Extended Stress, Foreclosure and the impact on Health

By William Hudson


Foreclosure can kill you. Humans who are chronically and psychosocially stressed compromise their health despite their best attempts to circumvent their stress reaction. Dr. Robert Sapolsky, a professor of psychiatry at Stanford University, has studied the manifestations of stress on the human body for over three decades and unequivocally has proven that the continued release of stress hormones such as adrenaline and glucocorticoids that increase a human’s heart rate and energy levels are destructive to the body’s overall functioning long term.

Foreclosure is typically not a onetime event, but a series of events that occur after a precursor. Precursors to foreclosure typically include financially over-extending one’s self, a health crisis in the family, divorce, job loss or some other type of crisis situation. These events in themselves are extremely traumatic and life-altering, but what happens when the resulting foreclosure becomes a chronic event over a period of years or even a decade?

Humans have not had time to acclimate to our hectic, modern lifestyles and are not built to endure long-term traumatic or stressful events. “The stress response is incredibly ancient evolutionarily,” Sapolsky has said. “Fish, birds and reptiles secrete the same stress hormones we do, yet their metabolism doesn’t get messed up the way it does in people and other primates.”

To understand why you are not designed to deal with ongoing stress he said, “just look at the dichotomy between what your body does during real stress—for example, something is intent on eating you and you’re running for your life—versus what your body does when you’re turning on the same stress response for months on end for purely psychosocial reasons.”

In the short term, Sapolsky says that stress hormones are “brilliantly adapted” to help you survive an unexpected threat. “You mobilize energy in your thigh muscles, you increase your blood pressure and you turn off everything that’s not essential to surviving, such as digestion, growth and reproduction,” he said. “You think more clearly, and certain aspects of learning and memory are enhanced. All of that is spectacularly adapted if you’re dealing with an acute physical stressor—a real one.”


Take for instance the first notice of foreclosure you receive. At that point you go into a fight-or-flight mode to deal with the new threat. However your body, over time, cannot maintain this state of reaction to the stressor. As the foreclosure draws on over a period of years your body no longer knows how to deal effectively with the ongoing events and stress.

Non-life-threatening stressors, such as constantly worrying if the bank is going to foreclose or if your family and friends will find out about your financial issues, triggers the release of adrenalin and other stress hormones, which, over time, can have devastating consequences on your health, he said: “If you turn on the stress response chronically for purely psychological reasons, you increase your risk of adult onset diabetes and high blood pressure. If you’re chronically shutting down the digestive system, there’s a bunch of gastrointestinal disorders you’re more at risk for as well.”

In children whose parents are stressed or who are living under the threat of foreclosure or moving, the continual release of glucocorticoids can suppress the secretion of normal growth hormones. “There’s actually a syndrome called stress dwarfism in kids who are so psychologically stressed that growth is markedly impaired,” Sapolsky said.

Studies show that long-term stress like ongoing litigation or dealing with a servicer who is acting with hostility can also suppresses the immune system. When the immune system is under attack you are more susceptible to infectious diseases, and ongoing trauma can even shut down reproduction by causing erectile dysfunction and disrupting menstrual cycles.

“Furthermore, if you’re chronically stressed, all sorts of aspects of brain function are impaired, including, at an extreme, making it harder for some neurons to survive neurological insults,” Sapolsky has proven. “Also, neurons in the parts of the brain relating to learning, memory and judgment don’t function as well under stress. That particular piece is what my lab has spent the last 20 years on.”

Sapolsky warns: “If you plan to get stressed like a normal mammal, you had better turn on the stress response or else you’re dead. But if you get chronically, psychosocially stressed, like a Westernized human, then you are more at risk for heart disease and some of the other leading causes of death in Westernized life.”

Baboon studies
Sapolsky has written four popular books on the subject of stress including—Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers. Many of his insights are based on his 30-year field study of wild African baboons, who like humans are highly social primates and close relatives of Homo sapiens. For several years, he and his assistants would follow troops of Kenyan baboons to gather behavioral and physiological data, including blood samples, tissue biopsies and electrocardiograms. His findings are alarming and demonstrate how foreclosure can be a silent killer.

“We’ve found that baboons have diseases that other social mammals generally don’t have,” Sapolsky said. “If you’re a gazelle, you don’t have a very complex emotional life, despite being a social species. But primates are just smart enough that they can think their bodies into working differently. It’s not until you get to primates that you get things that look like depression.”

Sapolsky believes this is likely true for elephants, whales and other highly intelligent mammals that have complex emotional lives.  “The reason baboons are such good models is, like us, they don’t have real stressors,” he said. “If you live in a baboon troop in the Serengeti, you only have to work three hours a day for your calories, and predators don’t mess with you much.


“What that means is you’ve got nine hours of free time every day to devote to generating psychological stress toward other animals in your troop. So the baboon is a wonderful model for living well enough and long enough to pay the price for all the social-stressor nonsense that they create for each other. They’re just like us: They’re not getting done in by predators and famines, they’re getting done in by each other.”

However, unhealthy baboons, like unhealthy people, typically show elevated resting levels of stress hormones. “Their reproductive system doesn’t work as well, their wounds heal more slowly, they have elevated blood pressure and the anti-anxiety chemicals in their brain, which have a structural similarity to Valium, work differently,” Sapolsky said. “So they’re not in great shape.”

The baboons most susceptible to stress are the low-ranking baboons and type  A individuals. “Type A baboons are the ones who see stressors that other animals don’t,” Sapolsky confirms. “For example, having your worst rival taking a nap 100 yards away gets you agitated.”

When it comes to stress-related diseases, social isolation may play an even more significant role than social rank or personality. This is an unfortunate finding for people enduring foreclosure who may withdraw from others due to feelings of shame, guilt and failure. “Up until 15 years ago, the most striking thing we found was that, if you’re a baboon, you don’t want to be low ranking, because your health is going to be lousy,” he explained. “But what has become far clearer, and probably took a decade’s worth of data, is the recognition that protection from stress-related disease is most powerfully grounded in social connectedness, and that’s far more important than rank.”

Thus, one of the worst possible things you can do if you are confronting foreclosure is to isolate yourself from family and friends. However, this is difficult for people who feel no one understands what they are going through (and this is usually an accurate observation), and may feel like a burden when family members no longer want to listen to any more stories about the servicer’s latest violation of law. The homeowner facing foreclosure may become more obsessed with solving the situation, to the point where friends and family members may withdraw from the person when they need support the most.

With that being said, people undergoing foreclosure need a support group of other people dealing with similar issues or at minimum a therapist. In some cases, psychiatric care may be necessary if the homeowner becomes overwhelmed, has anxiety attacks or major depression. The Lending Lies team is attempting to coordinate a national support organization called For-Closure for people enduring the stressors of foreclosure. If you are interested in learning more please contact us at info@lendinglies.com.

Coping with Chronic Stress
What can baboons teach humans about coping with the stress-inducing psychosocial trauma of financial stress and ongoing foreclosure?  “Ideally, we have a lot more behavioral flexibility than the baboon,” Sapolsky said. Humans, unlike baboons, can network, specialize and successfully overcome their social status and isolation by belonging to multiple “hierarchies”.

“We are capable of social supports that no other primate can even dream of,” he said. “For example, I might say, ‘This job, where I’m a lowly mailroom clerk, really doesn’t matter. What really matters is that I’m the captain of my softball team or deacon of my church’—that sort of thing. A homeowner has the same ability to say, ‘I may have got myself into a situation I really didn’t understand with an unethical loan servicer. However, I can sue or let the house go and never make the same mistake again. I have my family, some great friends and things that bring me happiness.’

Sapolsky believes that we can actually feel comfort from the discovery that somebody on the other side of the country is going through the same experience we are and feel, I’m not alone. People enduring foreclosure can even take comfort reading about other people who have faced similar issues, and he points out, “there’s no primate out there that can feel better in life just by listening to Beethoven. So the range of supports that we’re capable of is extraordinary.”  There are millions of people who have experienced foreclosure and gone on to live happy and productive lives despite the setbacks.


It is important that people enduring the long process of foreclosure or foreclosure litigation continue to do the things that bring them joy. Your health and longevity will depend on how well you are able to compartmentalize the foreclosure issues and prevail in enjoying some type of hobby, family or activity.

Unfortunately, many of the qualities that make us human induce stress, he notes. “We can be pained or empathetic about somebody in Darfur,” he said. “We can be pained by some movie character that something terrible happens to that doesn’t even exist. We could be made to feel inadequate by seeing Bill Gates on the news at night, and we’ve never even been in the same village as him or seen our goats next to his. So the realm of space and time that we can extend our emotions means that there are a whole lot more abstract things that can make us feel stressed.” It is good to acknowledge that our human minds have a tendency to ‘catastrophize’ and think the worst, compare ourselves unfairly to others and be our own worst enemies. We typically believe things are worse than they really will be.

The Pursuit of Happiness
It is likely that the Founding Fathers didn’t consider their health when they declared the pursuit of happiness to be an inalienable right, but when it comes to understanding the importance of a stress-free life, they were scientifically progressive for their time.
“When you get to Westernized humans, it’s only in the last century or two that our health problems have become ones of chronic lifestyle issues,” Sapolsky concludes. “It’s only 10,000 years or so that most humans have been living in high-density settlements—a world of strangers jostling and psychologically stressing each other. But being able to live long enough to get heart disease, that’s a fairly new world.”

Sapolsky is a strong believer that happiness and self-esteem are important when reducing stress. Yet “happiness” has less to do with wealth and material comforts than you might think. He has found that: “An extraordinary finding that’s been replicated over and over is that once you get past the 25 percent or so poorest countries on Earth, where the only question is survival and subsistence, there is no relationship between gross national product, per capita income, any of those things, and levels of happiness.” Except for the most dire financial situations, most Americans have the ability to experience happiness outside financial wealth.

In Greece, for example, a country that is bankrupt, people claim to be much happier than in the United States, the world’s richest nation. And while Greece is ranked number 30 in life expectancy, the United States—with the biggest per capita expenditure on medical care, comes in at 29. What does that tell you? Perhaps it is time that we experience a paradigm shift away from material wealth and we teach the banks that without their extension of credit we will find a way to obtain true joy in our lives. For the past 100 years Americans have been focused on the quantity of wealth instead of the quality of life. In doing so, we have contributed to banks that control our life quality and choices- and bring untold misery to millions of lives.

“The United States has the biggest discrepancy in health and longevity between our wealthiest and our poorest of any country on Earth,” Sapolsky noted. “We’re also ranked way up in stress-related diseases.” It is interesting that England, Ireland, Australia and Canada are all experiencing similar foreclosure and banking issues as the United States but the outrage doesn’t appear to be comparable to the United States.


Yesterday an article on foreclosure in the United Kingdom stated that only 60% of foreclosure fraud is investigated and the article expressed outrage that 100% of the fraud was not being investigated. In the United States, the police refuse to investigate criminal foreclosure matters (larceny, perjury, forgery) claiming it is a civil issue. The lack of integrity among law enforcement and our judicial system contributes to the outrage, feelings of helplessness and feelings that you have been abandoned by your country in which you pay taxes for these services.

Japan is first in life expectancy, largely because of its extremely supportive social network, according to Sapolsky. Oddly, if you google Japanese foreclosure news there are very few stories of banks illegally foreclosing on Japanese families.


Sapolsky found similar health findings in the United States. “Two of the healthiest states are Vermont and Utah, while two of the unhealthiest are Nevada and New Hampshire,” he noted. “Vermont is a much more left-leaning state in terms of its social support systems, while its neighbor New Hampshire prides itself on no income tax and go it alone.


In Utah, the Mormon Church provides extended social support, explanations for why things are and structure. You can’t ask for more than that. And next door is Nevada, where people are keeling over dead from all of their excesses. It’s very interesting.”


If this information holds true we could extrapolate that the lack of social and community support for those enduring foreclosure compromises their long-term health prospects. Isolation is the worst thing possible for those enduring foreclosure, modification, a short sale or even dealing with a loan servicer who deceives, forges documents and will not give the homeowner a straight answer creating ongoing uncertainty.

It could be said that Living Lies provides a venue and support structure for homeowners. The Living Lies community is about empowerment and education. In the near future we will be launching an interactive website called Lending Lies that will provide even more resources and tools for homeowners. As Sapolsky points out, people who have a system and knowledge feel empowered to respond differently to situations. He also believes that a support system of some type brings predictability, social support and control- and at the same time lessens the physically destructive potential of long-term stress. It helps us to deal with, “the scariest realms of our lives.”

New Neuroscience
Sapolsky believes we are making headway into understanding the neuroscience behind stress. “It’s becoming clear that in the hippocampus, the part of the brain most susceptible to stress hormones, you see atrophy in people with post-traumatic stress disorder and major depression,” he said. “There’s a ton of very exciting, very contentious work as to whether stress is causing that part of the brain to atrophy, and if so, is it reversible. Or does having a small hippocampus make you more vulnerable to stress-related traumas? There’s evidence for both sides.”

New studies suggesting that chronic stress causes DNA to age faster. “Over time, the ends of your chromosomes fray, and as they fray your DNA stops working as well, and eventually that could wind up doing in the cell,” he said. “There are now studies showing that chromosomal DNA aging accelerates in young, healthy humans who experience something incredibly psychologically stressful. That’s a huge finding.” Thus, engaging in a stress management protocol may be the best thing you can do for your family.

Neuroscience research may help researchers to understand differences in the way individuals respond to stress. “This gets you into the realm of why do some people see stressors that other people don’t, and why, in the face of something that is undeniably a stressor to everybody, do some people do so much worse than others?” he said. “Genes, no doubt, have something to do with it, but not all that much. However, there is evidence about development beginning with fetal life—prenatal stress, stress hormones from the mom getting through fetal circulation—having all sorts of long-term effects.”

“We’re now about 70 years into thinking that sustained stress can do bad things to your health. The biggest challenge for the next 70 years is figuring out why some of us are so much more vulnerable than others.”


Therefore, if you have endured sustained stress due to a servicer who has no standing to foreclose you have both psychological and physical vulnerabilities. If you are in litigation it is critical that you have a support system of some type to help you navigate this stressful period of your life. Sapolsky suggested that people do whatever they can to reduce stress in their daily lives. “Try stress management, change your priorities or go into therapy,” he said. “It takes work. Some people clearly never can overcome it. But the same things that make us smart enough to generate the kind of psychological stress that’s unheard of in other primates can be the same things that can protect us. We are malleable.”


Although Sapolsky has not studied the brains and body chemistry of people who endure years of foreclosure, many researchers believe that those who have gone through years of chronic exposure to situations they have no control over and in which they feel powerless have extremely high levels of post-traumatic symptomology.  Homeowners caught up in one of history’s most toxic and life-altering social experiments will likely teach researchers a lot about how chronic levels of stress alter the brain, contribute to disease and impair the immune system.  For those of you in ongoing litigation, you would be wise to document any stress-related or mental health issues and seek treatment immediately.

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  31. GO TRUMP! He is our only hope for now.

  32. Bruce R. Nelson, Forget about CFPB, it is worthless just like miserable Hillary and E. Warren. I never seen 2 more hateful b***h*s than them except my ex mother in law and I am a woman, but I dont respect anything about those 2 womens accomplishments, because they are nothing to write home about and If I were Bill Clinton, I would have cheated on Hillary every chance I could and He did and now we know why!

  33. Susan, thank you very much, Darli’ for your omment to my vent. You do seem to have extremely excellent comprehension. Hard to believe you have been hanging around 8 big 10s. And still are able to write as you do. I am so sorry for you and your loved ones to siffer BP oil damage. I support the abandoment of the Ogalala pipe line from Canada right across one of this countries biggest aquifer. And to yop it off that BP stuff was not enough , Wall St decadent greed just had to wolk thru your home. I am disdtraught for you. I wonder why there are so many straws to be tossed on our back. God really needs to seriously consider sending His Son back down to not just throw the money changers out of the Temples (our homes) but send these terrible greed stricken heathens in to Egypt and let Pharoh take a bite out of their mandy asses (not the donkeys, just the heathens…in my humble opinon.

    You stay in touch girlfriend, I am not the only one who loves you:-)

  34. thats like this http://www.viewzone.com/collateralx.html kept from public knowledge. i am 2 never heard about this growingup. maybe i would not have worked so hard to go to college and be a nurse. maybe i would have just had 10 kids , collected food stamps and staye dhome because ot be 52 years old and broke lsoing ones home is no fun. this http://www.viewzone.com/collateralx.html lawyers must also sign a non-disclosure form stating they will not use thisin court ot defens anything or anyone even if people are illegally foreclosed on . very sad this http://www.viewzone.com/collateralx.html states the banks did not fund our mortgages it is all lies we al lneed to wake up

  35. thank you bruce for venting. i have been going through this for 7 years, when i called to apply for a modification after a job loss and it is still going on now 7 years later fight WF in foreclosure. they want my house so bad?? why??? they want the insurance payout (they already received, and now the want to sell it) i didnt over extend the BP oil spill devastated us. we are unable to recover and now they are stealing our home..there is virtually no money going to individual claims. bp paid out the cities and state 1st and nothing to individuals. 5 years in litigation. and nothing. so who ever is on the over extended band wagon can get off this was by design. the hamp modificaiton was to default us by design, come one. I THINK I KNOW HOW TO SEND A FAX REALLy? THEY were so funny everyone i would call after i sent an application from march 200 to dec 2009 they lost everything i sent ???? how devastating. i found the link right here on living lies about the paperwork being shredded i was devastated. i knew there was something more sinister going on. this is all before i knew about the 1933 BK of the USA. i learned about it 7 years ago right here in the comment section. when i called this guy keith he told me to do the research because of course i didnt beleive him. i was asleep then. http://www.viewzone.com/collateralx.html we are collateral to this country. all our working lives have been given up to the federal reserve as collateral. about 750k per person. so when we sign a promissory note, any car loan, credit card, sign a ticket, go to jail, our signature creates money. then WE pay that money back with interest. it is the interest that is money. this is called fractional reserve system when our debt creates money. very corrupt. that is why we can not get ahead. they want us poor so we continue to borrow. we all have to wake up to this. the banks id not give us a mortgage we signed a promissory note. they took that promissory note to the federal reserve and BAM the money was created out of thin air.

  36. Oh….and I am in my 8th decade. They already stole my retirement savings.

  37. 2010…..oil spill. Just needed to pay current rate (4%) because sales came to a screaming halt in the panhandle. Never late, I applied for HAMP. 6 years later, terminal lung cancer and the banksters are still trying to steal my house. They know what they are doing. Homeowners committing suicide, dropping dead in the courtroom. CROOKS. Don’t get me started on our elected officials, either.

  38. But… I know and i cant unknow, so i learned something. From there i can adapt, to what i know.

  39. Oh yes changed forever after this.

  40. Jamie won’t have to testify with throat cancer.
    Hilary has no witnesses, so the case is weak. Papers don’t talk, neither do dead bodies.

    The people that control knew how to push the people to the One they want in office. Folks think they are selecting the One their selves, but there is always a poll and a tweet and a book of faces and people talk their inner feelings, they give that away for free.

    Data mining of the people is big business, they can tell if you are stressed, ill, dying, and they can change prices of things based on that. A lot of people sick, oh health care will be needed, huge demand low supply of docs and meds, ah, price increase.

    People bicker about O, a man, non-white, and so they put in a dem, a woman, white, and people bicker about moving from dem to repub so they pick a man who pretends he’s against the repub establishment and their ideals and their use of the financial system, even though he has been bankrupt several times and still manages to stay rich, ah, his money is in one of those banks he would claim to want to real in. Not!

    The people as a group can easily be guided, it’s the group thing, the twitter and book of faces that needed connection to be like everyone who is like you and they can tell who’s registered and how you will vote before you do, so they just set up a candidate that says what you want to hear and you will elect them.

    They know before November, the people have told them already, there is no need to tweak a voting machine.

    Throat cancer will keep Jamie’s mouth shut.
    Hilary keeps her mouth shut probably from the non-disclosure agreements she signed while holding office that no matter how many hours they interview her, she is prohibited from speaking of anything that happened during her tenure with the White House.

    Did any of you see Spy Game with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt? A good movie about doing things outside the scope of authority and being under an NDA can can’t even incriminate yourself.

    Some people think they are ahead of the establishment and they are sitting right in their hands. Your thoughts, ideas, and mind activity is being collected and analyzed by a super computer, Watson, is just one of many that has figured you out, who you associate with, your collective wealth status, how you agree to certain thoughts expressed by others with your Like buttons, and so much more.

    If there was ever a way to control, it is now, and it is not without consent of the people.

    The series Black Mirror has an episode, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2290780/?ref_=ttep_ep1
    [ it started with a text from the deceased, then it moved to a different level of communication, and then it moved to an experimental level ]
    I can imagine they can create another ‘you’ very easily based on everything people put out there in the public using those tools; and you, if you use them too, have put out there and made public about you.

    Employers are already using it to decide if you will fit in their companies before they read the resume and schedule the interview.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free, People, Independent, State, in Jure Proprio, Jure Divino.

  41. WOW, there are a lot of us hurt puppies out herre. Ain’t no doubt it, this crap has damaged any pprogree I had made thru the year accepting and recovering from a long ago (1959 PTSD situation . Psycho “traps” such as we all are experiencing do unsurmountable damage. I have just reinstated my USAF mental health visits. I can easily impagine all my fellow “screwees” out there are hurting badly as their lives, hopes and dreand flush down the toilt. Too bad CFPD did not wake up and smell the stink comng from OCWEN. I have saved dozens of grievance complaints to CPFB. Now they claim they are “investigating this. Me. I want a slab off of Ocwens hyper fat ugly ass to frame. That son of a psychobeotch deman stole $THREE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS OF MY MONEY and that was after his AHMSI pig buddy, Wilbur Ross killed my son. CFPB claimed to have forced Ocwen to return our losses. What a joke! On us as we believed our government was finally doing something to right the wrog. Instead the opposite occured. You folks and I were suposed to get compansated, not “F<<Ked" over. I am please we, at least, have this blog to help vent ourselves. Now I deserve to know what, if, when, and how CFPB is going to repair the damage it did by feeding au lambs to the wolf that ate us up. god Bless us all and please save us from this daily horror shoe.

  42. http://www.viewzone.com/collateralx.html we all must remember the banks did not fund these mortgages we do. the lawyers we higher will not use the 1933 BK as a defense that the banks have no standing. they didn’t have standing in the past but in the past foreclosures were not as prevalent. after the insurgence of credit default swaps and derivatives banks were making money on defaulted mortgages. hence telling homeowners not to pay. There is no standing in any mortgage. our signature funded the mortgages ta ht efederal reserve. we need to start using it as a defense and stopping all foreclosure proceedings

  43. The court where someone’s non-judicial eviction took place has this on their website.

    Civil cases include but are not limited to evictions and other suits with amount in controversy up to $10000.

    So someone was kicked out of their property by a court that issued a writ of possession for property valued at more than $10,000 because the claim brought before the court by the law firm was presented to appear that several months ‘rents’ were not paid by the occupant after the real property, aka home, was purportedly ‘sold’ in a non-judicial foreclosure sale and the law firm wanted to take possession of the property.

    If that don’t beat all!

    Things like that require sanctions and jail time.
    I’m sure there is a Title 18 crime in there, false documents in interstate commerce, abuse of the legal system, constitutional right to property violations.

    I know how to read Title 18 and find the violations, but since I don’t give legal advice, I am making sure I don’t give the information.

    This world is in ‘code’, like you saw the code displaying on the screen in the movie, The Matrix.

    By design, all the information is there, but in different places like a scavenger hunt. Thus the code, seek and ye shall find, and probably the invention of the game to have a list of things you are looking for and the many people and places you go to obtain the things on the list.

    I digressed. Since I don’t know legal things the following is today’s opinion subject to change as soon as I learn something new or different that creates a new or different opinion.

    I opinion the court does not have/never did have SMJ, as the case was not as originally presented [ it relied on other things to take place in order to pretend the case could be brought there for final resolution ] and the value at stake was more than rents, it was tender for what was put into purchase and ownership of the real property, and that tender was in excess of rents claimed owed, and beyond the jurisdiction of the court. SMJ can be challenged at any time.

    Motion to Vacate Void Judgment due to Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction, of Improper Venue, of [ ….. ]
    I am not a lawyer and I do not know legal things.

    SMJ is what can be heard and who has standing to bring the cause
    Venue is where it can be heard
    Jurisdiction is given to the court, it can’t take it. Someone tells the court whether it has juridiction or not. They lied about the court having jurisdiction. The court assumed it based on the Plaintiff saying they had it; any plaintiff, including the people who jumped first as real property owners could very well have brought their claim into the wrong court and could have it reversed.

    I also opinion no court has jurisdiction to hear cases about a thing called a ‘home’, so they use other terms, like tenant and landlord and rent and avoid the word ‘real property’ and right of use, right of possession and right of ownership terms because that would ensure it had to be heard in the limited jurisdiction courts that hear TRO and real property disputes and bankruptcy.

    It’s only an opinion, opinions are protected speech.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free, People, Independent, State, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  44. and yes!!! i have legal abuse syndrome and so does my husband. our health is faily i am extremely depressed and gained alot of weight my husband is in kidney failure and has a thyroid not working. stress is going to kill us before someoen decides to stop them form stealing our homes

  45. Hi a question for everyone!!!!! why does everyone assume that foreclosure is because someone over extended themselves????? Why not blame this ALL on the banks coercing those who called into foreclosure???? i am so sick of it. sorry but my salary was fine, i did not cause this. in florida we have something, let me think for second oh yeah the BP OIL SPILL. so if you are working and driving 75 miles (me)and 55 miles each way ( my husband),to work sorry ( move along no deadbeats here to look at) and then we are laid off because at the port oil rig contracts were canceled or i was told to stay home and do not get paid. after the oil spill people stopped making plans to come to florida the census at the hospital i was working for dropped to 13 once?? no one called these states a federal disaster area even though salaries were cut in 3/4??? where does that leave us. calling thebank and asking for relief. NO we were not over extended. being told to be 90 days late to apply for a modification, then not approving the modification then foreclosing. so that is the homeowners fault , they were over extended????? driving 150 or 110 miles round trip to work to over extended or do you call that folks who worked extremely hard trying support their family and were wronged by the bank??? i thought that is what you were thinking. very sad that this whole thing would still be blamed on people over extending themselves. if they are so worried about that why dont we compare credit scores before one actually made that 1st fatal call to the bank. sorry i am getting very pissed that peopel like mw and my husband are being blamed for over extending ourselves when we worked so hard to support our family. start blaming who needs to be blamed.

  46. Honestly fwiw
    Had i known the true cost of fighting for my home and my right to justice then its a hell no, i would not have exposed myself to such harm.
    My story is not the same as another and i say this not to discourage im saying had i known what i now know. I am very very strong emotionally
    But at my age (54) i can never rebuild to secure my old age i could easily end up living on the street the way things are going, unless i keep fighting, so ofcourse i will, what choice do i have, not quite ready to lay down and die.
    I worked since the age of 15 had a short maternity leave then right back at it, never without a job or income, people such as myself are the backbone of the economy, at least if you look at it intuitively as opposed to ” counterintuitively” what the heck ” counterintuitively” i cant believe such a word is not banned when it cost us so much.

  47. I have degrees (BA/MA in psychology) and have known for years that FORECLOSURES can KILL you. AHMSI killed my 44 yr old som on 2/16/2009 during a protracted and finally a failed effort to obtain an AHMSI solicited Loan Modification. I am gut ridden and guilt ridden myself that as his father I was unable to prevent his death. Since Ocwen purchase AHMSI and became “owner” of assets and liabilities related to AHMSIs criminal behavior I am now planing to file criminal wrongful death charges against OCWEN/AHMSI . I am struggling to locate one important piece of bank evidence after which I will try to meet with a federal Prosecutor. Pray for my son and, if you please, me as well.

    Bottom line is the forgoing disertation is 100% accurate and I will, indeed use it to support charges. Ocwen may well continue to escape my “short arms of the law” but I will die trying. I have some back ground in criminal psychology have done a 900 hour MA internship at CTF Soledad in 1977-78 when I lived in Carmel Valley. If I could spend over 60s with the murderer of RFK (Sirhan) I can sure spend a few hour trying to nail my adversaries with punishable crime as the evidence may prove. Holy Moly that crew at CFPB and OCWEN Ombudsman has surely sucked up and ruined most all of my remaining years. I am confident that these criminal servicers have old age death in their business plans. Drag us out feed us to the wolves and they are don with us!

  48. yes steve the word “intent” has took on a whole new definition. I think in law you are taught there is general intent and specific intent, but since Hillary’s not going to trial, it has a new “creative” meaning alot like the bankers with their “creative financing”. We will all need therapy if she gets elected

  49. Foreclosure can kill you. Humans who are chronically and psychosocially stressed compromise their health despite their best attempts to circumvent their stress reaction.

    This is somewhat true when it comes to men. Women somehow move on, probably, because of vice or exploitation of women in the society.

    We were fighting against foreclosure for the past five years and our health in general is getting weak besides hair loss, fear and high blood pressure. We are now weakened not to have the ability to represent ourselves in court as Pro Se to defend ourselves against illegal foreclosure. That being said, illegal foreclosures may be categorized as an attempt to kill homeowners, especially, elderly ones.

  50. Okay, eight years after they’ve stolen my savings and home who is going to pay for this? Should it come out of that imaginary win of a lawsuit. Like Hilary, when the law is clearly worded and the Gov. looks the other way should the whole country seek therapy.

  51. ok here is my response to the stress of 8 yrs of foreclosure. “Im FU****g Pissed and Chase can rot in HE** and I feel d*** good and my health is never better. Has anyone ask how Jamie Dimon’s throat cancer is these days.

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