Neil Garfield Radio Show-Foreclosure: The Money Trail v. The Paper Trail and why it makes a difference

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What is the significance of the money trail being different from the paper trial and how does that impact the presumptions that usually attach to facially valid documents? Neil Garfield will explain why it makes a factual and legal difference.

Who is pulling the strings?  Investigator Bill Paatalo will also discuss his new findings regarding reinsurance.  Paatalo has discovered that borrowers are / were unknowingly paying for Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance (LPMI), for the likely purpose of  “reinsurance,” through higher interest rates being charged on “combo” second liens. None of this was being disclosed under HOPA.

This is a violation of the Home Owners Protection Act of 1998 which requires full disclosure.

Other topics that will be covered include:

·  Insurance

·  Why the debt is not merged into the note and there are two different parties — originator and investor

·  Setting up your case for litigation and/or modification or settlement.

·  A recent decision that statute of limitations is an affirmative defense that may or may not be raised. However, it is not a proper subject for a motion to dismiss.

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  1. Listened. Good point about insurance. But, you don’t ask – what was the insurance for? Reinsurance for what? What about the prior loan? Who paid it off – if anyone? In whose name? Were these insurance policies to pay your own reported default? Good start in right direction. Keep moving.

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