Tony Robbins: I am not your Guru

We May Never Learn Tony Robbins’ Best-Kept Secret


Homeowners facing foreclosure typically endure years and years of injustice and abuse and often lose their swagger. After being harassed by a bank, railroaded by the courts and enduring character and privacy assaults, many homeowners suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and depression.

People don’t give up the fight because they don’t have good evidence and proof of bank fraud- they give up because their hope atrophies, they suffer mental and physical exhaustion- and they simply can’t endure the repeated assaults. The banks typically win because they are able to outlast the homeowner.

Don’t let this happen to you. Homeowners in litigation should watch Netflix’s latest documentary, Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru. It recounts a six-day ‘Date with Destiny’ seminar that costs participants $4,995 for those who are looking for a paradigm shift. Watching Robbins is like a Tsunami of support that can actually reinvigorate your passion to fight for what is right. At the same time, it behooves the mind who would be willing to publicly discuss their deepest secrets during a film production.

I never bought into the schtick Mr. Robbins was selling until one evening of boredom when I turned on Netflix for background noise. Within 3 minutes I was drawn in by the famous Robbins rhetoric. Mr Robbins has evolved into a phenomenon. He can sling profanity with surprising grace. He has evolved from a scrawny motivational guru into a hulking mastermind who is able to compel people into spilling their life secrets on a nationally broadcast show.

It isn’t about the members of the audience who are either abused or exalted- it is about how each of us has the potential within us to effect change in both micro and macro levels of our existence. You may believe you are fighting for your home, when in reality, you are a cog to expose fraud, corruption and complacency of our system. We do not act in isolation although sometimes it feels so.

The Robbins operation is impeccably choreographed and staged with precision. There is loud, Eurodance music, and flashing lights. You can literally feel the dopamine surge of the audience through your speakers. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because exhausted homeowners experience a major down-regulation of brain dopamine and an overall increase in adrenaline and other stress hormones that impacts their ability to fight on. If it takes a cheerleading session to get a homeowner fired up- so be it.

Robbins is all about increasing feel-good brain chemicals. He bounces on a mini-trampoline before he gets out on stage. He refuses to think negatively and it is obvious that he sincerely believes that each person who experiences a negative life event does so because it is part of their destiny. He implores people to harness their bad experiences to do good. To force their will on the world.

If Robbins was to address victims of fraudulent foreclosures he would likely agree with you that it is unfair and it sucks. He would call the banks what they are- parasites, vultures and likely, “mother*#@!ers”. He would agree that you have had a life-altering event and then he would ask: What are you going to do about it? Are you going to let the bank and the experience define you or are you going to define the event?

Neil Garfield believes that everyone who has fought back against the banks are not only modern-day heroes but true warriors. Even if people lose their homes- if they fought back- the act of doing something in the face of injustice is commendable. Those that fight back are the exception, and if any change is to be had in correcting this egregious wrong in the future, it will be the homeowners who refused to back down and who brought change.

The show also puts foreclosure into perspective. Although enduring years of foreclosure is inhumane and a process of slow torture, there are worst issues to confront. One woman was held hostage and another’s mother was murdered by the stepfather. There are tears, trauma, and more tears.

There is no shortage of pain in this world. Robbins who is a healer to some- and a swindler to others, depending on your opinion. He delivers hope and sometimes that is enough to get people to do something. Anything.

I understand your hesitancy to buy into what many believe is a fluff-piece. I am personally not comfortable with rah-rah sessions, strangers hugging each other, or everyone singing ‘Kumbaya’ in a circle but I admit that I had a profound shift in my paradigm since I watched this program. Foreclosure issues have a way of taking the wind out of your sails and impacting other areas of your life. I have recommended that several homeowners in foreclosure watch this video and seen a remarkable change in their energy level and intent to proceed. The fire was reignited in these individuals.

Anthony Robbins is a survivor and a fighter. He began his life as a caretaker for his alcoholic mother. She was a controlling and abusive figure in his life and he believes that his early life experiences with her resulted in his burning desire to help people. Your personal experience as a homeowner who has faced foreclosure can motivate and empower you to help others and can be used to inspire you to do something great. No one chooses to be entangled in a life fiasco like foreclosure- but it was somehow your destiny if you are to believe Robbins.

Robbins oozes charisma and people have bought into what he is selling because it works. Just the mental process of believing that you have a case and you can effect change in your life increases the release of dopamine and an increase in motivation, perseverance and hope.

Even if you don’t buy into Robbin’s Date with Destiny- much can be learned from this expose on how to turn suffering into something life affirming.

People who attend the seminar want a cathartic experience to blast through the personal limitations they’ve been hung up on. Robbins delivers with his everyman-a-winner fist-pumping expose. Even if you are skeptical of his methodologies, the film is helpful to remind us to step back and examine why many homeowners are determined to fight their foreclosure to the end, and possible ways to reframe the battle so even if a homeowner loses the battle- they won the war because they refused to take the bank’s tactics lying down.



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