The ChickenShit Club aka The United States Department of Justice

From Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Jesse Eisinger, a blistering account of corporate greed and impunity, and the reckless, often anemic response from the Department of Justice.  The release date for this book is scheduled July 11, 2017.
Why were no bankers put in prison after the financial crisis of 2008? Why do CEOs seem to commit wrongdoing with impunity? The problem goes beyond banks deemed “Too Big to Fail” to almost every large corporation in America—to pharmaceutical companies and auto manufacturers and beyond.

The Chickenshit Club—an inside reference to prosecutors too scared of failure and too daunted by legal impediments to do their jobs—explains why. A character-driven narrative, the book tells the story from inside the Department of Justice. The complex and richly reported story spans the last decade and a half of prosecutorial fiascos, corporate lobbying, trial losses, and culture shifts that have stripped the government of the will and ability to prosecute top corporate executives.

The book begins in the 1970s, when the government pioneered the notion that top corporate executives, not just seedy crooks, could commit heinous crimes and go to prison. The book travels to trading desks on Wall Street, to corporate boardrooms and the offices of prosecutors and F.B.I agents. These revealing looks provide context for the evolution of the Justice Department’s approach to pursuing corporate criminals through the early aughts and into the Justice Department of today.

Exposing one of the most important scandals of our time, The Chickenshit Club provides a clear, detailed explanation as to how our Justice Department has come to avoid, bungle, and mismanage the fight to bring these alleged criminals to justice.

Jesse Eisinger is a Pulitzer Prize–winning senior reporter at ProPublica. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, and The Washington Post. Previously, he was the Wall Street Editor of Conde Nast Portfolio and a columnist for The Wall Street Journal, covering markets and finance. H

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  1. I’m in shock! Couldn’t believe the brain wash of the modification ended been kicked out.

  2. to ‘losingmyhomeinFla’. God I can hear your heartbreak. I just don’t know how or when ‘the People’ will overcome their inertia.

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  4. you know they write this stuff and we read it? its like preaching to the choir. most of us cant do anything. I tried calling my elected officals they get way to much money form the banks for campaign funds to help us. We need some help. some one with some clout to stop this train wreck. unemployment in florida lowest says rick scott WTF!!!!!!! my husband is making 10$ less per hour he was making 10 years ago really? part time jobs so the people ar not getting unemployment but bringing home less? the foreclosures are still happening because the banks exit as soon as they see that some of the defense lawyers are gaining ground they find the next nincompoop debt collector to buy their mortgages. we need ths to end and now before more people end up homeless, I am 13yrs from retirement where do I after working my entire life deserve to be homeless as a retiree because a bank was gambling on me and coerced millions of people into default to foreclose? we need this to end can anyone pleas step up to the plate and end this charade?

  5. OH and huge numbers of Judges, Congressman, Senators and COPORAT Bankster Gangsters and FBI , DOJ and Treasury BASTARDS are as DIRTY as the CLINTONS, BUSHS and OBAMAS ……. YES …… CHICKEN SHIT CLUB Works for Me …..

  6. And…. amoral attorneys passing the cool aid on to the public’s back… An often touted phrase “It is not illegal” though the act is morally bankrupt. Taking profits at the expense of the environment, the people, and the planet. Psychopathy in action. Why not call it what it is?

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    There was no teeth, no strength or leadership at the helm. No one clever enough to take back control. SIGTARP Neil Barofsky, in his 2012 book BAILOUT writes, “I had no idea that the U.S. government had been captured by the banks,” The DOJ is only as good as the administration that it works under.

  8. Book Two:
    The Chickenshit Scoopers Club – State Judges

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