Financial Times: US loses focus on white-collar crime, lawyers say

5 hours ago by: David J Lynch in Washington

Donald Trump often promises to crack down on violent criminals. But he has not had much to say about the crooks who target bank accounts rather than people. Sample the FT’s top stories for a week You select the topic, we deliver the news. Select topic Enter email address Invalid email By signing up you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions, cookie policy and privacy policy.

The president’s zeal on street crime represents a shift in enforcement priorities compared with the Obama administration, which secured more than $20bn in corporate fines and penalties in its final weeks alone, from companies including Rolls-Royce, Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. Under Mr Trump, the US Department of Justice may not overhaul its white-collar crime stance as thoroughly as its approach to areas such as voting rights, where the government recently switched sides in a high-profile case.

But prosecutions of securities law and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violations may be overshadowed by its focus on traditional crime, say some white-collar defence lawyers. “I suspect it will be different,” said Alan Dershowitz, a prominent defence attorney and Harvard Law School professor. “There’ll be more scepticism about FCPA, more scepticism about exporting American values around the world, a more conservative approach to going after corporations in questionable circumstances.

You’ll see fewer white-collar prosecutions probably.” The president already has begun reshaping the ranks of federal prosecutors, with his weekend sacking of all 46 holdover US attorneys appointed by President Barack Obama. Those let go included Preet Bharara, the US attorney in Manhattan, who led a multiyear offensive against insider trading by hedge funds. Related article Trump creates more vacancies by booting US attorneys Sudden sacking of top NY prosecutor raises new questions about political interference Questions about the seven-week old Trump administration dominated conversations last week at the American Bar Association’s annual white-collar crime conference.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your story Crittermom and wish I could help you. There are lots of stories like yours and mine, but yours is foar worse and I am very sorry:(
    I agree with you about Trump not doing anything as the supposed white house letter and solicitation is just another joke and ploy to get more money from people to contribute!!
    I think President Trump could do a LOT to help this matter with a national moritorium and going against his rich friends like Dimon, Stump, and nasty old Moynihan who is really really bad.
    Someone said write your congress people but they are also a part of all this and I know first hand as I got a newer guys to at least respond in Corey Gardner, but he really messed things up and them quickly withdrew in trying to help me with 3 remaining loans when he found out the truth- what a scam and Colorado has Rule 120 that should have been thrown out long ago, but as I have said before all the politicians, state bureaucrates, and judges are all in on this as they won’t do the right thing like the great state of Montana has apparently done. We all need to hang together and keep working to expose and terminate all this BS–Semper Fi

  2. I’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m alone & 65 yr old.

    Chase Bank stole my small ranch in Colorado (my home) of 20 yrs, almost 6 yrs ago. A large part of me died when that happened. I couldn’t even afford to remain in that state (my property now worth just under $400,000, but Freddie Mac sold it for only $65,000!!!. WTF?)

    I’ve lived in hell ever since. Few days I haven’t cried since then. Hard time sleeping these past years. Stressed out. Anxiety to the point I had to get a subscription from my Dr. (before diagnosis).

    While awaiting further tests, I’ve already decided that if it requires Chemo & Radiation to keep me alive, I’ll forego it & finally die, instead.
    If the cancer is just within my breast, they can take it. What the hell. I’ve already lost everything else. At least I wouldn’t be suffering thru mths of treatments.

    What do I have to live for now that I’ve lost everything?
    Why should I suffer thru treatments for over a year? I’ve suffered enough. I see no future. The banksters, aided by the govt, took that.

    I’m barely existing now on very meager SS. (I’d received approval for a B&B at my ranch in the early 90’s, planning on that to supplement my SS in these, my ‘retirement’ years).

    [Sidenote to Neil: Since women make far less than men, our SS is less, too. Most women I know get between $650-$800 mth in SS—after working most all our lives.]

    Now renting a true shithole. All I can afford. Renting for the first time in my life, having owned a home since I was 17.

    I fought as best I could on my own, but Colorado is unique in that you don’t even get a day in court with their Ruling 120.
    My complaints to the OCC, Atty Gen, State Rep, HUD, & on down the line each resulted in the same response: ‘Sorry. You may want to hire a lawyer.’
    A good defense lawyer cost $200,000. The one I contacted looked at my court papers & said I not only had a case to keep my beloved home, but also for punitive & treble damages, as well, but it would cost more than I owed. (Hell, I would’ve just paid off my home if I had that kind of money!)
    I supposedly owed $137,000 on my refinanced $140,000 loan. (Chase could never supply me with a statement in the 5 yrs of the refinanced loan, instead telling my AG’s ofc that ‘due to their records retention policy they no longer had records of my pymts’–I still have the letter– yet they were allowed to take my home, anyway, with only a “Sorry. I know this wasn’t the outcome you’d hoped for” from the ‘Consumer Protection Section’ of my AG’s ofc! What a misnomer!)

    Most of me died then.
    I see no reason to continue suffering when I’ve already lost all but my literal life.

    As far as I’m concerned, HAMP killed me.
    Our country has gone to hell & I wish I could be here for the inevitable revolution to come, but if it involves chemo, forget it.
    I’ve fought & suffered enough.

    For those who think Trump may help, keep in mind Jamie Dimon (CEO of Chase Bank) is the one Trump turned to who convinced him the banks were already regulated too much & Dodd-Frank needs to be eliminated, as well. HA! (Yet Trump had spoken of bringing back Glass-Stegall while campaiging, while obviously lying worse than a bad toupee).

    Trump hasn’t ‘drained the swamp’ as promised, but instead, lined it with (Goldman Sachs) gold.
    And no, I wasn’t a Hellary supporter, either. They both suck the blood of the people. Worst election ever.

    May Trump & all the rest of the Oligarchs drown in that damn golden swamp!
    Hope I’m around to see it, but very possibly I won’t be.

    “…whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of [the People’s Rights], it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…”
    — The Declaration of Independence

    Keep in mind fellow citizens, 99% is a MUCH bigger number than 1%.
    Power in numbers.

    “Of the People, By the People, For the People”.
    Isn’t that was our country was founded on?
    We’re now in hell & cannot expect the govt to help anyone but their own selfish interests. Hasn’t that been proven enough over this past decade?

    As far as writing Senators or other govt officials, it’s useless. WE CITIZENS DON’T MATTER. That’s blatantly obvious & has been proven repeatedly.
    Get it?
    Sadly, I finally do, & it gives me all the more reason to cry…

  3. Write to your State senators to bring laws to prevent illegal foreclosure.

  4. Financial Times:US loses focus on white-collar crime, lawyers say

    The renowned Alan Dershowitz has a very intuitive bead on this current administration’s trend these days, in that he may very well just be himself one of those prosecuted for a “traditional crime” of child trafficking or pedophilia, another intolerable and abominable
    breakdown of humanity’s values.

    Your work, Mr. Garfield has helped so many many abused homeowners, including myself for which I am deeply grateful to you. Your prolific articles are vital to our getting any kind of justice. I am awaiting a 9th Circuit Appellate decision regarding TILA rescission. We’ll see which way the Wind of Justice blows.

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  6. Good for you Neil. While I really like a LOT of things the Trump organization is doing, I find they are unable and unwilling to look at the prospect and suggestion (s) of a nationwide MORATORIM on any and all foreclosures in America. I never ever got any directed, written replies from the white house, fannie mae, or the terribly inept and dysfunctional CFPB. I can understand why, in my humble opinion anywai, as the FHFA, GSE, and ALL the others are still a part of this huge racketeering scam that invovled crooked states like Colorado and all the congress people. Good for the great state of Montana and all the work they have done to protect people like me. Thanks for ALL you do to try and help us all. Semper Fi.

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