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Mortgage Fraud Investigator Bill Paatalo and Southern California Attorney Charles Marshall join Attorney Neil Garfield to discuss Loan Modification Fraud, and recent foreclosure trends.

Bill Paatalo, a dogged investigator of the WaMu transfer of “loans” to JPMC has discovered recently that WaMu loans claimed to be owned by JPMorgan Chase, through the “Purchase & Assumption Agreement” with the FDIC, were in fact sold by WaMu to “Private Investor – AO1” prior to the FDIC’s Receivership.

JPMC claims to own these WaMu loans to which there is also no record of the sales and transfer histories of the loans-even within their servicing platform.  It is likely that WaMu sold and securitized the loan(s) prior to September 25, 2008.

If no schedule or inventory of WaMu loans has ever been produced, and there are no servicing records in existence from WaMu showing whether or not the loan was ever sold or securitized, could it be possible the loan(s) were sold by WaMu prior to September 25, 2008?

Paatalo states that Chase’s own witness testified that “Ao1” is a private investor, and this code does not mean “bank owned.”  Paatalo continues, “It is almost too much to believe that one of the largest banking institutions in the world, would not have tracked the loans it originated and sold into the secondary market within its servicing systems.”

Homeowners and Attorneys may want to ask Chase, who is “Private Investor AO1?”

If you have a WaMu/Chase loan or foreclosure issue, and need answers about your loan- we recommend that you contact Bill Paatalo and order a report so that you will have a better understanding of your situation.

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  1. I know exactly how to write your discovery and do a FOIA suit. The Enterprise Reporting all systems and the ones that feed the Treasury, FDIC and Fed I literally have memorized down to the screens and codes. And from now on in all of your discovery demand that it not come from any firm associated with my former or current opposing counsel Oglretree or Baker Botts. As I am filing cases against them for Sox 1107 Criminal Retaliation and Obstruction of Justice and Witness tampering under Sarbanes Oxley which upgrades it to Obstruction Of Congress where not even General Counsels emails are attorney-client privilege, you are not allowed to plead the fifth, and intentional or unintentional both still accountable personally and individually criminally and financially. In fact even if testifying for days on end any even accidental misstatement is 5 years. I know it well enough as a first hand witness across so many entities with the evidence to back it up when I was read all of that in DC for my swearing in I agreed without hesitation fully understanding the consequences. We need some CEO’s and CFO’s to be made to be sworn in under the exact same conditions I am under.

  2. That is one of the main things that I discovered at Chase and Chase, the SEC and CFPB is concealing from all including the OCC, FThatC all 49 AG’s and all judges, attorneys, consumers and investors. I discovered it during that Congressional order and congressional sub-committee oversight along with the Senate, OCC, FTC and SEC DOJ. I was working on a ordered by Congress and the OCC Criminal/Investigative audit team on a detailed list of customer reporting and internal investigation prepping for when all accounts (hundreds of millions of accounts that were being stored off balance sheet in the NAF systems.. Go real all of the testimony from when the Minn AG/NAF lawsuit was filed in July of 09 and less than a week later and historic week all of Congress and the Senate worked together none stop hearing testimony a lot from the arbitrators who many were high profile former or retired judges, Harvard Professors and high profile legal professionals from around the country. Go read some of them then remember it was all the news and headlines from July 20th when after less than a week all of Congress came together and in agreement with no notice issued a order halting ALL consumer arbitration and a full recall of the hundreds of millions of accounts onto banks books. What you didn’t see in the news is that in that week and due to evidence and testimony all focus and investigation was taken off all of the third parties, Mann Bracken, the hedge fund and debt collection attorneys and instead all focus and micromanagement for the recalls with more oversight than I have ever seen went on to specifically JP Morgan Chase and Bank Of America. I had just started at Chase but came with a lot more education and experience and was the accountable business owner on it all. Over the course of several months during all of the recall (but they were desperately offloading accounts every way they could and not only law not to but government orders not to destroy any evidence paper or digital in shared server files, on any computers emails etc.. Hard to claim accidently has a vendor that handles the shred bins for banks and other companies that are under the record retention laws and GLBA after Sarbanes-Oxley and remember the Enron “smoking gun” email Sharron Watkins had no one ever saw it was shredded years prior along with millions of others same with all the the companies that led up to SOX . Early on morning before start hours and I walked in towards the end of it my bosses who are there still only with promotions and raises (all of the intentional fraud and illegal foreclosures that resulted is really only a handful of pole guilty and after WaMu and Countrywide scattered into all the banks hey someone needed to keep cover-ups and the fraud going a halt and starting to follow the law would be noticed fast. They didn’t defy orders from every regulator and lawmaker in the country and back in a whole truck of empty shred bins and clear out closets, file cabinets and everything into them empty and get that truck filled with them and out of there fast. Or my bosses ordered by the government even though already law sent out an email to all of my employees a couple layers down to delete everything from the shared drives and computers basically they were destroying all evidence intentional and in direct defiance of not only law but remember and this is why the House Finance Committee keeps stressing Sarbanes Oxley (I have been giving several of them a real education on banking and SOX. Any shredding or deleting and everything else which is the true root cause of most of your cases for mortgages and the credit card default judgments are Sarbanes-Oxley. A Federal Law the highest which falls under the SEC but the OCC has all of the oversight, and only ones capable with the training and resources to investigate or audit any bank. Violations of SOX are at a bank level but also a individual and personal level criminally and financially and all of the ones under the criminal codes Congress and Bush was part of adding go read the criminal laws on the DOJ site for Sarbanes Oxley they are all upgraded to equal to Obstruction of Congress codes and intentional or unintentional and take a look at the standard sentencing chart. Nearly all of your cases intentional past and yes ongoing now SOX and FDIC (for these purposes under SOX) but read the law on it criminal and civil has to be filed in FEDERAL COURT as none are civil consumer protection laws they are the highest regulated and most serious Federal Laws in the country. As we all know these cases are just getting more and more lawyers to untangle but the sox violations are a lot easiest to present and not rocket science to explain to a judge or jury. Now there are obviously a lot of state and federal consumer protection law violations that are the effects of the sox violations but to stop this first everyone needs to demand that (and think about this find me one other banker that was a former VP of Enterprise Operations at WaMu fighting for years for the right to testify to it all and the evidence in their possession to the House Finance Committee and finish the job with the OCC remember I saved a lot of the evidence and have been collecting more and kept up analysing and following where everything was going. Over the course of those months gradually as we got more into the recalled accounts coming back in and employees (all who escalated to me that I had a legal obligation to act on and protect them from any loss of employment or livelihood and from any and all retaliation. They are all seriously paying the price (2 dead due to they wiped them all out like me many bankers following the law the only crime also were the investors, employees, consumers and victims along with their friends and families. Follow the law seems to always lead to instant illegal foreclosure on their homes and blacklisted for life from apparently everything. Imagine how me and others like me feel that people that trusted us and respected us enough to escalte the items and show me where things were concealed and they were all punished for it in a lot of ways and still are. Anyone else probably wouldn’t have even noticed but of course I would see what long time chase employees that always worked in card wouldn’t. Like all of the WaMu mortgages concealed off balance sheets and that recall they never put them back on banks books just moved the concealed hiding place. And it was WaMu and WaMu had the retail consumer lending division which was where most I found were from. Not from the Home Loans division and completely separate different systems, never used mers or lps and all of the notes issues, chain of titles and all of that think of a lot of that was to cover up the truth. Oh and illegally in there too (which at WaMu me, audit and compliance all told the moron NO) well he did it behind our backs. I found that they also created without telling customers credit cards for with consumer or business deposit accounts and slipped fees on them and interest and people were never issued a card or new about it. And this isn’t only past employees now are being fired to telling customers they have “odp” cards and telling customers the truth about their accounts and reading things off to them is a crime that is “trade secrets” and “economic espionage”. The WaMu and Providian ones they rebranded to Chase Slate and the Countrywide (yeah that was a shocker to me that WaMu basically was Countrywide via a trust and they had it all in Elgin Illinois so none of us could see it because of it BTW that is all of the old Bank One Headquarters in Elgin Jamie Dimons old office he had a lot of secret things going on with wamu cards and mortgages too no one knew about) The Countrywide was rebranded Chase Freedom. And that is only the start. You need one kick ass SOX Rico Class Action one mortgage and one card and SOX has to be filed in Federal Court. I have the overwhelming evidence and would do a deposition explaining it all with the name of the people accountable and can prove the intentional crimes. Then we would start being able to work on fixing it all and accountabily.

  3. this is actually quite true, as an acquaintance of mine has discovered.

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