Foreclosure Map Predicted the Democratic Loss

In 2008 I said that anyone who runs against the banks would succeed politically. Anyone who failed to run against the banks would face stronger and stronger opposition. The turnout for Sanders and Trump clearly proved my point. And the lack of interest by other candidates, or even the lack of curiosity, caught up to them. In the future this will have down ballot ramifications far beyond the elite arrogant pundits whose wisdom was lacking, whose perception was warped, and whose predictions were dead wrong.



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  1. Please write to President Elect Donald Trump to go after the crooked banks. American people need homes to come back from work and to send kids to school.

  2. “Hi Neil…..what do I need to fear….?”

    Hunker down with others and always post a sentry. When you confront a banker, especially a long dead one like AWL or WAMU, a sharp stake to the brain will usually suffice. But stay ever vigilant, as they are aided by the walking GOP on the Hill, and will not stop until they’ve looted everything within reach.

    Remember, no one is coming to your aid. Not defense attorneys, not state or federal legislators, not the CFPB, the SEC, the FBI…. nor any other governmental agency, not even the judges whose job it is to protect our constitutional rights. They’ve all been infected by the insidious greed virus.

    Good luck.

  3. Hi Neil. So I’ve been pro se for four and a half years and the judge just denied the bank summary judgement for foreclosure. I’m celebrating. But what do I need to fear as the banks next course of action.


    Ronda Scott

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  4. it is and will be the SOS!!! only a few days in and it is sounding the SAME as before…. nothing has or will change, they will continue to steal and steal from all of us….nature of That BEAST and the courts back the beast…always have……. always will.

  5. Mortgage Fraud…Illegal Foreclosures…Theft of Title

    Mortgage Clause … We can call the Mortgage Note Due and Accelerate Full Amount at anytime we please because we are above the law and TBTF.

    Current or Not…We can Foreclose at a Whim,..
    2017 will Wake Up Those who thought it didn’t affect them!

    Get Ready to Rumble!!!

    Many Blessings to All & To All A Good Fight

  6. I don’t think vetting Jamie Dimon For treasury secretary and repealing Dodd frank is running g against the banks

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