Foreclosures spike 18%

“Fake news” is now the dominant form of spreading disinformation in our marketplace. The banks are in control of media outlets — some created by the banks — that keep spewing out false data about the foreclosure crisis being over. It isn’t true. It never was true. We still have millions more to go and that doesn’t include the new “delinquencies” that will hit the shores as the race continues to move money through false claims of securitization.

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While most of the banking sector is claiming that the mortgage mess is over, the data shows that we (a) never hit any bottom and (b) that foreclosures are beginning to spike again.

The threat to the economy and market indices is a clear and present danger to our national economy and to the geographical areas that have yet to be decimated by declarations of default, foreclosure filings by strangers, and the wholesale sweep of once vibrant neighborhoods.

As we have seen many times in our history, Wall Street is one big selling machine. And the players on Wall Street will continue to sell anything that they convince others to buy regardless of quality and certainly regardless of social cost. Despite the lessons that could have been learned from the 2008 crash, the banks continue to retain ill-gotten gains siphoned out of the American economy and continue to pursue more ill-gotten gains.

The goal was and continues to be foreclosure because once the foreclosure judgment is signed there is a presumption of validity to everything that preceded the foreclosure judgment or sale. In fact, though, in nearly all cases where the “owner” is portrayed as a REMIC Trust, the trust was never used in any capacity except for invoking the name of the trust, whether it existed or not and whether or not the trust ever had any business or assets. The trust was cover for global theft.

Black Knight reports that there are now 2.8 million delinquent loans.  What they do not report is that they continue the same behavior as before (when they were known as LPS), to wit: creating fake data, fake documents and fake signatures using mechanical arms and an IT platform that performs the work required while keeping the client banks safely hidden from view.

As money continues to flood the marketplace, housing prices are once again climbing far above value. Value has historically been calculated, for more than 100 years, as the relationship between housing costs and median income. While TILA creates a duty of the lender to assure that its loan products are affordable, the only way the banks make the big money is by making sure that the loans go into default. And the only way the banks can create a veil of legitimacy over their illegal scheme of false securitization claims is to foreclose — because it is the only legal outcome that protects them from lawsuits and enforcement actions.

In the current market deregulation of the banks will have little meaning — just as regulating them will mean nothing if we forbear enforcement actions. With the Court system presuming that the transactions originated were actually loans between the payee on the note and the homeowner and with legislators at every level heavily influenced or bought by the banks the burden of righting the ship falls on the victims of foreclosure — the homeowners and the investors. And since the investors have no appetite for attacking the TBTF banks, that leaves the homeowners who have scant resources to mount a credible attack on the banks — except through mass joinder actions that have been stained by insult.

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  2. Thanks Neil; not to offend you, but we must not forget the BAR legal system, a secret society that works hand in glove with banksters to fleece the people; and, the BAR is a feudal system wherein all property belongs to TEMPLE CROWN; and, wherein people are converted into personages under law-of-the-sea where they then become the ‘property’ and only have tenancy rights;

    And, in these feudal court systems the ‘CUSTOM’ is to foreclose on cargo, chattel, flotsam, wreckage and slaves; This is one of the key underlying factors where there is a heavy blanket of silence over;

    Questions we should be asking is:
    what are sea courts doing on the land?
    How can feudal courts be operating in sovereign states?
    If, they only have jurisdiction over commerce between fictions then how can they claim any parity with the tangible?

    It was Blackstone himself who states in his commentaries, vol 1:

    “So great moreover is the regard of the law for private property, that it will not authorize the least violation of it; no, not even for the general good of the whole community.”

    How can they take away private property then? Because, dear people it never belonged to us in the first place; we are really barking up the wrong tree here;

    It was Henry Thoreau who said: “For every 1 000 hacking at the branches of evil, there is only 1 who is striking at the root.”

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    IMHO foreclosures abound because the majority of loan collateral went through Fannie and Freddie who, it appears, maintained an interest and guarantee, are the real party in interest and are still hiding debt.

    Many of the homeowners we see were sucked into the Obama/Geithner HAMP scam and told they had to miss 3-4 payments in order qualify for the program. Once the payments were missed default was declared and modification was an abusive run-around for several years. Homeowners want to make payments – they are denied fair process. Fannie & Freddie want to dump the paper because it was their fault it was accepted in the first place – it appears they were complicit with the scheme, if not altogether the ring leaders.

    If you have a BAC or BofA foreclosure and Assignment to either of them by MERS, or if you can’t find your loan in a trust (and even if it’s in one) Fannie or Freddie may be the real plaintiff…just hiding, complicit with being concealed.

  5. Nicely said. Will justice ever be served in the courts? If not, it can still be served in the pocketbooks of the big banks and the counties foreclosing on the majority of constituents in their caseload. In the future, I would not do business with any big bank and would also check the foreclosure rate of any county prior to purchasing any property there. If the county courts don’t go to bat for their constituents wrongfully foreclosed on, why would anyone want to reside in their counties? Mortgage fraud aside, homeowners should be given second chances as no one is immune from facing financial hardship in their lifetime. To foreclose indiscriminately on homeowners without any legal recourse is just plain unAmerican. God knows the banks were given second chances. Why not the homeowners??

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