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Investigator Bill Paatalo who investigates foreclosure fraud nationwide joins Neil Garfield to discuss a recent California trial he testified in.  This case was not a foreclosure issue, and the homeowners sought a straight declaratory action seeking to expunge and declare as VOID an assignment by the notorious “Linda Green” from DocX.

The opposition spent two days putting on a dog and pony show about everything but the assignment, and tried profusely to bring in a hundred issues surrounding the debt, standing to challenge the assignment (even though there was no foreclosure issue in play), etc. Interestingly the opposition NEVER rebutted or denied with any witness or testimony that the assignment WAS NOT FRAUDULENT! They chose to ignore the assignment and the issue before the court.

The case survived MSJ twice before the eventual trial, and the judge has taken it under advisement at this time.

Paatalo claims the bank did everything to draw attention away from the assignment, and to get some sort of admission that they were owed the debt.  However, the Deed of Trust specifies that the Obligor has a duty to defend title. That is what the homeowner is doing when they challenge a questionable assignment; defending against a fraudulent assignment on title, PERIOD.

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4 Responses

  1. Why don’t we just throw all the bankers in a pile and burn them?

  2. SO WE need the US Treasury to stop the FDIC stop loss agreement that rewards banks for foreclosing on homeowners

    We need to get a national petition to senators


    The alleged Assignment of Mortgage on our home was received in the town office in Rhode Island for recording on August 11, 2011 by the Town Clerk. This was date stamped on the foot of this assignment document. The content of the alleged Assignment of Mortgage reads that, ” Recorded in North Kingstown Township, RI on 3/13/2007….”

    The closing date of the CWABS Trust was March 29, 2007. Is this not fraudulently done not to become void by New York Trust Laws and in particular by New York Law EPTL §7-2.4 on which the Trust CWABS, INC., Asset backed certificates, series 2007-4 was created.

    Please advise us as some attorneys in RI are saying that it is New York law not applicable in Rhode Island.

  4. My lawyer acted like I was crazy when I said something to him along these lines, as I had read it somewhere before or in our paperwork, maybe. Also he did not see any relevance of Regulation Z, and our loan was deceptive from day one.

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