Don’t Forget FOIA Requests — Info on Bidding and Title

Concealed information may still be available. An increasing number of people have showed me that they did receive documents that were responsive to their requests from a government agency — VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Sallie Mae etc.

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Hat Tip to George Riley

George sent in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Veterans Administration (VA) seeking information on who was the creditor and what role the VA had in connection with his loan. What he found was a “new version of the note,” and the fact that Wells Fargo who foreclosed received title to the property and then paid the VA the exact amount of their “credit bid”. While not completely dispositive of the issue this shows that the VA was in fact the creditor and that representations from Wells Fargo that they were the owner of the loan were false.

I have not yet seen any FOIA requests to the SEC. One of the surreptitious tactics of the banks is to upload documents that are blatantly false, then have them recognized by judicial notice in court. A FOIA request to the SEC would probably result in the following answer: “The uploading of documents onto the agency website is not subject to review and is not accompanied by any forms or correspondence.” That alone would be sufficient evidence (I think) that what appears on the SEC website is not a document that should be judicially noticed — especially when it is unsigned, incomplete or contains other inconsistencies.

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  1. Does anyone have a copy of a letter for FOIA request ?

  2. Bill in Judiciary Committee, then to Senate. Write your Senators. Check to see if on Judiciary Committee. .

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  4. Javagold you can do the request. GINNIE MAE is sobfull of it….you will be surprised with the fraud these people did and keeps doing…they know everything….

  5. 2 versions of the note…
    The Note, The Mortgage & The Mortgage Note

    Duel liabilities … Aha

    Example Case..
    .2010 FHA & BOA

    Mortgage Deed…Reverse That

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  7. Sent FOIA to Fannie Mae – we’ll see.

  8. So we are able to FOIA Fannie Mae for a house foreclosure from 2014 by Bank of America as Servicer. Am I understanding this correct ???

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