Mnuchin Lies Tip of the Iceberg

Mnuchin’s lies to the U.S. Senate are only symptomatic of the continuous stream of lies producing a new normal of bank arrogance and the continuing push to foreclose on homeowners as a means to gain illicit profits. Perhaps the flagrancy of his lies will awaken lawmakers to the fact that the entire financial system has a growing cancer caused by indifference to the crimes of the banks and resulting damage to tens of millions of Americans.


The Columbus Dispatch reported Sunday that Mnuchin denied in written responses to questions from the Senate Finance Committee that OneWest engaged in so-called robo-signing of mortgage documents.

The paper said its analysis of nearly four dozen foreclosure cases in Ohio’s Franklin County in 2010 showed that the bank “frequently used robo-signers.”

The practice, prevalent throughout the mortgage industry in the aftermath of the financial crisis, involved employees at financial firms signing foreclosure documents en masse without properly reviewing them.

Democrats sharply criticized Mnuchin during his Jan. 19 confirmation hearing concerning OneWest’s foreclosures while he ran the Pasadena bank from 2009 to 2015. They called the institution, which formerly had been troubled subprime lender IndyMac Bank, “a foreclosure machine.”

“Mnuchin ran a bank that was notorious for aggressively foreclosing on homeowners, and now he’s lying about his bank’s dismal track record in his official responses to the Finance Committee,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said Monday. “Working families simply cannot trust him to be the country’s top economic official.”

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    see this episode of max keiser. I have been saying this since my property in deerfield bch, florida went into foreclosure. knew invitational homes (which is backed by JP morgan chase) wanted my home for a rental. this whole securitization scheme was designed to break homeownership and further globilization agenda. may sound crazy but …………………… not really!

  2. That’s okay. David Friedman the CEO of American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. told the Senate back in 2010 that the new American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. had nothing to do with the old American Home Mortgage Servicing even though he worked there as an accountant back in 2004 before the bubble. Wilbur Ross promoted him as CEO after the crash. They all lie. They all get away with it.

  3. Trump Has Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Mnuchin has Severe Amnesia. Both are unfit to uphold the duties of office.

    Write your senators

  4. Steven Mnuchin states “One West Bank did not ‘robo-sign’ documents. Brazen Lie.
    Truth is: The documents used by One West Bank to foreclose on our home in 2011 are signed by Erica Johnson-Seck, VP on 5/5/09
    Substitution of Trust dated 7/21/09, Gary Trafford NOD 3/23/09, Brian Burnett Assign of Deed of Trust on 8/23/10 and Mike Stanford(attorney in fact) 4/01/11 on Assign of Deed of Trust with One West Bank, F.S.B. 888 E.Walnut Street , Pasadena, Can 91101 clearly stamped on doc. As well as others.
    If confirmed as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will continue to Brazenly Lie.

  5. P.S. .. IAN is Correct! 😂

  6. Me ThThreatenng Trump?
    Reading comprehension & cognitive dissonance?

    When 47% of registered voters didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton….( two evils)….

  7. What are you proposing to do to Trump? I DO NOT BELIEVE that Trump understands what the banks did, their Ponzi scheme and how they made billions off of selling MBS and also in foreclosing. One West made more by foreclosing throught their “Hilco” deal than in modifying anything. Trump was duly elected by millions of people. Most of the people and some judges don’t KNOW what happened and was done to people. The BANKS definitely do and. if Hillary had won, the game would have kept on going, just like Obama covered it up. It is up to people to educated Trump on what they did. When he understands it, he WILL do something about what was done to the people!!!!
    Stop your threats against Trump, it was Obama that signed, sealed and delivered the deal of government getting paid and keeping the money to look the other way on ALL the Wrongs the Bank’s committed! Let’s stand up as citizens and tell the truth about what the Banks (not Trump) did!!! They belong in jail!

  8. All Trump needed was Munchin to sign off on the currency reset.
    Behind the scenes they have a deal of Immunity provided they follow orders.
    Look to see Trump replaced shortly as planned.

    Mr Bankster. .you don’t get the 30 years prepaid servicing fees advanced by the estate along with the promissory note.

    Is that Clear?

    They don’t want the house.,.they want FC to cover up fraud and keep the illicit gains … & a free house to boot.

    Its all about Greed & War
    And now….Immunity

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