MERS Ownership Intentionally Obfuscated

By The LendingLies Team

In an ongoing California Appeal (that will go unnamed at this time), a homeowner’s attorney obtained a routine MERS corporate disclosure statement in response to an opening appellate brief he had filed.  The attorney shared the disclosure statement with a colleague in Hawaii who noticed that MERS claimed it was owned by its holding company who was owned by Maroon Holding, an LLC.  Further research revealed that Maroon was more than 10% owned by “Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.” (“ICE”).  Additional digging revealed that ICE was listed as the parent corporation for the New York Stock Exchange.  At that point red flags were raised.

The attorney, flabbergasted, after years of trying to peel the layers off of the proverbial MERS onion, discovered that ICE purchased the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) for around 8 billion dollars, and it is now worth over 11 billion dollars (huge profits fueled by trillions of dollars of foreclosures and the unrecognized devaluation of the dollar) ( The attorney discovered that ICE also claims to have purchased MERS (so Maroon could not own MERS if ICE does) and when looking into ICE, it is traded (oddly being the NYSE) on NASDAQ.

NASDAQ lists 51 pages of stock ownership in ICE which includes virtually everyone and anyone involved in the financial fraud and corruption scheme.  The pirates include Black Rock who fabricates the forged documents, to Bank of America, N.A., Bank of New York Mellon Corporation; as well as Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Goldman Sachs, T Rowe Price (largest investor), Wells Fargo, Citi, etc…  The list of participants goes on and on with billions of dollars and half a billion shares outstanding.  Not to mention that the government sponsored GSEs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are owners as well.

The risk is evenly distributed among the Too Big To Fail institutions with no party owning more than 10% ownership in shares requiring disclosure (of course).  ICE’s ownership, like MERS, is buried in Delaware corporations with 3 different entities claiming the exact same name.  This shell game of mergers and name changes makes it nearly impossible to identify who actually owns anything since no court in the country will enforce discovery or any subpoena on them since each county/pension is invested themselves.

For additional information check out these links:

The bank’s attorneys are also playing the obfuscation game by failing to identify who retained them.

This same attorney reports that he has attempted to sanction opposing counsel for claiming to represent parties that (1) do not exist and/or; (2) were not sued.  In this instance, the lead defendant bounced between two firms, and claimed to represent a party that does not exist.  Nine months into litigation the lender finally admitted they represented the wrong party and then claimed to represent the lender the homeowner first sued instead of who they claimed to currently represent.  The lenders use a game of changing entities, names, servicers and trusts to detract from the real issues while creating such a convoluted mess that plausible deniability can be implied at all junctions.  Outside of foreclosure, no Plaintiff in any other type of litigation would be permitted to act in this manner without being sanctioned.

In this particular case, three different law firms have now made misleading statements and the court takes any lie they spin as fact.  False representations of legal representations for trustees who don’t know or don’t care whether their name is used as Plaintiff or beneficiary are now the norm. Yet, there is no clear procedural method of challenging whether the law firm represents the servicer v REMIC trustee. In a  Florida US bank case,  the Plaintiff’s lawyer admitted to having zero contact with US bank and the attorney could not state that US bank retained him.  It is all but impossible to identify who is truly pulling the strings and violates a consumer’s right to know who their creditor is.

The attorney who brought this situation to our attention writes, “Defendants and their counsel are attempting to obfuscate any ability to identify any actual owner, holder or holder-in-due-course of the purported debt, if such ever existed, its extinguishment notwithstanding.”    When the homeowner, their attorney, the bank, opposing counsel and the judge can’t identify who the true creditor and imposters are, this leads to issues of:

  1. Slander and Disparagement of the Title to Plaintiff’s Property
  2. Lender’s Acts are not Privileged and are without Justification
  3. False Claims
  4. Pecuniary Losses
  5. Fraud
  6. Fraud on the Court
  7. Racketeering
  8. FDCPA and FDCPA violations
  9. Claims are barred for Making False, Deceptive and Misleading Representations
  10. Unconscionable Allegations by Plaintiff
  11. Plaintiff had no Standing to bring Lawsuit

These are issues causing real damages and yet, the Judge in this case will likely ignore the blatant fraud, the use of pseudo-parties and the unconscionable consequences caused by a party with no standing to be in the courtroom.  If you’re a bank you are not required to be honest or have any credible evidence of ownership.  The presentation of fabricated and forged documents, shell companies, and a false affidavit is usually sufficient to foreclose.

Neil Garfield will provide more information on the MERS ownership issue in the next several weeks. Stay up to date at LivingLies.

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  1. Fannie Mae claims ownership. That’s what they told me and the courts. Which MERS? Will the real MERS please stand up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @ Rhody ,

    Sears is dead , stick a fork in them… that “sell off real estate” plan has been in effect for 8 years with nothing to show for it… they lose money every quarter except Christmas and that only makes up for half the 3q losses each year… They are selling off their biggest assets , the Diehard and Craftsman brand names and will burn through that cash quickly.. their suppliers are starting to limit their credit lines ,, they won’t make it past the end of 2018 ,, after 2017 Christmas it’ll all be one giant liquidation.

  3. With ice-age watch on many iconic retail stores in America one may doubt that this administration is going to be successful in making America great again. I heard that Sears is looking at selling their real estate assets to keep stuff in store. This doesn’t seem good as real estate is not in good shape either.

    This administration must fix the housing crisis and real estate mess to make America great again. I love to see America great but my commonsense analysis doesn’t allow me to believe that it could happen in the near future. Honestly, I am afraid that there may be another recession sooner or later.

  4. And it is said that Justice Scalia died of natural causes.

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  6. The Clintons deregulated “Derivatives”. Now, there are over 1200 Trillions (of intentionally-mislabeled, “Federal Reserve”, Bonds, Bills and Notes), owed to “Derivatives”.

    The Clintons AND 3 REPUBLICAN SENATORS, GRAMM, LEACH AND BLILEY, suppressed the few remaining consumer protections that were left, in “Glass-Steagall”.

    Like “The (intentionally-rigged) Great Depression”, both political parties are to blame and both parties recently desired and obtained suppression of “Glass-Steagall”.

    “Glass-Steagall” was designed, in the aftermath of the deliberate, banker-created, “Boom-and-Bust Cycle”, aka, “The Great Depression”, to isolate SPECULATIVE BANKS (aka, “WALL STREET”), from interfering in the financial day-to-day comings-and-goings of everyday Americans (you know, people without a gambling problem).

    Since the signing of the “Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act”, there are now, so many criminal banking behaviors documented, across-the-board, there aren’t enough pages, on FB to list them all…


    The 1200 Trillion are owed to “SECURITIES FRAUD”. Article One, Section Eight, explains, in UNAMBIGUOUS LANGUAGE, as follows:

    “The Congress shall have power… To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States…”.

    Read the sixth paragraph, below:

    The 1200 Trillions owed to “Securities Fraud” hinge upon counterfeit pools of “Mortgage Loans” that are, in fact, EMPTY!

    There are NO MORTGAGE “LOANS” within the “Pools of Loans”!

    The “MBS”, “Mortgage-Backed Securities”, DON’T HAVE ANY MORTGAGES IN THEM!


    Both “shell companies” act as hedge funds and in each instance, the criminal banks counterfeit titles to American homes and then place phony insurance policies on those homes (aka, “DERIVATIVES”).

    The seminal paper, exposing this criminal SCAM was written by Professor Christopher L. Peterson, while he was a Law Professor at SJ Quinney Law School, in Utah. He is now the Chief Counsel, for Enforcement, of the CFPB.

    Read page 116, from his paper, below. He describes “The MERS (created by Eric Holder’s Law Firm, “Covington-Burling”)”, as a “shell company”, used to “PRETEND” to own American homes.


    Another word for “Pretending” to own American homes is “COUNTERFEITING”.

    The second “shell company”, Obama’s “RESCAP”, was created to “COUNTERFEIT” “Mortgage Loans”, said to be in the possession of F&F (Fannie and Freddie), but, that isn’t true either…

    Instead, the criminals: “Law Enforcement”, Politicians and Bankers, are claiming the Banks may claim “loans” that never belonged to them, in the first place, through the Obama Restructuring of GMAC.

    The banks are claiming “loans” that were never listed with GMAC, as “Assets (the fancy legal term for the “Assets” is “RES”- “Asset Capital =“RES CAP”… get it?)” they transferred into their possession, despite the fact GMAC never listed those “loans” as belonging to GMAC, prior to GMAC’s liquidation…

    They are claiming to “own” something that was never in the possession of the entity they claim they got it from.

    Federal Judge Margaret Sweeny is beginning to expose the truth and Matt Taibbi has written about it…

    … although, most of the dots have yet to be connected.

    Federal Judge Gleeson exposed a plea bargain with HSBC- a Chinese-English hybrid, that is presently being concealed (although the case is being heard, on appeal, this week).

    The “Deferred Prosecution Agreement” was written by the Obama DOJ and Holder, Lynch and Breuer, all signed it.

    You may read the court document here:
    Case 1:12-cr-00763-JG Document 23 Filed 07/01/13

    The bank is laundering terror and drug money for people presently murdering American and British Soldiers…

    Holder Knows it… Loretta Lynch knows it and Lanny Breuer knows it.

    Moreover, these 3 appear to have committed Treason, because the former English Finance Minister, George Osborne asked them to.

    3 months after the Treason was signed, in Brooklyn, where Loretta Lynch was then prosecutor, James Comey was placed, as an executive on the board of HSBC-Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation… He is now the Director of the FBI.

    Comey’s brother made millions as the Clinton’s accountant, for their phony Foundation and Eric Holder’s wife is Loretta Lynch’s sorority sister…

    Just one big happy Family.

    These criminal Frauds also know Holder’s suggestion the banks must be protected, is also complete falsehood:


    Indeed, Since Comey first fashioned betrayal of Coalition Forces, in Afghanistan and Iraq, in 2005, for KPMG…

    some 1384 Coalition Forces have been murdered, in Afghanistan, alone.

    Filter Deaths By Year
    View Fatality Details

    There is no doubt the IRAQ LIE is a criminal disgrace, based on falsehood.,

    It is likely the IRAQ LIE was created to derail the EURO as it was trading evenly with the phony, intentionally-mislabeled, “Federal Reserve, notes, bills and bonds”, at a time when Iran was threatening to sell their oil to countries that used Euros.

    In closing, if you are still broadcasting your ignorance one political party is less corrupt than another, please be still; nobody with any sense, at all, is interested in your nonsense.

    The ANSWER is to “weaponize” the 1200 Trillions in counterfeit, criminal Banking Debt by “monetizing” the counterfeit criminal Banking Debt….

    In other words, let’s take the banks at their word and employ a type of financial jiu jitzu…

    Force them to open their books (M3 has not been publicly scrutinized since 2008) and then begin seizing the Bankers’ “Assets”, because they are, at this very moment: “INSOLVENT”. 1200 TRILLIONS IS 20 X THE COMBINED GDP OF EVERY COUNTRY, ON THE PLANET… NO BANK OR GROUP OF BANKS COULD EVER CLAIM THAT AMOUNT REALISTICALLY.

    Once the CRIMINAL BANKS are exposed, new currency issues of Lincoln’s Greenbacks can be printed and released, while pro-rated against seizure of the phony, “Federal Reserve, notes, bills and bonds”, using the same infrastructure, although now: “UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP”.

    It is past time We The People Nationalize the banks, investigate , prosecute and punish these absolute, criminal Filth.

    ~ Michael Keane 3/12/17
    The American Mob and the Russian Mob are attempting to shake hands, to the exclusion of the DC Corruption Crowd and the Criminal, English-based, CENTRAL BANKING Mob and the Criminals are not happy.

    There are, presently, 1200 Trillions in wholly-fraudulent, intentionally-mislabeled, “Federal Reserve, Notes, Bills and Bonds”.

    The Clintons deregulated “Derivatives” and now there are 1200 Trillions owed to counterfeit American Securities that double as “Special Purpose Vehicles (empty REMIC Trusts)”, of “Pools of Mortgages (Mortgage-Backed Securities)”, that are, COMPLETELY DEVOID OF ANY “MORTGAGES”… THEY ARE EMPTY!

    The “REMICs- Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits” are more aptly explained as: “REMIFs- Real Estate Monopolized Insurance Frauds”. Another word for these counterfeit insurance policies, that are intentionally mislabeled as “SWAPS”, is … You guessed it: “DERIVATIVES”.

    Article One, Section Eight is unambiguous in its language, while it states: “The Congress shall have the power… TO PROVIDE FOR THE PUNISHMENT OF COUNTERFEITING THE SECURITIES AND THE CURRENT COIN OF THE UNITED STATES”.

    It is well beyond the point the Central Bankers are investigated, prosecuted and frog-marched into oblivion, whether lengthy prison sentences or execution for Treason as they are currently laundering these counterfeit SECURITIES for terror and drug Cartels presently murdering American and British Soldiers.

    ~ Michael Keane 3/15/17

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    This could turn out to be a real smoking gun if only the courts and the judges would actually pay attention, which sadly almost never happens.

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