Freedom from Governmental Corruption is a Human Right


By William Hudson

Expecting the United States Government, a for-profit entity, to enforce its own laws against the banks will likely not happen. Numerous leaders and officials of the United States Inc. have already admitted that the banks write the rules. Since the 2008 collapse-the lack of response, the gross violations of due process and the overall impotence of the judiciary, law enforcement and regulatory agencies clearly demonstrates who the U.S. government caters to- and it is not the American homeowner or taxpayer.

Although law does not, at the present time, regard official or governmental corruption as a human rights violation there can be no doubt that inside corruption is as life altering an event as rape, robbery, discrimination or other acts deemed to be illegal and against public policy. Allowing a bank with no standing that has not paid a dime for a property, to foreclose with fabricated documents is a blatant act of corruption.

American homeowners dealing with corrupt loan servicers who strategically engineer defaults are being given free rein to continue their criminal enterprise by the officials and leaders elected to protect. Within the United States, loan servicers are allowed to post payments late, increase arrearages, provide disinformation, deny loan modifications, and manufacture fraudulent documents in which to foreclose- with utter impunity.

The American public has experienced a national awakening that the corruption of the government is a pervasive and pernicious social problem, an obstacle to economic growth and a threat to national security. Both Presidential candidates are currently under investigation for violations of law, and yet the public passively supports the lesser of two evils in either Clinton or Trump.

Although our government has adopted laws and resources for combating domestic foreclosure crime and fraud, the anticorruption laws and processes don’t work because the parties administrating them are committing the same crimes (money laundering, embezzlement, fraud, obstruction of justice, etc.). Sadly, the United States and state governments have actually profited from the settlements with the vulturous banks. For instance, the National Mortgage Settlement did not benefit the American homeowner. The federal and state governments instead diverted the funds to other government programs and a paltry percentage of those funds went to those victimized by fraudulent foreclosure. In fact, to those who lost their homes to fraud, most of the recipients – almost 2 million homeowners – received payments of $300 to $600.  This was a gross insult.

It is apparent that no one in government will assist those victimized by predatory lenders and servicers. Therefore it is time to create anti-corruption standards, prioritize anti-corruption enforcement, and insist on improving the lives of those who become victims of corrupt government and business practices. Freedom from official corruption must be a fundamental and inalienable American right if we are to evolve from our current economic and societal dysfunction that is now the norm.

John Locke engineered the concept of American freedom writing:

“The temptation is too great for those who seek power. For those who have the power of making laws, also have the power to execute them. In most cases these same individuals exempt themselves from obeying the very laws they make. In legislation passed by those in power also find ways to exempt their own property from the laws they are charged with enforcing on the rest of society.”

The natural right to be free from official corruption is founded in ancient cultures from Chinese Confucianism to Sharia Jurisprudence- and is often cited as the first principle underlying just governance. Although not officially a human right, governments owe this duty to every human and any violation is an affront to justice, decency and freedom. However, in the past four decades, corruption in both government and corporate enterprises (who are one and the same) has become an accepted governmental practice. However, perhaps a tide is turning- there is a new restlessness and outrage against the American political and legal systems that have allowed millions of Americans to lose their homes when the majority of these homeowners wanted only an opportunity to negotiate in good faith with their lender.

Americans must unite and demand that corruption be defined as a rights violation and demand vigorous enforcement of anti-corruption measures to restore faith in both government and on Wall Street. We are now a nation decimated by corruption. People no longer trust their government to protect their rights but to forcefully eradicate their rights with little oversight or consequence. The American Aristocracy has become the principal cause of human suffering and deprivation in this country and the populace is likely close to the tipping point.

American political theory has not embraced an individual’s right to freedom from official corruption as an inalienable right. The 2008 economic collapse has illuminated how the insidious plague of corruption, unjust courts, and violation of the rule of law result in gross market distortions, revolt against government (passive at this point) and the destruction of life quality among the middle and lower classes. Suicide rates have increased drastically, divorce rates are up, and most people have no savings for an emergency. The American dream is in decline and if another economic collapse occurs- the system will fail.  This may not be a bad thing because historically leaps in political thought require a dismantling of the status quo.

The US governments and our political systems have suffered a loss of legitimacy by allowing the big banks to override centuries of American real estate law and influence the judiciary that their fraudulent practices are legitimate. No matter how petty or revolting the crime, our laws must be enforced. The right to honest and transparent mortgage lending, the ownership of property, and a judiciary that protects the victimized party are basic human rights and are no different than the right to contract or to not be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. If the right to quiet enjoyment and the right to challenge ownership are not upheld, according to law, the foundational principles of our country are at risk.

It was only eight years ago that the financial system crashed. Banks had engaged in a process of lending money at ultra-low interest rates, often with zero-down, on properties that were overvalued. The borrowers were often people who were high risk because they didn’t have established credit or stable job histories. The banks weren’t worried about this practice because they would quickly securitize the loan and pass the risk off to a group of investors, insure their exposure, and bet against the trust to fail. In the past eight years ago the federal government has done nothing to stop the corruption while our officials and the banks profit off the misery of millions of Americans.

Recently the economic indicators look a lot like they did back in 2008 before the crash. If you owe a bank $200,000 and you can’t pay, you have a problem. If several million people owe the banks $200,000 and can’t pay, the banks have a problem. The new subprime bubble may take out the financial system this time around. Remember that back in 2008, the subprime bubble was 1.3 Trillion dollars. Today the negative interest rate bubble is NINE TIMES the size of the 2008 subprime crisis. This bubble won’t pop- it will explode.

Wages are flat, corporations are laying off people, and borrowers are beginning to default on student loans, automobile loans, and very soon, their mortgages. Meanwhile investors are continuing to purchase subprime bonds because they are convinced that governments will guarantee these risky financial instruments. It is naïve to believe that both consumers and governments will be able to pay when financial indicators show both to be grossly over-leveraged.  At some point we must deal with the reality of the systematic corruption that permeates our government at all levels.
John Locke’s theory of natural law states that all humans have inalienable and fundamental (some would say God-given) rights in which all people are entitled. Locke’s theory provides the foundation that all humans have a right to be free from official corruption and government extortion.

These concepts outline the human will and a universal desire for freedom. And yet, one of the world’s most progressive governments who has hard evidence that the mega-banks are relying on extortion and fraud to steal homes has refused to convict those who engineered one of history’s most egregious human rights violations- the destruction of home and family. Protecting the US citizen from powerful and corrupt banks is simply not a high priority when the banks dictate policy.
Even if the US government refuses to acknowledge the rights of property owners, natural rights exist irrespective of whether any particular government acknowledges them. Without preventative measures and the enforcement of current law, good governance fails, economic growth will eventually stagnate or move elsewhere, and national security is at risk both domestically and from outside.

For hundreds of years American had some of the most stringent and reliable legal instrument recording systems ever created. Within a decade, the big banks had eradicated the reliability of these record systems by filing fraudulent documents. Legal instruments authenticate ownership and outlined rights of both buyer and seller, but when banks resort to fabrication and forgery to create the illusion of ownership the entire system breaks down.

Examine any third world country where corruption is rampant and you will find limited investment in property or infrastructure because the risk is too high. In these countries, a contract means nothing. Although the United States has not devolved to this level- we are quickly approaching an era where the international community questions our currency, our property protections and the integrity of our legal system to enforce its own laws. The cycle of corruption that now grips our real estate records and foreclosure practices threatens the human rights of Americans by their own leaders.

Academics and researchers worry that pervasive corruption in one area where rights are routinely violated, will result in the compromise of other human rights. When the system breaks down, equality, anti-discrimination, due process and political participation are adversely impacted. The entire system that is based on honor and natural rights decays, and social, economic, and educational rights also become vulnerable to corruption. Faith in government is the underpinning of modern political systems and when the population quits trusting their government, the government typically responds with draconian measures.

What can be done? A holistic strategy should be incorporated that applies the law equally and equitably. If the bank doesn’t have an assignment or uses a fabricated document, that instrument should be considered void and should not be used as proof of standing. The courts routinely make presumptions in favor of the party with the most power and resources when the judge should rule on the evidence and according to law. Until the judiciary is forced to comply with the rule of law, due process and justice are undermined. Unfortunately, our leaders are more interested in government as a means of personal enrichment and maintaining autocratic control than of applying the law equally.

Economists have stated that sustained economic growth is dependent on “social capital”- the trust between the public and the institutions that contribute to a country’s ability to establish production to create new wealth. It is well known that corruption is the primary cause of poor government and economic failure. Therefore, our public officials must be held accountable for their actions and act like our partners- not the perpetrator.
Corruption destroys capitalism. As we have seen at Lending Lies, those who have been victimized by a loan servicer drop out of the system. They become unwilling to purchase another home, borrow funds to start a business, or engage in any activity with a large lender.

John Locke stated that protecting citizens from the abuse of government was about liberty. Locke argues that we can understand the purpose of government by first reflecting on what the human condition is in a natural state when we are all free, equal and possessing liberty. When conflict arises, Locke believes it is government who provides a “common measure to decide all controversies that can cure “those evils which necessarily follow from men being judges in their own cases.” Justice is tainted by self-interest and must be moderated.

Locke believed that “civil society” resulted when a government that is “bound to govern by established standing laws, promulgated and known by the people.” That can hardly be said about the American judicial system that has grown so complex it is beyond the majority’s ability to comprehend is only available to the well-off who can defend their rights.

Government was created to guarantee our natural rights, not to violate them. “For in all the states of created beings, capable of laws, where there is no law there is no freedom. For liberty is to be free from restraint and violence from others, which cannot be where there is no law.” Locke argued that liberty must be common to everyone in a given society, and made by the legislative power, “not to be subject to the inconstant, uncertain, unknown, arbitrary will of another man.”

Thus, our right to liberty can only exist when government does not abuse their public office for personal gain and where there is not corruption. Corruption voids the social contract, destroys our liberty, and destroys civilized society. Eventually, Locke argues, tyranny occurs. America was founded on the promise of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” When a loan servicer is able to steal a home by presenting forged documents and no proof that they paid for a loan; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are violated.

In America we are losing the freedoms that were tenets of this great country. We are losing our privacy, our faith in our government, the corporations that place profits above people and an out of control police state that has evolved in the last decade.   In societies where corruption is endemic, every aspect of daily life becomes questioned—public education, seeing a doctor, obtaining a driver’s license and paying taxes is questioned.

The United States Constitution, for all intents and purposes has been eroded by those who swore to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies domestic and foreign. If our basic property laws are not upheld and our right to possess private property is no longer sacred then the fruits of our labor are no longer ours.
John Locke wrote that “everyman has a property in his person; this nobody has a right to but himself. The labor of his body and the work of his hand, we may say, are properly his.” This is no longer true when your home and your equity in your home can be taken by force by a servicer who did not pay for your loan and cannot provide any credible proof that they own the property. The courts continue to make presumptions in favor of the banks when they have concrete proof that the banks have engaged in criminal activity and fraud. This isn’t supposed to happen in a civilized country.


The bottom line is that people who suffer damage from corrupt lenders and servicers should have an absolute right to initiated legal proceedings against those responsible for that damage. These individuals that suffer not only economic losses, but emotional damages should be compensated for their losses. This is an inalienable right and should be enforced despite an inability to afford expensive litigation. In most foreclosure cases, only those with the financial means to fight back typically can prevail against a corrupt lender – who without fear or consequence deceives the homeowner and judge.

The right for the individual to enjoy possession of their property and the absolute protection of property from being taken through acts of petty and grand corruption are absolute rights. When government refuses to enforce the rule of law, official corruption occurs and should be criminalized. When a judge knowingly and willingly refuses to acknowledge that fraud and corrupt practices are occurring in his/her court room then that judge is complicit in the corruption.

Anti-corruption norms must be created and enforced in this country. Government officials in the legislative and judiciary branches owe us an affirmative duty to be honest and fair towards us or we should opt out of volunteering as citizens. If our elected officials refuse to honor their oaths, protect our human rights or provide conditions that are conducive to economic stability and growth- then the American people have a right to formulate new governance.

We recognize the long history and complex nature of the act of corruption, bribery, and fraud in government and among corporations. Corruption destroys the economy, faith in government and an individual’s freedom and right to due process.  Americans have a right to expect government to be honest and responsive as opposed to self-dealing, biased and extortive. At this point in American history it is no longer about individual rights but society’s overall trust in government. Without anti-corruption policies and enforcement of these laws the end result will be diminished productivity, restricted innovation and an impoverishment of the American spirit.

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  1. Michael Keane, pray tell us how you really feel. I thaought I was bad enuf expressing myseld but wow, your night dreams must be hellish to awaken from. You for got to mention the Pope, Jesus and God!

  2. those that bought house at an over inflated price signed the paperwork and created an over-inflated debt that tanked and that is why we are considered “deadbeats” because we overpaid or rather in the banks and courts blind eyes overextended ourselves since technically a “default of the mortgage payment” starts foreclosure proceedings, but really everyone was driving up prices, the realtors, appraisers and what was backing all of this frenzy was the banks and their securitization scheme and their greed that they just couldnt get enough. They pushed the market up and up and up by packaging up the debt and selling into fictitious trust until it crashed and there were alot of borrowers that did take on a debt they never should have and the BANKS (Lenders) made it easy with their “Creative financing”, but of course it is the borrowers fault because we bought into their scheme. Watch out people, history does repeat itself because it appears that they are once again trying to lure the borrower with barely anything down and home prices sky high again. LET THE BUYER BEWARE! They copywrited our signatures without our permission to continue their securitization scheme. CRIMINAL!!!!

  3. but why is everyone asleep to the 1933 BK of the usa and the real federal reserve and the fractional reserve system. and if our signature created the money out of thin air the anks do not own these mortgages we do?? i am going to write Mark Levin he seems to have it all togther?

  4. . Without anti-corruption policies and enforcement of these laws the end result will be diminished productivity, restricted innovation and an impoverishment of the American spirit.

    you can forget about this ever happening if Hillary gets in, of course i have my doubts with the Donald too, but would still choose him over her any day.

  5. I’m a realtor in Southwest Florida and only last week did I receive an email for the mortgage lender bragging about the fact they got a 530 credit score approved that day. Made me think and you’re proud? Only a few days before I had heard Zillow has rolled out a new loan to replace there in addition to the 3% down they already have , this one 1% down and Zillow kicks in the other 2% in I can’t remember what trickster form. Thanks for the heads up on Blackstone.

    I’d be curious to know how many on this blog still have their personal operating money in one of the big banks. I can’t quit thinking lately about the time that Bank of America had the bright idea to put the $5 fee on every time you used your ATM card, which resulted in their losing 2 million customers in one day.

  6. yes Hammertime, it is all about property rights and the banks and govt are conspiring to steal our rights until we all become a nation of renters. imo i think america will be burned to the ground before that happens because u take away ones incentive to earn a decent living which in the US has always been the right to own a home as part of that living and what will be left. If you dont give americans their constitutional right and govt is supposed to support the constitution, there is no incentive except maybe to exist and americans are strong and we will not be slaves to our own govt or the bankers. there will be a major social unrest, i believe.

  7. The creative side is what I’m seeing in Los Angeles. They are addressing homelessness and blight including stolen properties by ‘partnering” w the Chase’s of the world. LA has about $100 mil and NY about $40 BIL. Could be if u are in a red state they use “investors” and in blue states they use “non profits”.

  8. Can honestly say 10 yrs but who’s counting? I was DENIED an evil low payment loan at the time because WaMu account came up on last minute credit report that was run pushing me into high payment loan that I kept up for 2 years. Somehow my credit report has a note on this account as related to “natural disaster”, a blatant manipulation of the crisis. But none of this matters to officials,agencies. It’s not about the type of loans it’s the fraud on supposed transaction and who claimed to be lender, servicer, investor, credit reports and now we have to include the loan agents and even local government in my case with this fraudulent scheme. And my property record has literally been changed as well while my rental income was stolen. So every piece of our property and financial information can be corrupted by the banksters and their partners in government. I said it was about rights years ago and now weve come full circle with both parties selling us out and using the government to steal our homes and destroy our lives..

  9. actually Blackstone is not that creative because this already happened in 2008 with anyone that did a refi. If there was equity in your homestead and you tried to get a loan mod, the bank made darn sure that they would not help you either by reneging on the loan mod or not modifying you at all. Believe me, they got this idea from Chase Bank. Sounds like they are definitely trying to increase their rental inventory. research who holds the mortgages on these Blackstone properties and I bet you will see Chase and the other big banks. Another scam in the making

  10. yes, we are in such debt that the only way we will get out of it is they keep sucking the taxpayer dry. they will come after our savings especially if you have a retirement fund. Also have you heard of the latest blackstone scam to steal more homes by loaning money on the equity in your investment property by not reviewing the investor’s income but basing it on the income stream of your rental income. must have at least 20% equity in the property and a 680 credit score. Now they want to do this when rents are easily 50% of a renter’s income(which is not manageable or realistic) and property values are at all time high. Folks, they obviously did not steal enough homes in the 2008 crisis so they are getting creative again. Once again, if the investors fall for this that have their own rental properties, looking to increase their # of rentals. This is just another scheme in the making for Blackstone, who by the way is backed by JP morgan chase to steal more properties to really increase their # of rentals after they tank the market again and steal your properties by foreclosure. This will be 2008 all over again and once again you have been fooled by the over inflated values of homes and the rent streams. Another bubble in the making. Investors and landlords beware! Blackstone and Chase will not be happy until they own them all. Same greedy folks as usual

  11. i am so glad others are awakw i was in doubt here. yes the federal reserve is all a lie. what they dont want disclosed is the 1933 usa BK. it happened, we are collateral and thats it. the problem is they dont think the cat is out of the bag??? what, its all fake our whole monetary systeam. all themoney that exists is debt. debt is the only real money and why they need the mortgages to fail to create more debt. a monetary system and a democracy can not exist at the same time.

  12. thank you hammertime , it has been a long 7 years

  13. When in history have officials admitted the wrongs raised billions to “fix” it and then continue to commit the same wrongs and profit off them?
    We can’t just say the settlements didn’t work this is where we can hold the banksters and their partners in crime accountable. For every pretender mender bone they throw at us we should hold our elected officials feet to the fire. In between Facebook posts a simple letter would let them know we’re watching and coming after them.

  14. Dear Elaine Williams, thanks for your kind comment. I regret with you your seemingly wasted efforts.There was a time in history, worldwide that when theier “rulers” screwed them they would show up en masse at the caslte gate with pitchforks, torches and battleaxes and rid themselves the incessant abuse and torure their leader put them thru….sound good to me, at least they did something. I wish you well thru this infest hell thrust upon us giving the hyper wealthy (like Trum, OPcwens Fatass BillEmbrey, William Ross who suck the marror from our bones for dessert) a bit more walkin around cash so they can build another golf course that American Muslims, Jews and Black can’t use even if they were aditted. I am ashamed I never did much but raise a little hell no and then when I was younge. We were so busy keeping busy we missed the arrows flying thru the air around us. shame, shame on me and us.

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  16. […] By William Hudson […]

  17. The United States is presently, under attack and that attack is being conducted from within our financial center.

    The criminal, banking cartel attempting to use our own financial well-being as a weapon, directed against US, is doing so, in service to a Criminal Erosion of our Property Rights, the value of our currency and a coordinated effort, within Law Enforcement, to ignore and refuse to adhere to the “Rule of Law”.

    Every true patriot should ask themselves:

    “How is it that the English managed to preserve their currency, while every other currency (the wholly-insolvent, now-“hyper-inflationary”, “federal Reserve Notes”, included) has been targeted for destruction”?

    At the moment, Obama is “Lynching” the Nation.

    He is now just a scaffold for Clinton Castration.

    He reached within his chest of drawers

    To pack the Bureau with Clinton whores.

    The first of which, Loretta Lynch,

    Is just another Clinton Donkey;

    Grinding DNC organ, for the Clinton Monkey.

    So, PBO thought to himself: “While that monkey’s on Clinton’s back,

    “Let’s hire ourselves an FBI Hack”:

    Loretta the Mule.

    A sterile result for all to see, of Law Enforcement that sits to Pee.

    The thoroughly-bred Mule,

    Now on plantation,

    That won’t raise a hand to save the Nation.

    Lorretta Lynch and Eric Holder

    Two crimes of inaction; each bolder-than-bolder.

    Eric Holder, held US down while the banksters robbed homes in every town.

    They used the “MERS” to murder our dreams,

    And poison our children through criminal schemes.

    While, not so much as a one, has gone to jail,

    Through Holder’s NONSENSE… Of “Too Big To Fail”-


    Barack Obama: no “American Lion”;

    While not quite above, putting the “lie-on”,

    For the crime that is Clinton; Democracy’s Canker

    And the Treason to Britain, as a “Federal … Reservation… Banker”.

    Now, not so much a riddle, while once there was Biddle;

    A “Tubman” to “Jackson”, Obama’s inaction, smacks of coercion and political faction.

    There’s nothing “Left” of Obama,

    While he’s now “Right” in the middle…

    A panned-cake, filled with Bought-and-Sold,

    A nutless brownie, now burned by the griddle.

    Senator Sanders, We The People, Abe Lincoln’s Greenback Dollar.
    Investigate and Jail the Clintons
    Investigate and Jail the Bankers
    Investigate and Jail the Media as a full-blown Foreign Propaganda
    Investigate and Jail any politician that doesn’t go on the record to explain the intentionally mislabeled, “Federal Reserve” is a foreign, privately-owned and operated, front for an international criminal Cartel.

    Impeach Loretta Lynch unless she does her job, immediately. The Clintons and their fellow, corruption, aka, American Politicians, are an international, criminal Disgrace.

    Bring charges against Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer for criminal negligence. They and their law firm, Covington-Burling and The bankers and the corrupted political class have destroyed legal title to every home within the MERS- the “REMIC Trusts” are altogether, wholly-fraudulent.

    Particularly p. 116, wherein, the author, Professor Christopher L. Peterson, formerly of S.J. Quinney Law School, now chief counsel of enforcement for the CFPB, explains the “MERS” as created as a “shell company” that is being used to “PRETEND” TO OWN SOME 70 MILLION RESIDENTIAL TITLES TO PEOPLE’S HOMES!)

    The two “shell companies” the bankers and corrupted politicians are using to rob the American Electorate are: 1) The Mortgage Electronic Registration System; the “MERS” … and 2) Residential Capital; “RESCAP”.

    3rd parties (drug and terror cartels) paid the “loans” within these two phony shell companies and at first, they used pensions from police, fire, nurses, teachers, public workers to pay the “loans” in full. Then the criminals created phony, hyper-fraudulent, “REMIC TRUSTs” with equally-phony, Pooling and Servicing Agreements “PSAs” to “PRETEND” to the SEC those “TRUSTS” are legitimate… They are not.

    Eric Holder, Lanny Breuer and Covington-Burling’s activities have cost communities, across America, Billions, lost to legal accounting of lawful residential titles, that should have been used for “representative government” and fresh water for children…

    The Attorney’s General throughout all fifty states are also complicit in Criminal Negligence, through their inactivity, even as they refused to do their job in order to take a “pay-off” of 25 million dollars.

    The English-based, central bankers, currently in residence to the intentionally-mislabeled “Federal Reserve (neither “Federal”, nor, possessing ANY “Reserves”)”, have hijacked Obama’s chapter 11 restructure of GM and they are using Fannie and Freddie to mask their “Insolvency” (…/unsealed-docs-prove-obama…/).

    The Criminal, English-based, Central Bankers have destroyed themselves (Google: “1200 Trillion Dollars and Derivatives”)and they are attempting to install a new puppet: whether Trump or Clinton…

    Clinton deregulated “Derivatives”; now there are 1200 Trillion (an impossible amount of money, 20 times the combined GDP, of every country on this planet), owed to these criminal “bets”. It is a deliberate attack (as those fedbucks are now worthless) against what the bankers would like the American Electorate to believe is, “American Currency”.

    The good news is: Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution, makes zero allowance for a privately-owned and operated, Criminal, Foreign, Cartel to manipulate American Currency. They have concealed, for 100 years, they are an imposter.

    Repudiate and Jail the Bankers; renounce their phony “Fed” “Notes”.
    Repudiate the phony Bankers’ debts; replace those with pro-rated Greenbacks.
    Jail any politician or media representative that doesn’t, immediately, confess the intentionally-mislabeled “federal Reserve” is a FRAUD of epic proportions.

    It is simply “TREASON” to allow any other procedure to go forward.

    ~ Michael Keane copyright 6/25 2016

    President Obama, the Judas Goat…

    Uncle Tom at the tiller of the Big Banker’s Boat.

    Once colored a “donkey” for the DNC vote

    Now sinking, with Warren,

    Two turds that won’t float.

  18. the old do as i say says the govt, but not as i do.

  19. @Bruce R Nelson – I am so sorry this happened to you. In 2009 we wired HomEq over $9,000 that they never applied and then promptly dumped the loans they were servicing in several ‘trusts’ – mine wound up at BONY. This set off a chain reaction that keep us dumping every dollar we had down a black hole for the next five years. We had proof of this fraud through a certified forensic examiner – and a sworn affidavit from him concerning this and many other fabrications that he found. Not one judge all the way up the Maryland’s highest court gave one wit about any of it.

  20. Excellent!

  21. @ Bruce Nelson… I am sorry President Obama and Senator Clinton sold you out to the big banks. As you can see, the Republicans and Democratic elected officials all eat from the same trough.

  22. It appears that I am not making your comments section.Am I to harsh for you?This story was good. Tell William Hudson that he should mail his letter to all of the Bar Associations nationwide. All that he is doing, by posting on Neil Garfields blog, is preaching to the choir.

  23. jo Henrion, bless and thank you for your comforting thoughts. I am pretty angry at those who chose to intrude in my life following Michaels death. It is a helpless, often hopeless feeling that his passing as he did and when he did, I allege at his inability to overcome the torture that AHMSI put him thru. I got to know Wilbur Ross shenanagans he led his team of abetting liars and thieves. Not just saying that. Then I got to experience, first hand how gutter low Ocwen Financial/HSBC?AHMSI could really sink as they, with the witting or unwitting assistance of a Federal Court Judge whose singular job is/was to uphold Federal Laws (TILA) but she, apparently, opted to betray that oath. Pitiful but in my opinion absolutely true.

    Yesterday I and a number of my Veteran friends here in NC were honored to ride in the annual Banner Elk, NC 4th of July parade. 15,000
    NC and out of stater tourists saluted us and cheered for us as we waved, with pride to those thousands lined along the Banner Elk parade route. I was overjoyed at the reception which made me so very proud to be an American who joined the USAF at 18 yrs of age.

    Sorry to babble on (which I am famous for:-). May Almighty God help all of us survive our individual and personal horrors thrust upon us favoring at all times the Trumpian style money grubers who use and abuse our laws against us just so they can line their pockets with 30 more pieces of silver and in the case of the dethroned William Embrey former CEO of Ocwen fuel his gazillion $ luxury boat to sail to Malta as he evades prosecution for lying, cheating and stealing your hard earned money and in my case the some $340k equity and house my son once enjoyed and left to me. Lest we not forget to commit his rimes he needed aiders and abbetters who were/are more than willing to scam you, me and several millions others out of our American Dreams.

  24. Sorry about my typos the phone changed the words after I pressed post comment

  25. Neil,


    Trespass Unwanted

  26. This video states a monetary system and a democracy cannot exist at the same time because there will always be the entity that wants more and more money. God help us all. There banks did not loan us their own money or signature created the money out of thin air. Yes it of thin air by the federal reserve. Then the bank deposited the money on their books. This is all do to the 1933 bankruptcy of the USA. We were basically sold into economic slavery. All our future earnings have been sold as collateral for the bankruptcy. I suppose there is a stunted non disclosure by all levels of our government? I found out about it, actually, right here by a commenter. I have didn’t the next 7 years trying to figure out out. The banks do not own these mortgages were do. They got greedy and decided to buy insurance policies on millions of mortgages and then causing defaults by giving subprime mortgages and coercing people into default by promising modifications. You are all smart please do the research like I did. There needs to be a way to stop them. Now you all know why the us no governmental rescue from foreclosures and why all the robosigning to steal homes. Please help someone.

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    “United we stand” divided we fall; in peace

  28. Neil …. perfectly said. I couldn’t agree more. Everyone is so disgusted and most have no clue how bad this really is. I hope you’re going to tell us what we should do next. It feels like we’ve been racketeered? Can we use RICO?

  29. Bruce R Nelson, not only do I wish you luck, I’ll pray for you everyday and with your permission, I’ll ask all my prayer partners across this land to pray for you too, 30 days, more if you need it!

    Man may disappoint us, sometimes even organized religion, but spirituality and the power of prayer is not tempted by that love of money.

    Keep us updated and be well my friend! Knock em dead!

  30. Fabulous dissertation which I may include some of in my wrongful death claim when I try to bring criminal charges to Wilbur Ross, sole owner of AHMSI who sold his buddy William Embrey all the assets (and liabilities) of AHMSI to publicly traded Ocwen Financial who hounder and harrassed me into abject poverty and denies that its co-conspirator, ever received the $1492 I advanced my son in ash to complete a loan mod AHMSI solicited him to buy on my now deceased sons Salem home. He died only a few daysafter AHMSI told him the “loan mod deal is no longer available”.

    Wish me luck, I sure could use a handful of luch and Gods spport.

  31. Maranatha

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