Write Your Senators to Deny Confirmation of Mnuchin

The stakes could not be higher. Mnuchin’s ascension to the position of Secretary of the Treasury is literally installing a person who will merely respond to the direction of the Wall Street bankers and who will be largely unresponsive to whoever occupies the Oval Office. This is a terrible decision and the resistance to him being confirmed must be intense to have any effect.

Wall Street obvious wants to retain the gifts allowed and perpetuated by Washington politicians in all branches of government. Banks were able to claim ownership of loans in which they had no interest. They received direct payments from the US Treasury to “save” them (from losing their expectancy of further illicit profits). They received more than $3 Trillion from the Federal reserve who “purchased” nonexistent or worthless certificates issued by REMIC Trusts that never existed or owned anything. And of course they received trillions of dollars upon liquidation of homes that were foreclosed without any moral, ethical or legal right, justification or excuse.

Political decisions allowing laws to be broken, fraud on the courts, fraud on consumers, and fraud on the investors were made based not on whether there was a case against the banks, but whether “policy” decisions dictated what should happen to the banks. The wholesale slaughter of the lives of tens of millions of Americans was an acceptable sacrifice in the interest of a completely erroneous perception of national security.

Mnuchin is objectionable not only because he committed those illegal acts and fraud, but because he willingly performed those acts at the behest of Wall Street banks by claiming OneWest ownership of nonexistent or third party loan contracts and then foreclosing on them, producing a windfall for OneWest. If all those loans were actually owned by IndyMac, it would never have collapsed.

This is the same story as the giant Chase fraud where it claimed ownership (not just servicing rights) of hundreds of billions of dollars in loans that were known to be NOT in WAMU’s portfolio in a merger that cost Chase less than zero dollars after receiving a tax refund due WAMU. Do you really think that if Washington Mutual owned loan portfolios valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars that (a) WAMU would have gone bankrupt or (b) that the receiver would have allowed the sale of those assets for zero consideration?

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If — and that is a big “if” — the phones and mailboxes and email inbox of your senator fill up with thousands of objections to Steve Mnuchin he won’t be confirmed. Trump nominated him because Wall Street wanted him. Wall Street wanted him because he has been doing their bidding for years. Wall Street got Trump to nominate Mnuchin because they own a large part of Trump’s “empire” — with securitized loans amounting to many hundreds of millions of dollars. If they yank that chain, Trump is done.

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  1. Yea this is a head scratcher. I wonder is behavior will be any different working for Trump? Now that he has to explain all that at the dinner table etc

    Because keep your enemies close, right?

    Make it a Great Day.


  2. Many interesting comments, but I can assure you that writing to any congress people or our very own government is a complete waste of time in my opinion and experience- most, if not all, are a part of the problem since our very own government under GSE is shafting all of us homeowners.

  3. I think, it is time to for State senators to rescue home owners. Please write to State senators that if an assignment is done after the closing date of a Trust, it is null and void based on the law the trust was formed. In many cases this could be New York Trust law. This needs to be clearly recognized in all State statutes.

  4. We don’t hold judges accountable for there action and the banksters do

    Very simple

  5. waste of time when you have Judges who legislate from the bench. The Judges allowed and Mnuchin played by the rules. The Judges and legislators allowed hime to get away with it.

  6. I think a LOT of us were surprised at this pick!!! Our very own government is in over its head in this huge racketeering scam and all the fat cats in congress and all the government agencies are all “co-conspirators” with nasty old Bank of America, Seterus (long time history ties and a diversion from nasty old B of A) and GSE- our very own government.

    I have always believed in giving people a chance but it seems like we have a possible wolf who will be taking over the hen house. If this happens than I and many others will quickly lose faith in Trump and others!! Semper Fi

  7. Stop wasting your time

  8. Aha …. LOL!

    President of the ABA? 😂

  9. Burton… lol, I voted for Trump, but can tell you that even I was surprised with the Mnuchin pick. Mnuchin was waist deep in the shell game, and because he was able to run the coffers for Trumps campaign, does not mean he is capable to be Secy. of the Treasury.

    In fact, if Trump wanted to reward him… he should have made Mnuchin the Treasurer of the United States… lol

  10. Neil – What about Wilbur Ross? Have you forgotten how bad he is!!!!!

  11. Mnuchin may be a false flag hired by Trump to end the too big to fail bastards. Donald was in in the racket for a short time until he learned it then quickly bailed out. Trump will be watching for snakes. Any hint of disloyalty will be swiftly ended. He will be looking for the first traitor to make an example. And it will be merciless. Burton Linne

    On Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 7:35 AM, Livinglies’s Weblog wrote:

    > Neil Garfield posted: “The stakes could not be higher. Mnuchin’s ascension > to the position of Secretary of the Treasury is literally installing a > person who will merely respond to the direction of the Wall Street bankers > and who will be largely unresponsive to whoever occupies ” >

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