Tonight on Neil Garfield Show: Sneak Preview of Neil’s Most Recent Victory in Court.

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Tonight we will discuss a case that is so new the final judgment has not yet been entered. But it was announced by the judge in approximately 30 minutes of dictation on record where the Judge, after 2 hours of deliberations, read every word of every document and concluded there was no connection between the loan and the trust, at least at the time suit was filed, and gave findings that would cast extreme doubt as to whether the Trust could ever have owned the loan.

The case is instructive on objections timely made, preserving objections by following pre-trial orders, and the inability to reconcile the the Pooling and Servicing Agreements with the alleged exhibits attempted to be introduced in court. There may be time for questions and answers.

After the Judgment becomes final co-counsel Patrick Giunta, Esq. will join us to discuss the national importance of the results and consequences in this case.

5 Responses

  1. Congrats Neil, excellent show!

  2. Congratulation. Hope you would come to Rhode Island and set some precedents favorable to home owners.

  3. Congratulations, Mr. Garfield! I’m glad you were able to continue your objections from a sitting position !! I look forward to listening in when you can really expand on the particulars of the case. Thank you for all of your hard work and years of perseverance.

  4. Sure wish you would come to North Carolina and get a victory showing that, by appeal – our state is non-judicial, have to appeal to the local judge after the Clerk of Court accepts everything the banks file as affidavits, then have to appeal the local judge’s ruling to have even a chance. The North Carolina lawyers will not do anything, and any solutions involve making SURE the homeowners are financially ruined, credit ruined, and have to pay the loan in full whether the foreclosing parties have any standing or not.

  5. Congrats Neil-we can use more verdicts of national importance.

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