Wired Infographic: Cities on the edge of Disaster


Using data on 2,100 cities, Robert Muggah has found which factors make an area more likely to become violent, unsafe and fragile

The 21st Century is inching ever closer towards chaos… and the time to get out of the big city is upon us.

America is on the brink of harsh economic realities, growing crises, desperate populations barely getting by, and more division than at any previous point in American history.  American cities could rapidly descend into dangerous and unruly territory, if the market bubbles implode via 2008 but worse.  If you remember the housing bubble, it was not a slow deceleration of the market but a rapid collapse.

People are living in bigger urban communities that are more blighted than ever before.  Urban centers are dangerous place to be in a collapse. Crime is rampant, order is shaken and many people become willing to take advantage of the situation.  Widespread unemployment results in increases in theft and violence.

As Wired reported, disaster is looming on a worldwide basis, but some are approaching total collapse, thanks to a storm of factors:


Infographic via Signal Noise.

Cities were rated based on factors including: conflict, fragility, population growth, unemployment rate, access to services, income inequality, air pollution, homicide rate, killings in terrorist attacks, political violence and the risk of natural disaster.

But some of the most unstable cities in the world rank among those in the United States.

Cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia and other cities across the nation are still deeply divided in regards to police and race issues. Many have seen serious riots, looting and unrest over the past six-months. These social volatilities are still being pushed from moneyed political radicals (George Soros), while political divisions throughout the country have become rigid.

Last Week- Dallas, Texas  suspended pension payments for some of its civil servants, a sign that financial insolvency could create an epidemic during the next crisis. Several states, like California, have over promised benefits to state employees in the pension programs, without ever planning to pay for them. If the economy sours, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and the surrounding areas could violently erupt. Similar problems have left Detroit, Michigan and Puerto Rico, vulnerable to bankruptcy and economic collapse that could spread massive riots.

The world is teetering on a tipping point, with chaos and instability at unprecedented levels.  Many American cities have made themselves open targets for collapse, with economic normalcy already hanging by a thread and populations already restless and growing increasingly discontent.

To read the Main-street media, the economy could not be better.  Unemployment is down, housing has recovered, and the stock market has broken records.  The reality is that most jobs are in the service and government sectors, pensions are at risk, the living wage is flat, and home ownership is at 1965 levels.

What could go wrong?  According to the mainstream media, absolutely nothing.

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  1. ” If the economy sours, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and the surrounding areas could violently erupt.”

    Never. Those state employed babies are well taken care of.

  2. Reblogged this on Deadly Clear and commented:
    These are important facts for the public to understand. These issues will just add to the chaos in the event of another economic collapse which has been in the forecast by leading economists for several years. If nothing else worthwhile has been learned by the recent election, the facts have surfaced that the main stream media is worthless and that responsible reporting is limited. You owe it to yourself and your family to research the facts and wake up so you can be prepared.

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