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A. No document establishes that the Yvanova Note or Deed 5 of Trust was properly transferred to the Morgan 2007-HE 1

(i) The December 2011 assignment by itself creates a 6 disputed issue of fact.

(ii) The PSA does not establish as a matter of law when 8 Yvanova’s loan was transferred.

(iii) The December 2011 assignment is not authorized by the 11 PSA.

(iv) The December 2011 assignment did not transfer the 13 promissory note.

(v) The December 2011 assignment did not transfer anything 14 because New Century had nothing to transfer.

B. Yvanova has alleged a void assignment. 14

C. New York law is irrelevant. 16

D. By alleging she lost her home to a party that had no power 18 to foreclose, Yvanova has alleged injury and thus standing.

E. Yvanova did not waive any claim by agreeing to a loan 20 modification.

F. Yvanova should be given leave to amend her Second 20 Amended Complaint to state a claim for wrongful foreclosure.



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California Statutes

Code of Civil Procedure section 472c to schedule CONSULT, leave message or make payments.

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  1. My case mirrors Yvanova almost exactly… same players…different trust… However, I will not accept another modification intended to put a legitimate spin on years of unjust enrichment. Thank you for the update on this case. It was a smooth read. Kudos to Mr. Antognini! Wished he practiced in Colorado.

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