Last Call! Sign up for the Small Group Discussion with Neil Garfield, December 14, 5:00 pm Eastern


Small-Group discussion with Neil Garfield


Dear Livinglies Reader,

Recently we have had an increase in calls for assistance.  At this time of year, funds can run low, so we are once again offering a 60 minute consultation for 5 people allowing each attendee 10 minutes to consult with Neil Garfield.

This substantially reduces the cost of a one-on-one consultation. This discussion is a semi-private consultation in which the participants will either need to waive confidentiality or join the discussion under an alias since everyone in the group is privy to the discussion and details.

Registration and Payment should be made here:

Neil Garfield reserves the right to use the audio without revealing the identities of the parties.
1. For the introductory group session the price is $99 per person, up to 5 people may participate, ask questions and learn from others.
2. A recording of the consultation will be sent to each participant within 24 hours post-consultation.
3. Once payment is received you will receive an email in which to pose your 2 or 3 questions.
4. Upon payment you will receive confirmation, date and time, as well as call in information.
5. There are no refunds once payment is finalized except for extenuating circumstances.

Please contact us if you have any questions: (202) 838-6345 or

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