtg. ourselves. Don’t know what that’s about.

  2. WOW. Can Neil help you??

  3. Over a year ago, I received in the mail papers from Deutsche bank (it is spelled 2 ways, same doc.). Also with 1 for note, other deed.
    These docs are just mentioned on them, are not actual note or deed or a copy. Accompanied by near blank papers with illegible writing. I held these up to a light, on 1st 3 mentioned there are faint outlines of what may be animals? Or mythical figures? They can only be seen if held to a regular white light. I don’t have a black light or other way of looking. They are from 2008. We never heard of this bank before, but our loan # from wells fargo is on them. W. F. had tried to foreclose, we filed for bankruptcy. We also had received with those papers 1 that mentions a wire transfer involving chase bank. I don’t know who sent them to us, but was not W.F. or ASC. Could these be a clue as to actual money trail, investor, etc.? Anybody heard of something like these? I asked 2 times for a QWR, they never sent me info I wanted.

  4. This was covered Feb 2011 here … nothing has changed except the dots can now be decoded,,, the key is now public (and quite likely was public in 2011 if we had dug deeper.).

  5. My Note was a bad color copy. The copy was so bad it was full of color dots all over it and looked like a 3rd or 4th generation when copied by a b/w copier it looked like someone sneezed on the paper.

    Here is the link to decipher the yellow dots

  6. Who can trace this? Then, how do you trace the printer number?

  7. Some crooked banks and servicers know this and that is why they are only using black & white (monochrome) laser printed fabricated documents to be sent to homeowners while making request using Qualified Written Request. It’s time for the FBI to look into these matters and reverse all illegal foreclosures..

  8. I’m pretty sure that this only applies to pages printed on COLOR laser printers ,, this was required by the Treasury department years ago to fight counterfeiting ,, the dots produced are YELLOW … someone tell me how a black toner cart in a mono laser makes yellow dots? The EFF page linked to in the CBS article is worth reading … I believe this was a black/white printout on a color laser.

  9. Try getting actual documents rather than affidavits they have the documents.

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    That is very useful information and will prove to very helpful for homeowners going through foreclosure, or any other party involved in litigation that is willing to take the time to research this in more detail. I know that I will be looking into this right away.

  11. The banks are pretty sick too think they will get away with this crime of the century

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