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  1. Ocwen used an “Attorney of Record” status with regard to a trust in an attempt to transfer (assign for value received). Problem was that this assignment was between a butchered name for a trust and a valid name of a trust. Neither trust had any assets in reality. But the first trust that supposedly held the DOT, did not even have any relationship with any trustee for the trust. There is absolutely no entity that matches the name they wanted to assign FROM. Now that means the supposed AOR could only be with regard to the receiving trust. But how then did any transfer of anything of value occur? How did Ocwen have any paper from ANYONE to act for the first trust? LOL. Obviously the assignment was purely self-serving. Ocwen wanted to get the DOT assigned to the trust they claim to work for. The trust receiving the DOT had to close way back in 2005. The attempt to do the latest assignment was nearly a decade late.

    After that ‘assignment’, and a filing of default, the servicing moved from Ocwen to SPS. They just like to keep the case murky.

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