Vermont Dissent: What’s Wrong with a “Free House?”

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see Cenlar FSB v. Joseph L. Malenfant FREE HOUSE Cenlar FSB v. Joseph L. Malenfant 2016-2015-vt-93

The dissenting justice gets it right. In essence he is saying that it isn’t the borrower’s fault that these files, these loans, these documents are all screwed up and that if that produces a loss for the bank then so be it. But more than that he says outright what nobody on the bench has been willing to say — compared with the importance of the rule of law, what is so bad about a free house to the borrower after the “lender” has lost?

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  1. The attorneys for the banks are the culprits, but are the enablers at our expense. Chase, and the other banks which I can’t mention, due to gag orders, are behind the scheme to defraud, civil theft, RICO. If one looks closely the mills are doing the dirty work in the courts. My experience is one must take control and go after the banks directly through letters and direct communication. Why? They outsource everything and don’t oversee the attorneys, or the third party vendors that fabricate the docs being filed. Purposely. It’s a well design process developed over 100 years. Algorithms with all your stolen financial data. Not errors or mistakes as they may claim. Sound familiar. Perpetrated under false pretense of a loan. They intentionally circumvent liability by deception and concealment. Read the consent orders filed by OCC. Then read your docs, transfers of loans, servicers, trustees, investors,,etc, and dates, its all fraud, Chase is the foreclosure machine through unfair deceptive practices and abusive actions. Illegal pattern and practice. Contact the CEO of Mortgage Banking Michael Weinbach. He knows what they are doing. CC: FTC, CFPB, DOJ, etc. if you are lazy you will lose. My research indicates most foreclosure complaints filed states they lost the Note in almost every case in the US, failing to safeguard billions of bank assets, failing to notify stockholders, failing to disclose in 10k, ijust may suggest financial fraud, bank fraud, financial terrorism, etc. Wake Up Class Action Attorneys,

  2. Houses are never ever “free”. Total bank word smithing to cover up the fact that they are ruining people’s lives and stealing every last dime.

  3. I hope more judges give free homes to homeowners as the whole world may now know what really happened in the US banking industry and fraud committed by banks. I wont be surprised to realize that there could be feature articles published in foreign news papers enlightening people how corrupt some of the US financial establishments are that pushed the inherent risks to homeowners knowingly before the recession.

    I agree with the Judge when he said on the lines, it isn’t the borrower’s fault that these files, these loans, these documents are all screwed up and that if that produces a loss for the bank then so be it.

    One doesn’t blame a tool if one doesn’t use it properly.

  4. If only more justices were like Justice Dooley in this case. Unfortunately that is not the case.

  5. My comment is, …and screwed the homeowner, and all the bs each family has to go through, to dig and show evidence it they get that far. A life full of anguish, against a monster foreclosure machine that has ate up everyones lives, and savings, moneys, loss of sleep, on and on. The cause and effects, free, whats free, after a devastation of lose of life, family lives, ultimate displacement. What’s free.

  6. I would like to hear about the commercial lien defense against foreclosure..

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