Title Insurers Wary About Nonjudicial Foreclosures

As expected, the title insurers are now walking back their prior wave of title policies where the property is (a) faulty at inception and (b) acquired by illegal use of nonjudicial process. The problem is simple: if the methods or means of foreclosure was illegal, States like Hawaii say the sale is void and title is restored to the homeowner.

“Investors” who buy property at foreclosure auctions are making claims arising out of their attempts to resell property acquired at auction. The title is either clouded or nonexistent leaving them to claim compensation from the title insurer who issued the title policy.

It all started when according to very high placed sources I have in the title insurance business, the decision was made that both the original title policy and the policy issued at foreclosure auction was probably bad. They attempted to include exceptions to coverage, essentially saying that the policy did not cover fraud.

The title companies were in a double bind, not unlike the double blind fraud on MBS investors and home buyers. If they refused to issue title policies then their business would dry up and the banks would go start their own title companies. But if the claims started coming in and it was determined title insurers had to pay, they would all go bankrupt.

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  1. I’m blown away….still….that banks have gotten away with stealing homes from 10 million Americans and their families

    It’s the biggest criminal scheme of our time and it goes unpunished.

    The banks have become immune to class action suits and to human decency.

    I’m defending my own home against Wells Fargo in court after they refused to modify my mortgage so they could pursuit foreclosure to steal my home, my equity, my well being and my dignity.

    These are not the values I defended when I served my country in the military nor is it a situation I will allow to go unpunished in the court system.

    I am fighting and I am writing a book on how banks stole homes for profit and destroyed lives in a war that is still going on 9 years after banks took bailout billions and promised to avoid foreclosures.

    Justice for all,

    Ronda Scott

  2. I lost my house to foreclosure and it was sold and title insurance given even with pending litigation, so it really doesn’t matter they will side with the banks all the time

  3. Is it not true that title insurance is only good to investors and not applicable to buyers of the houses sold by foreclosures. Therefore, is it not true that if a property with cloudy title is sold, the buyer would be trouble?

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  5. Bank or servicer who committed fraud should be held accountable.

  6. Washington Mutual Bank Ginnie Mae MBS were in default on the day the bank was seized on Sept 25, 2008! Wells Fargo started having MERS Forged Titles and illegally foreclosed on 104,000 or so VA, FHA & USDA loan in the Ginnie MBS!

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