Introducing Neil Garfield’s Foreclosure Information Service

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Neil Garfield’s Foreclosure Information Service

Introducing- a new online service for homeowners and attorneys who have a question regarding a foreclosure issue.  Neil Garfield will answer questions you may have regarding standing, assignments, foreclosure, or other issues.  The answer provided is NOT legal advice and there is no implied attorney/client relationship.

The Question and Answer service is completed exclusively online.  Payment is made online, you will then receive instructions to submit your question online, and a response will be provided within 24 hours.  For expedited service (12 hour service) please include an additional $15.00.

The Question and Answer service allows you to ask one question for $49, or two questions for $99.  No more than two questions, per written inquiry, will be answered.  The service does not include the analysis of documents.  Questions that require extensive explanations may require additional fees.  You will be notified if this is the case and if you choose not to proceed- your payment will be refunded.

In order to answer your question, please use our online service at:

1.  Select service.

2.  Make payment.

3.  Wait for email confirmation and directions.

4.  Formulate question.

5.  Wait for response.

This service is for information only and does not constitute legal advice.  Only an attorney licensed in your state of residence can provide legal advice.  Please refer to additional disclaimers upon registration.  Once an answer is rendered, there are no refunds.  Refunds will be issued only when the question is outside of Neil Garfield’s area of expertise, is a request for legal advice, or does not meet our terms of service.

If you have documents you would like reviewed, or need to speak with Neil Garfield in person, please register for the 1/2 hour or hour consultation service at:

If you have questions about this service, please contact us at




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