New Jersey Alert: Support Sandy Foreclosure Victims- Bill S2300/A333

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It’s likely Thursday the Assembly will vote on a bill to prevent foreclosures and to keep Sandy survivors from losing their homes.

We need you to take just 5 minutes, call your state legislator, and tell them that this is important to you and your community.

Don’t know how to reach them or who they are? No problem. Click this link:  Find your legislator.  Then enter your address and click on the little magnifying glass. You’ll get a list of your State Senator and Assembly members. Then click on one of their names, and you’ll find their office number.  Often your Senators and Assembly members share an office so you may reach both.

Tell them:

  • I’m calling to ask you to support a bill, S2300/A333, that would give Sandy survivors who were out of their homes or still struggle to get back a chance to catch up and not lose the homes they’ve fought for.
  • There are still up to 60% of families in RREM who are not home for good. The process has taken so long that many people have gone broke waiting and had to chose between paying rent and a mortgage.
  • I support this bill because it gives families a forbearance period to catch up and keep their homes, and provides additional transparency measures.
  • Your story! Or anything else you think it’s important for them to hear.

Then, please send us back a quick email to let us know what they said at

Want to read the bill yourself? You can read it here. It’s critical that we show our support today and tomorrow.  Too many families are still struggling, and we have to stand up for our neighborhoods.

Last, the Sandy Memorial Wall Tour will be in Little Egg Harbor tonight at 6:30pm at the Tuckerton Seaport, the restaurant building! Address and info here.

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  1. We need an anti-foreclosure movement in Rhode Island. The state has many problems including a lot tress not having leaves even in this summer. No kidding here. I simply don’t know what is going on. I think it is the curse from the homeless.

  2. No law impairing the obligations of contracts.

    That works for ‘everything’.
    I’m sorry the people want to keep their homes and don’t want to move or relocate. I am sorry. I have been in similar situation, I have seen what Hurricane Ike did to Texas and Hurricane Katrina did to Louisiana, and there is no way they can create a bill that is ex post facto, and will retroactively stop a business that has a contract to be paid every month for 30 or 40 or whatever years from collecting according to the contract, or doing the notice of default, or accelerate the note.

    They should put their energies elsewhere, like trying to purchase these notes for pennies on the dollar and forgiving them or something, because this is a waste.

    The people they ‘purportedly’ elected can only do what is constitutionally allowed, and interfering with contracts already has laws on the books, including tortious interference.

    Sorry, I am, and no one wants to know the truth when it opposes what they want for their selves, but watch and see, this bill will sit long enough for those with voices, begging to have mercy from the merciless, are eventually moved to another location and have to start over anyway.

    My love to all affected. I am not saying don’t try, but there are some things that are already known, that all they are doing is trying, and it will take a constitutional amendment to modify their contracts to prevent enforcement of agreements made between consenting parties.

    No law impairing the obligations of contracts shall be made.

    Insurance will write in exceptions for natural disasters, but our Deeds of Trusts and promissory notes do not have them written into them, and if it’s not included it’s excluded.

    I could speak like everyone that wants to make them feel good that someone is on their side, or I can present the facts that the Supreme Court would present once any effort to change obligations of contracts even makes it to their steps, which it won’t.

    Someone is getting paid whether this works or not.
    It won’t work, unfortunately.

    Trespass Unwanted, Creator, Corporeal, Life, Free, People, Independent, State, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  3. Floriduh Sucks! This place is full of idiots, drunks, cons, bad lawyers, crooked lawyers and green gunky beaches. Watch the value of real estate plummet in the coastal area. I hope the banks lose their a**. with florida real estate and with Brexit

  4. Floriduh? I guess being#1 in foreclosures doesn’t warrant a save Bp oil spill victims From foreclosures? Lets just keep stealing them.

  5. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 12:36 PM, Livingliess Weblog wrote:

    > Neil Garfield posted: ” It’s > likely Thursday the Assembly will vote on a bill to prevent foreclosures > and to keep Sandy survivors from losing their homes. We need you to take > just 5 minutes, call your state legislator, and tell them that ” >

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