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Connecticut attorney Stephen Wright and Investigator Bill Paatalo join Neil Garfield to discuss JPMorgan Chase issues.

The WaMu/FDIC/Chase pattern where JPMorgan Chase claims sole ownership of specific Washington Mutual Bank loans by virtue of the “Purchase & Assumption Agreement” (PAA) with the FDIC, has now demonstated that no schedule or inventory of assets listing any specific WMB mortgage loan acquired by JPMC exists, or has ever been produced or disclosed.

This finding shows that the vast majority of residential mortgage loans were securitized through WaMu’s “Off-Balance Sheet Activities,” meaning WMB sold their loans prior to the FDIC Receivership. Many of these prior sales transactions by WMB to private investors went undocumented, and were kept outside the prevue of regulators, the borrowers, and the general public.  Listen in for more information on the WAMU-JPMorgan Chase illusion

For roughly the past 8-years, Chase has been foreclosing on thousands of these previously sold WMB loans in its own name as mortgagee and beneficiary of the security instruments, when by Chase’s own admissions to numerous borrowers, the loans were sold to private investors.

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  1. Now you need the other 75% of the story and why a whole division of WaMu being used and we are setting up to stream live it very important to the first response above and when you hear it after recovering from your small stroke and shock you will know exactly why. All of the processes and departments, where, systems and vendors for a large amount of the WaMu accounts is 100% manufactured but not only my evidence I have the true operating procedures, policies and procedures, vendors, etc. all coming. The ones with the and I have a cases with WaMu, Countrywide, Chase, BOA, Citi etc. The 91 days and there are a lot that were current and received outbound calls advertising they may be eligible for a government program to reduce their rate and mortgage payment and all this stuff about then will be government backed and safer. Two of them owned by one women when her father past away left $150k instructions to put $75k each on two new homes as an investment for his two grandchildren and when brand new houses were low and so purchased for under $100k all new in subdivisions in upscale neighborhoods. Mortgage on each payments $110 a month. This man and his wife immigrated from Columbia in their 20’s and worked very hard to build a life, business and savings and this savings and homes bought for his grandchildren who were very young when he passed was an important legacy for him and he was very proud of it. No payment or anything had ever been late and the owner had their own business a insurance office and upper middle class. The pitches which I consider as telemarketing for fraud the pitch sounded good and hey all over the news the President was talking about it and he was doing it for the people so people that never missed a payment said sure I will fill it out $110 a month and both homes rented to close friends actually profiting over $500 a month after all expenses. Plus they owned their own home near there too. Not long after she filled out everything she received and got a call congratulations she was approved for a modification. Told her the new lower rate and payment I think $10 lower a month and her first payment date which was 91 days out. And again congratulations you get three months off from payments while the modification gets set up in the systems to receive payments (that is instantly and already done or wouldn’t have the call or first payment date) So she started making payments as instructed starting on that date. Time went by and just normal with the homes and payments etc. She got some letters from lawfirms talking about foreclosure so called GMAC back several times (and I called the number she had and listened to everything she was being told on the IVR and IVR wave files meaning what is scripted in you can get in discovery (oh but and I didn’t find out until several months ago all of your discovery, most escalated complaints and CFPB Complaints and I am trying to verify OCC have been going straight to the exact same lawfirm my first opposing counsel who was supposedly fired when they filed that motion to dismiss in Federal Court basically saying not denying any allegations only didn’t matter put “as is” in the debt sale contract and attached a copy and leaked to all the media. And all anyone say and went off on was “robosign” “debt sale” “foreclosure” and were off. But that wasn’t the case and they knew it. See when that Minn AG Lawsuit hit with the whole Mann Bracken/NAF/Agora/Hedgefund etc. I saw the lawsuit with different eyes with more experience and knowledge of banking and the processes and systems. So first off “that is my super computer that for some reason in 2005 an employee at WaMu suddenly promoted several levels soon after the moronic purchase of Providian just as the new all organic credit card division opened with all new CGI suite of SOX Compliant systems and all new processes, top employees hired, operations, and the 1000 other things. I wrote and designed all of the Risk Operations system requirements and processes which is a large amount of the wing to wing and had re-engineered fixed the items that rolled out with the conversion of all of the divisions under the Retail Umbrella Consumer Lending (HELOCS, Option Arms, PEM/FRLOS (think mortgage but person had a lot of equity and say wanted a $200k mortgage not the $500k value and they had up to five lines attached to access equity for whatever they wanted over time instead on refi’s and the costs involved, paying higher rates on large purchase etc. , mobile homes, auto, collections, recovery, loss mitigation, banko, probate, default accounting, third party and vendor management, litigation, replevin, foreclosure, reo,, national direct sales, mortgage servicing, forced place insurance, escrow, 1099 and IRS etc.) NONE OF THESE WERE UNDER THE WAMU HOMELOANS/MORTGAGE DIVISION, NONE WERE GOVERNMENT BACKED FANNIE OR FREDDIE IN FACT ALL OF THOSE WERE SOLD IN 2006 OR 2007 TO WELLS AND WERE PART OF THE HOMELOANS/MORTGAGEDIVISION OUTSIDE OF THIS, NONE EVER TOUCHED MERS OR LPS OR ANY OF THE OTHER ITEMS, ALL RECORDS WERE AT THE HOUSTON RECORDS CENTER, THEN AFTER DATE TO STORE ARE IN IRON MOUNTAIN THEY WERE NOT IN THE SCANNING OR ANYTHING WITH THE HOMELOANS/MORTGAGE DIVISION, NOT ALL THE OTHER PLACES . SHORTLY AFTER SMALL BUSINESS AND COMMERCIAL WAS ALSO CONVERTED TO THE NEW STATE OF THE ART SOX COMPLIANT SYSTEMS SMALL BUSINESS LOANS SECURED AND UNSECURED, COMMERCIAL LOANS SECURED. For cases nationwide right now and none of this is past events it is ongoing and I can and have proved that it is just all being concealed by the SEC and CFPB. The WaMu accounts the 6 hour long tape I have with the final walkthrough of each and every process and system functions and requirements for the rest to turn the switch on so we had all the parts of the Enterprise systems working and the digitized and compliance management and third party and vendor management on as well as all of the interfaces with government systems needed for these processes Treasury, FDIC/FFIEC, IRS, GOVERNMENT ITEMS FOR THINGS LIKE GOVERNMENT BACKED MORTGAGES, SMALL BUSINESS, STUDENT LOANS, IRS FOR TAXES AND 1099, INSURANCE, THE CAS ACCOUNTING AND THIRD PARTY PROCESSES DIGITIZING ALL OF THE DEFAULT ACCOUNTING FOR FFIEC AND CALL REPORTS, After the Providian acquisition suddenly Jennifer Myrhe which I think was in Project Management prior all of a sudden promoted to a high position with Ken Kido (important to remember moron who had a dream of one to a million cards in six months then bought Providian but wouldn’t allow it to be converted to WaMu systems and left is all in the Providian site by Dallas and WaMu employees and later Chase when I was there could depending on where only see what ever data pushed through gooey overlays. Like when you go to your online banking or online accounts with anything retail cards etc. You are seeing data pushed into a gooey overlay not the actual systems. When Matt Taibbi said he had nightmares after talking to me and looking at his online banking where is looked all perfect. Well just Chase 7200 systems, algorythems, databases, data sources, and a million other inputs and outputs with trilions of line items of data flying in and out of a million statuses, scrubs, systems, workflows etc. at warp speed along with $6.6 Trillion in payments a day coming in from 11 countries all languages and currencies and from a 1000 sources. And for the majority all works nearly 100% accuracy. To create or even for even anything illegal or fraudulent to happen actually takes a great deal of effort and no one even a manager of department is capable of doing it especially in mass or on a national or global scale of systems and conceal even from employees as remember think about it do you really think millions of bankers and employees in financial services are illegally foreclosing and suing for credit cards they don’t have and garnishing their own wages and their friends and families on purpose or can even see and for the fun of it not stop even on their own accounts? But they are threatened now and told they can’t go and talk to a regulator, AG, or try and sue or help their own accounts that is “trade secrets and economic espionage, fraud on the bank they work at and criminal they will go to jail and have all their assets and property seized” and it is a crime now to do a deposition, testify, or basically tell the truth that they will go to jail for and any attempts Ogretree will go after them and their families even for a Facebook post on a family members social networking. They are done and fighting back too many fired and threatened for following the law or telling the truth to customers of what they see in their accounts and blacklisted from working ANYWHERE again. And the day that CFPB and 49 AG settlement came out was equal to the CFPB and SEC and they thought or many still think the AG’s and OCC, FTC all guilty of knowingly and intentionally being a co-conspirator to trillions in fraud and crimes intentionally fraudulently foreclosing and suing people nationwide. Some have since found out that the SEC and CFPB and Oglretree (bought and paid for by Chase and BOA have been concealing evidence and information they had been saying sharing with the OCC, FTC and AG’s. All the manufactured docs and discovery with incorrect and missing all of the key documents or basically anything that proves you case or their fraud they have it outsourced to the same firm that was the first opposing counsel against me, terrorized employees not to contact the AG;s and OCC or SEC when they new they had critical information and testimony on the mortgage and credit card sides but that the government made the only crime in the country that puts bankers in jail being honest and following the law. The WaMu Independent Foreclosure Review Whistleblowers case that the SEC Office of the whistleblower in DC has concealed and refused to work on or send to the OCC would have and still can help millions do you think the SEC and CFPB should hand over the evidence from me and that case as the whistleblowers contacted me from Columbus three months before it ended after former WaMu employees said I would understand the codes and statuses and help not to mention all those auditors were under watch with confidentiality agreements and all kinds of things if they told the truth while they were ordered to complete two daily audit sheets one accurate to go to Chase corporate and one will all false information to go to the OCC. The money orders and everything was and in past, present and ongoing criminal securities fraud not any civil consumer protection laws they are the effects the crimes are Federal and you have all the wrong causes of action and information because the SEC and CFPB made a conscious choice to lie to you and judges then and now and commit economic terrorism daily all these years and every day get up and make that choice again as they just sent you in all the wrong directions and lies of cyber-hacks and faulty systems and whatever the fictional conspiracy of the day is. More to come including all the accountable names and evidence of the true accountable criminals now scattered in several banks and what other banks and how it all fits together and was done with evidence and some knew or a person out of hundreds of thousands of employees new and continue to and most of the third parties and attorneys for the debt and foreclosure they are getting intentional false data, documents and information from the banks and believe it to be true as much as you do each time.

  2. WaMu refi (2005)…Borrower asked for a due date change in 2009…JPMC insisted borrower must miss 3 payments in order to get due date change (NEVER asked for payment/rate reduction..NEVER missed a payment in 20 years until JPMC demanded)..3 months/1 day later Sheriff at door with FC Summons. Borrower died during BK Stay. JPMC refused to allow spouse to be added to loan and/or give a pay off amount. Spouse also kept/prevented from court hearing to challenge illegal FC. Spouse was NEVER Process Served.


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