Is the Number of Foreclosures Going Up or Down?

It depends who you ask, when you ask and where you ask. The Wall Street Banks have been very effective at putting out stories to make it appear that foreclosures are all but over.

You can read story after story about how foreclosures are “lowest since” 1991 or whatever. But in an age of 140 characters you need to read just a little bit further to see that the article came from a small town newspaper in a place where the population is 300. There are dozens of stories like this each with the announced purpose of conveying that the foreclosure crisis is over and legislatures need not do anything against banks and servicers anymore. Rocket Dockets have been rolled up and the banks have stopped paying for them which is whole other story.

The current Wall Street strategy is to maintain the appearance of a disappearing problem. The principal ways they do this is (1) “sponsoring” articles that say so and (2) playing Wack-a-mo with the foreclosures.

By letting foreclosures lay fallow for a few years in Miami and increasing it in Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, Colorado and other states the banks get the media to ignore the spike in foreclosures and talk about the big bad banks and fail to specify why the banks are big and how they are being bad.

It is difficult to actually report whether the number of foreclosures per day, week or month is going up or down because fo inconsistent reporting standards. But I can tell you that we see the movement of the banks, turning off the hot spots and going to places they are going to spike the number of foreclosures.

There are miles to go before we sleep.


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  1. You are so correct,where I live an elderly man left two side by side homes with dead on ocean views to his care taker,but the probate court slapped him with a huge tax liability and he walked to leave these shammer realtors fighting over them,making up silly stories as they go.

    Yes the title companies that closed your loan will prob be foreclosing on you,this is not what I signed up for.

  2. Good Job David!
    Those scoundrels are knee deep in it.
    Homes with zero balances get foreclosed because of tax sale or..
    Ut Um. Property Abandonment. .of Property Rights..Aha

    Swallow this…The Title Company hires the debt collector .

    State Your Claim

  3. All you have to do is check out the sheriffs sales for any county in any state. There are thousands of them per month. You never hear anything about them on the media.

  4. Frank ,

    The DISHONORABLE Lisa Munyon is as corrupt as they come.. In my 2011 trial she had an ex-parte hearing with the banksters lawyers and allowed them to unilaterally schedule a MSJ hearing ahead of an already scheduled trial date with less than 10 days notice … the reason being to make it impossible for me under the rules to submit evidence. They won at the MSJ despite MANY valid arguments that should have demanded a real trial… I appealed and ran out of money… so I got a deal with the crooks as a prize.

  5. In California,on any given posting site such as Servicelink ASAP,or Nationwide posting,mostly the later,they are listing every thirty day period 3000. potential foreclosures.
    Some get cancelled,many postponed,but thats an outrageous number,check it out,you can see the lies,not to mention they have homes listed with a zero balance due,still being foreclosed.

  6. My turn coming up!
    Save the date!!
    June 7, 2017 I meet up with (Ocwen).
    …I was never notified of the initial Colorado Rule 120 Hearing.Thank goodness the folks at Living/Lendinglies referred to me to an attorney–Tim Bullock–who was able to get me information about the Hearing. I wrote a letter to the Park County Trustee asking to cancel the auction of my house and we were able to get an extension …or my house would have been sold in February.
    Fortune cookie from the other night says, “All the preparation you’ve done will finally be paying off!”
    Some good mojo never hurt!
    I just want to say to anyone else going through this to keep your chin up. You might have a lifetime wrapped up in it… but in the end, it is just stuff. Adjust, adapt, and overcome. But in the meantime… let’s try to kick some scoundrel ass!

  7. Look up
    Judge Lisa Munyon
    Did Orange County Florida Judge Lisa Munyon commit treason.
    This is got to be most flagrant abuse of power any Judge can do.
    Look it up and share it.
    It’s as close to criminal as it could be if its not

  8. Exactly what I noticed.
    They are playing a con… The homes that been foreclosed on are still on the books. The ones in the pipeline are just that. Slowly making there way to the front of the line, parsed out to make it appear low foreclosure numbers.
    Fraud is still fraud, no matter what the illusion projected toward U.S.

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