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Question and Answer Session  Live at 6 pm

During this episode Neil Garfield and California Attorney Charles Marshall take your questions.

This is a relatively short Q&A program lasting only 45 minutes. It is not an interview. Long narratives preceding the question only takes time away from others that have questions. Your questions should take the form of the following SHORT examples:

  • I just received a notice of default. What are my options?
  • Nobody will answer the questions in my QWR or DVL. What do I do now?
  • The bank is moving for summary judgment. What should I do?
  • Would an accountant be able to show that I wasn’t in default?
  • Why is it that I can sue for damages under Yvanova for wrongful foreclosure based upon a void assignment but I can’t sue for permanent introduction to stop them from using the void assignment?
  • Who is really in charge of all this fabrication and forgery of void instruments? 
  • Are any courts accepting TILA rescission as law?

This episode will also address what stops a foreclosure including TROs and preliminary injunctions, as well as obtaining a Lis Pendens through a mortgage-related lawsuit.

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Notice: This is a discussion about foreclosure and is not legal advice.  Please consult with a local attorney.




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