Parties claiming Our Endorsement Are Greatly Over-exaggerating

Every few months I must issue a declaration that I am not endorsing people. Some claim it just because I am in contact with them. Even where I have referred business to a particular entity or lawyer, that does not constitute an endorsement unless I say it does.

For example, I do endorse Bill Paatalo and Dan Edstrom as forensic analysts. This of course does not mean that they are always right anymore than I am always right. But it does mean that I believe that they perform their work in a very professional, logical and focused manner.Their work product is equally useful for lawyers and pro se litigants.

I also fully endorse Patrick Giunta in Fort Lauderdale as one of the best attorneys known to me, because I have been in court with him where he has won difficult cases or motions.

And I endorse Charles Marshall in California because I have seen a lot of his work and I have had long extensive conversations with him that revealed a deep understanding of the foreclosure mess and litigation techniques and strategies.

I do not endorse any other forensic analyst or lawyer. Several people have used the Internet as a means to leverage my name and reputation for their own gain. Worse, some of them are pushing things like quiet title as an effective means to defend foreclosures. I specifically disclaim that strategy and I can report no instances in which quiet title has been successful as a defensive strategy to foreclosures.

The fact that I may not have endorsed a particular person or company does not mean that their services are worthless. It only means that I don’t yet feel familiar enough with their services to be comfortable with an endorsement.

So if somebody tells you that I have endorsed their strategy, ask them to prove it. And the best proof is to call our main telephone number 202 838 6345.


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  1. I am trying to find a compiled list of all of the SEC Laws that are normally broken that take place with securitized loans.

  2. Bill Paatalo is an amazing investigator. He is extremely professional, courteous beyond measure, very thorough, willing to share, has a vast working knowledge of the mortgage fraud issues, and is able to connect the dots and find the fraud patterns most people do not even comprehend. I know from first hand experience that the information Bill has provided to me (and others that I recommended hire him here in Montana) has helped us to keep up the good fight. Thank you Neil for sharing and creating this site and thank you Bill…. you and many others are the unsung heroes of our day. We keep you and your families in our thoughts and prayers. –NIV BIBLE Micah 2 vs. 1-5 (how apt- just food for thought):

    “Woe to those who plan iniquity,
    to those who plot evil on their beds!
    At morning’s light they carry it out
    because it is in their power to do it.
    2 They covet fields and seize them,
    and houses, and take them.
    They defraud people of their homes,
    they rob them of their inheritance.

    3 Therefore, the Lord says:

    “I am planning disaster against this people,
    from which you cannot save yourselves.
    You will no longer walk proudly,
    for it will be a time of calamity.
    4 In that day people will ridicule you;
    they will taunt you with this mournful song:
    ‘We are utterly ruined;
    my people’s possession is divided up.
    He takes it from me!
    He assigns our fields to traitors.’”

    5 Therefore you will have no one in the assembly of the Lord
    to divide the land by lot.”

  3. I just wrote on This is POTUS elect page where you can make suggestions. I asked for a conference call with Pam Bondi to get her to explain why her office has chosen not to stop foreclosure fraud. I suggested they talk with you, amongst others, including Bill Black and David Dayen.
    Go there and post. If 100’s do, we might get somewhere.

  4. Boy if you would only endorse someone who can handle Maryland especially PG County.

  5. Neil,

    You always do such a great job of being honest, transparent, and informative. I read your web each and every day and it has helped me immensely. I can’t thank you enough for what you publish and do for so many. I just wish you were licensed in Colorado where a lot is happening lately.

    Have not found a great attorney as of yet and lots want your money up front like Stop Fraud and some of the people are not very friendly or truly consumer oriented in my humble opine so would be suspicious of them but they DO put out a lot of helpful information to people.

    It all boils down to us ALL working together to help fellow Americans and being more than entitled to great compensation when they win like the attorneys in Montana in the “Morrow Case” and what a great world it would be if all the other states were willing to help their citizens by filing “Amicus briefs” as the great state of Montana did.

    I have been after Colorado for the past years to do something and they appear to be in this whole racketeering scam just like the totally dysfunctional government agencies like CFPB, OIG, USDOJ, Fannie and Fredding (under our own government GSE), and all congress people and the courts. It is amazing how many victories good people like you have experienced and momentum seems to be building a little here in Colorado after the 10th Circuit Court Ruling, but look out for the lenders, state, and courts storming back. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE GOOD YOU DO. Semper Fi

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