Sub-Prime Mortgage Servicer Ocwen fabricates Mortgage Documents

Ocwen is the bottom-feeder of mortgage servicing companies.  Most survey’s rank Ocwen as the absolute worst in customer service and accountability including consumer research by J.D. Powers.  Ocwen acts as a debt-collector and our experience at LendingLies is that Ocwen often cannot identify the true creditor or provide any documentation demonstrating who owns the loan.  Ocwen then resorts to fabricating documents and obfuscation to keep the borrower in the dark until they can successfully foreclose.  Why is the CFPB and Multi-State Mortgage Committee not investigating Ocwen’s fabrication of loan instruments?

Last year we had a client from Texas contact us who was dealing with Ocwen.  He had pulled his paperwork and discovered that his loan was one of the Taylor, Bean & Whitaker (TBW) fraudulent transactions, there was no evidence that the note had ever been endorsed, and there were no assignments from TBW to Ocwen.   To overcome these issues Ocwen either photoshopped endorsements or assignments in-house, or went to a third party who creates fraudulent loan instruments and filed to foreclose.

The Lendinglies staff sent a copy of the note and assignment to a forensic document fraud examiner and he discovered that the “original” copies submitted by Ocwen were nothing more than computer-generated forgeries.  We did a little more investigating and discovered that  the “corrective” assignment of the Deed of Trust was signed by Ocwen employee Amber K. Wilson.

Amber K. Wilson was employed as a Servicing Operations Specialist at Ocwen since May 2015.   Located in Iowa, Amber’s Linked-In profile stated that her current duties included, “Researching Mortgage Documents to verify a full Chain of Title is present. If it is not create the needed Documents (sic). Work from Excel Spread Sheet daily as well as several internal data programs.”  Amber K. Wilson admitted on a public website that Ocwen Loan Servicing creates documents to create a “proper Chain of Title” if there are errors.

This is an admission that Ocwen employees are engaging in fraudulent activity by fabricating notes and assignments (the derogatory information has since been removed from her Linked-In profile but a screenshot of last year’s Linked-In profile is included below). Hopefully the CFPB and Multi-State Mortgage Committee who have filed lawsuits will investigate this type of criminal activity.

It is fraudulent to recreate a chain of assignment with fabricated documents to create the appearance the current servicer has standing. As Neil Garfield has repeatedly pointed out- copies of the note and assignment don’t document an actual transaction (sale, transfer)- they are nothing but window dressing to create the illusion an event occurred.

Our client was a victim of these sham documents Ocwen filed in the Tarrant county records. He has been fortunate enough to find an attorney who has successfully kept Ocwen at bay.  Texas is involved in the multi-state effort to regulate large servicers across the country while ensuring compliance with applicable state and federal law, while protecting consumers.

Amber Wilson’s Linked-In profile where she admits fabricating loan instruments:

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  1. the documents that were created to complete a fraudulent chain of assignnent in my case had a title company named “security connections” out of Idaho. i am in Texas. just fyi i would research documents w that company listed as a title company for accuracy and verification on documents as original.

  2. Mr. Garfield i am a huge follower of your site and it is because of your site, radio blog and information you provide us that i have recently had a default judgment reversed against ocwen and its lawyers. I have been battling them since 2010 and most recently i almost gave up as they have doubled the amount owed on my home and still refuse my monthlh payments. they recently attempted foreclosure but i was never served w the suit. the only reason i discovered it was checking the county website and discovered a default judgment 3 days from day i checked it. when i viewed the documents only 1 of the original documents were there and 4 documents mainly chain of adsignment were 100 percent fraudulent. Because of the knowledge i have gained from you radio showd, website and legal forms i filed my own motion to vacate judgment for lack of service and fraud upon the court and unclean hands doctrine as would be defense. luckily the judge did agree at my hearing and dismissed the case. i just wish it was w prejudice but ocwen is such snakes my experience is not only are their documents fraudulent but they are up to tactics to even deny homeowners due process. i learn every week from your site and i cannot thank you enough! this information is very useful. and i am very happy to continue to contribute to you cause when i can and as often as i can.

  3. Amber Wilson is being deposed on October 9, 2017 about her activities while at Ocwen.

  4. Please contact Houston Attorney Samuel J. Brown at
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  5. Hello I am in Texas and I also have been fighting Ocwen for literally 9 years. Currently right now as I type this post they are trying to foreclose on my home once again but have not served me with the suit i only found out about it bc I looked up on the county records to see if anything was going on. My immediate issue is that in their exhibits submitted to the courts there are fake documents in an effort to complete their chain of assignment paperwork which they are unable to produce. These documents are 100% fake. My issue is I cannot seem to find an aggressive attorney in Texas to help me fight them back hard. I read Tracy’s story and wondering if she ever found a lawyer in California to help her out. I am stunned at how the lawyers are so used to this fraudulent activity that they don’t even see it as a major issue. It is driving me nuts. This is illegal and it is the reason they have purposely dragged me along for 9 years to price me out of my house with their fees and penalities all because they know they do not have the proper paperwork to foreclose on my home so instead they will try to bankrupt me so they can move in and foreclose. I will not go down easy at all but need to find the right attorney to finish this craziness. If you know anyone in Dallas Texas you can refer me to please let me know.

  6. ive been fighting foreclosure for 9 years and im still in their game , and still have possession of the house , but at this point they can have it as long as i continue sueing them like they deserve , i will survive its been a long 9 years and frustrating , the offer settlement they offered me last week was so unreal not acknowledging the 155000.00 in payment and the reinstatement we borrowed and paid like suckers in the amount of 87963.02 via cashiers checks they foreclosed off linda green how is this possible?bryan bly, crystal moore . common please … brittany snow , who miss snow has hung up her LPS hat for or AHMSI hat for a new identity named stephanie spurlock , shes in florida, west palm beach and irvine all at the same time amazing isnt it also shes also became the notary and trustees sales assistant on one page of each deed upon sale they steal. way to go stephanie good looking out stupid girl.stephanie is also still working in the trustee field as stephanie spurlock and shes a western progressive employee whose owned by??? you guessed it none other than william erbey whose 100% stock share holder of OCWEN he runs owns and slithers his fat ass through altisource a company that manages your stolen house all the way from the virgin islands he still also owns OCWEN’S offspring , HUBZU.COM the online auction house extravaganza the online sales team that sells the stolen goods over the internet? altisource manages and rents them western progressive slips in at the last minute as trustees appointed by ms. spurlock and all the other crafty fabricators down at that OK corral its another LPS DOCX just changed the name to protect the …. you guess what im about to say. except i cant figure out where they are from or at, duetsche douch at irvine, west palm beach, or georgia?? how can she really be in three places at the same time did she really attend the sale at the fountain around the parking lot at the local courthouse right down the street from the los angeles county recorders office 1 block away? how is our government letting this crap continue? go figure its magic! BTW. kraig kirtley, cindi ellis , im text book robo signer slut , with the shadiest paperwork of assignments any one individual could have. they stole all our money demanding more and dont think a thing about it we suffer right? , they tacked on my 265000 dollar loan in 2006 , tacked on 300000 in unpaid interest never applied all that money to the loan stole the money now the offer was i take a 485000 loan paying principal and interest (interest on interest) and at the end of 30 years after i pay off th 485000 ill have a balloon payment of 380000.00 to pay and they wont finance ? go figure also the offer wasn’t such a nice one because i complained to the cfpb and was told to retract that complaint and they will rescind the foreclosure and offer a settlement SETTLEMENT what the//// ?? im not settling a 265000.00 loan no payments applied (200000.00 and change) vanished and now my payment goes up to 3000.00 a month no taxes paid out of that and i pay a 485000.00 and 380000.00 balloon payment what kinda of principal reduction did ocwen say they prided themselves on Highway robbery and fraud who’s entitled to what a complaint board that does nothing ? yea way to go california . its been stolen by ocwen and western progressive i am coming down from my paper mound and gonna rest awhile while a let this lawyer take up the slack , hopefully this will benefit the situation , im not giving up the fight , i want justice because what my eyes and heart have been subjected to and what ive discovered along the way . i have burnt out from the paperwork and all the BS communication they’ve fed me but i fired up once again and guess im ready for round 50 ding ding the sweat is on ladies and gents keep on neil you rock it with knowledge i dont care your the most helpful and knowledgable person on the internet and are wonderful for providing this site i donated a hundred bucks to you the other day and i feel good about it thank you!

  7. I think i might be on to a lawyer in woodland hills california who gets it.

  8. @ Justin G ~ Check to see what your state has filed against Ocwen and then immediately sign up with Vinch Khan’s foreclosure prevention course. I signed up with him 6 years ago and I am still in my home.

  9. […] via Sub-Prime Mortgage Servicer Ocwen fabricates Mortgage Documents — Livinglies’s Weblog […]

  10. I was offered a streamline HAMP loan. I signed all E DOCS and then sent in the notarized affidavit etc etc. They said they never received the paperwork even after I was told the loan modification was successful approved. Long story short, my paper was never received (they say) and the deadline for the deal passed and I am screwed out of the deal. Just received a foreclosure initiated letter yesterday (4/24/17).
    Yes the customer service is horrible as well!

  11. sikofcity — all conncected

  12. BOA might have turned to its subsidiary, BAC Home Loans Servicing, in Collin County, Texas, whenever mortgage assignments were needed. This office, formerly Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, produced hundreds of thousands of assignments, including most all of the assignments to Countrywide CWABS and CWALT trusts. These assignments are made primarily for CWALT and CWABS trusts that closed in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

    In some, apparently, robo-signed B of A assignments of mortgages, MERS titles might be used to assign mortgages TO BAC while, perhaps, actually working FOR BAC – signing as if they were MERS officers while working for different companies. These assignments are defective as well, as the assignments were done after the closing date of the trust.

    Giving some information I had found.

  13. IM VICTIM OF OCWEN AND BETTER THAN THIS ONE , ITS THEIR TRUSTEE WESTERN PROGRESSIVE OWNED BY OCWEN WHO’S STILL FORGING DOCUMENTS BIG TIME, STEPHANIE SPURLOCK , IS THERE REALLY SUCH A PERSON, SHE LISTS HERSELF AS ALSO A PERSON NAMED PAPE, AND VARIOUS OTHERS they are also the lawyers who serve the evictions in irvine california , stephanie spurlock works in irvine western progressive, georgia western progressive and west palm beach western progressive all at the same time this company whose ran and owned by none other than mr.erbey from the virgin islands , and his brother john erbey who works out of florida who was supposedly forced to retire but still operates out of his new company altisource the management company to ocwens and all of their stolen houses, altisource was the foreclosing attorneys was what ocwen told me when they were foreclosing on my property a few months ago, altisource thats an offspring of ocwen or subsidiary is owned all by erbey and western progressive llc is the trustees along with zeive broadax lawyers in irvine nasty people . what is being done to ocwen and its other companies ? not too much its so hard to believe , the fraud thats these companies are forging on a daily basis the notary and trustee sales assistant who is in irvine or florida is signed by the same person , all of this crap started from a .06 cent discrepancy at homeward residential , the company ahmsi aka american home mortgage they are ocwen owned by the same people from what i see , how is it and is it normal that ocwen aka western progressive went into the federal courthouse and had the federal judge sign a acknowledgement and order dismissing the lis pendens from a case we filed on homeward residential in 2012 now 4 years or 5 years later a case that wasn’t filed by them or against them did they draft a dismissal of the lis pendens we filed with american home mortgage (homeward ) we were not made aware of this dismissal from anyone including ocwen or homeward can they do this i did a title search and searched every document at looked up each document number and found the signed order dismissing the lis pendens a month before they foreclosed on my house, wouldn’t you think i should have been notified and a signing or agreeable party to this order from federal court but then again i think its a forged order fabricated by ocwen in order to foreclose a month later ? i hope that made sense i think they have gone as far fabricated federal documents from the federal courts here in california ive never seen this kinda document stamped to look official its so official looking it couldn’t be real, the judges signature is never written in what appears to be a magic marker and no clerk signed it wouldn’t that order of dismissal to our expensive lis pendens have to be with our knowledge or approval? just a hunch if you want a copy email me and i can show you neil

  14. Let’s add nationstar to the list with Wells Fargo as they all make up documents to foreclose wells Fargo had a manual

  15. Neil
    I have a forged and fabricated document(note) from Ocwen. Its just amazing that they would still do this under the previous consent orders. If you would like a copy, just email me.

  16. Text me tomorrow if you have a few minutes.

    If I’m not mistaken Ocwen took all of GMAC’s paper when they went bankrupt, I. E 651 Cornerstone Dr, and 5 more in HKV!!

    Mark Fields

    C-786.667.0577 F-813.701.9469

    Senior Investment Attorney Global Investment Funds, LLC

  17. Well let’s not forget Wells Fargo. They are all part of the same thread as far as I am concerned

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  18. Good Ole AMBER WILSON. In the midst of Discovery Requests, Ocwen JUST SENT ME a Sworn Affidavit by hers Truly SWEARING that she had PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE OF MY MORTGAGE. Nevermind. my “mortage” defaulted TWO FULL YEARS before Ocwen ever opened its doors and four full years before Ms. Wilson ever worked for Ocwen. She better pray to whatever God she worships that I do not ever meet her face to face.

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