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  1. @ Melissa Klapper, Belanger is the most resourceful LL’s poster that is capable of identifying “Trusts”. His experience is found in the article, above: GMAC Note and Mortgage Discharged: https://livinglies.wordpress.com/tag/gmac-mortgage/

  2. So again banks and government made whole while delusional elitist’s and their swamp steal our homes and country.

  3. I’ve been at this fight since 2009. I have followed this site since then. I know the in and outs. But knowing the trust are empty and proving it are 2 different things. You can have all the knowledge and still lose. You need proof.

  4. @Melissa Klapper, do you know if your “loan” is claimed as in the possession of a “Trust”. It may be worth your while to visit an attorney and bring along the questions you want answered. Everyone’s fact pattern is different, or, a better way to say it is, they don’t all have to have the same fact pattern, there may be a number of differences between yours and someone else’s.

  5. @Melissa Klapper, You may read the links I provided, at bottom to begin to understand “Securitization Fail = the trusts are empty”. You may also enter Securitization Fail and many other questions on Mr. Garfield’s search bar, top right. Another useful site is, “The Burning Platform- Who’s your Lender”- follow the prompts and get organized. get a ring binder, make a record of your requests, send certified letters, document the answers and keep it organized. look at your mortgage and determine if your “loan” was entered into the “MERS” for example.

  6. I always hear the Trust’s are empty. How do you know this and how do I prove it. What do I look for. I am able to look at the Trust’s Distribution Reports.

  7. Michael Lewis’s “The Big Short”, only tells part of the story.

    Visit Rockwell P. Ludden’s, brief, while excellent: http://www.capecodtimes.com/article/20150221/OPINION/150229876

    In hedge fund operations “market makers” define the market. In other words, they define a cause and basis for “speculation”; “successful” or otherwise; there are always, at least, two positions to take on any financial adventure.

    In the current, on-going Scam of mortgage Fraud, REMICs that are empty- devoid of any “mortgages”- define 1200 Trillion Dollars owed to insurance products (“derivatives- cds, cdos and synthetic cdos; also called “Swaps”) that are taken against “Mortgage-Backed-Securities”, that have no “Mortgages” in them.

    These “Special Purpose Vehicles”, these “REMIC Trusts”, these “pools of loans”, all share the same description, while each define, the same thing, an empty, “shell company”.

    There are no “Mortgage Loans” in these phony, “Mortgage-Backed-Securities”.

    To gain deeper insight into how Eric Holder’s, law firm, “Covington-Burling”, created the first “shell company , “the MERS”, read page 116, of Professor Christopher L. Peterson’s,


    While the balance of his article is a primer that describes the frauds to come.

    The “REMICs- Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits” are better described as “REMIFs- Real Estate Monopolized Insurance frauds”; “Insurance Swaps- cds, cdos, synthetic cdos”, taken by wholly-fraudulent claimants, against wholly-fraudulent, “Trusts” that are completely devoid of ANY ASSETS!

    There are NO “Mortgages” in the “Mortgage-Backed- Securities”.

    The criminals are placing “Insurance Swaps” on “Assets” that don’t belong to them and were never, in fact, the “corpus”, or “RES” (ASSESTs) to ANY REMIC, in the first place.

    “Nemo Dat”.

    Shooting fish in a barrel is not successful “Speculation”, while instead, an “insider trade”.

    The “market makers” to these phony, empty, “Trust” mechanisms, employ forgery (robo-signing), fraud (counterfeit title- digitized copies of mortgage “Notes”: LPS, Black Knight, etc.) and “dual-tracking (fraud in the inducement: promising a modification -Obama’s HAMP and HARP Nonsense- while simultaneously moving forward with a foreclosure that is based on any number of frauds).

    The “foreclosure notice (once hapless homeowners listened to mortgage bankers that told them to skip payments, in order to qualify for Obama’s HAMP and HARP Nonsense)”, acts as a “Market-Made”.

    The mortgage bankers created a “market” by telling homeowners to skip 90 days, in order to qualify for the promised “modification”.

    For the homeowner, once in the mix, a foreclosure, under these circumstances, becomes a foregone conclusion… did I mention “Insider Trading”?

    The SCAM, listed above, is simply, “Securities” and “Insurance Fraud” and it is given a “nod” and a “wink” by the Court System, that indemnifies these criminal behaviors, because the amounts owed (1200 Trillion Dollars), to these criminal behaviors, are considered a “Systemic Risk”…

    A “Systemic RisK”?… to the wholly-fraudulent, hyper-inflationary, bubble, … that has now and forever, allowed the criminals to pervert and destroy “The American Dream”?

    In the absence of Constitutional Remedy…


    The REMICs are empty: “Securities Fraud”; now, REMIFs of “Insurance Fraud”.

    The heart of America’s Economy is broken and sold to unconscionable Greed, while given to a bubble, presently poised to destroy world markets, once the Brexit pops and the hyper-inflationary, “Federal Reserve Dollar”; now cyclonic-whirli-gig; destined to the fate of Icarus, comes crashing to earth…

    So much for the American Freedom…

    Except: there is time to awaken, while, in fact, the criminal imposters, presently manipulating the intentionally-mislabeled, “Federal Reserve”, have destroyed themselves… NOT, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    These Securities and Insurance Frauds, define inter-bank, zero-sum-game, criminal adventures, where there must, in fact, be a winner and a loser.

    The fact the criminals have listed themselves claimants to 20 X the combined GDP of every country on the planet (1200 Trillion Dollars) is yet, more of the same; another, criminal prank courtesy of the adolescent mind in residence to Wall Street, where daddy’s money castrates the law, so long as sonny-boy is described in thrall to “Affluenza”…

    Enough, already.

    Article One, Section Eight, explains: “Congress shall have power… To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting securities and the current coin of the United States…”

    The criminals have counterfeit over 1200 Trillion Dollars and the “American Coin” is about to fall on its head.

    What are We The People waiting for?

    These criminal Filth must be routed out and punished. The “Sovereignty” of our nation demands it and the souls of the victims, the world over, demand retribution.

    ~ Michael Keane 3/17/17

    GMAC Note and Mortgage Discharged: https://livinglies.wordpress.com/tag/gmac-mortgage/

    Securitization Fail:



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