Ocwen’s William Erbey deserves a Passport to Prison- not Malta


William Charles Erby- Ocwen’s Finest


Mortgage Titan and U.S. Citizen William Charles Erbey, who built Ocwen Financial into one of the country’s largest non-bank mortgage servicers, is having problems qualifying for a Maltese passport. Although there has been no reason provided for the holdup on William’s passport application, it could have something to do with the numerous securities violations Williams is accused of.   William Erbey is accused by critics of having built an empire on foreclosure misery, and who saves tax by sheltering his companies in the Virgin Islands, Luxembourg and the Caymans. In 2012 he relocated to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Erbey applied for Malta’s €650,000 “Golden Passport” program. Malta has become a gateway for wealthy investors — mainly from politically unstable parts of the world — to secure a base in London. While expensive, it promises a straightforward citizenship program that allows participants to operate throughout the 28-member European bloc.


A Maltese passport also confers some of the best banking and tax benefits of any country- if you are fortunate enough to buy your way in. What Erbey’s motivations are in regards to attempting to purchase Maltese-European citizenship should be investigated, but it would appear that Erbey is looking for secondary-citizenship to protect his ill-gotten gains.

Erbey has been in hot water with New York State regulators, who are still examining the financier’s business practices. Not only is Ocwen under investigation for continuing to defraud borrowers at every stage of loan servicing, Erbey’s affiliated mortgage services are also under investigation.


Authorities allege Erbey’s Ocwen Financial required underwater homeowners to buy a specific type of home insurance policy through a company, Altisource Portfolio Solutions, in which he has a significant stake. That arrangement allegedly allowed Altisource to generate $65 million in fees. The scrutiny has reduced Erbey’s financial fortune by $500 million in the past year.

In 2011, Ocwen was investigated by New York’s Department for Financial Services for incomplete documentation and record-keeping, falsification of evidence through “robo-signing” and pursuit of foreclosures without legal standing.


Ocwen pushed homeowners into foreclosure and then further profited by funneling default-related business to Erbey’s associated companies. For example, one subsidiary hosted Ocwen’s online auctions; another handled post-foreclosure real estate transactions. Mortgage servicers like Ocwen are essentially debt collectors, collecting monthly principal and interest from homeowners.


In 2013, approximately 9,500 homeowners complained about how Ocwen serviced their mortgages. The Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) teamed up with authorities from 49 states to force Ocwen into a $2 billion settlement for in loan reductions to homeowners struggling to stay afloat and $127.3 million in refunds for 185,000 people whose properties had already been foreclosed upon. Yet no one, not even Erbey went to jail for the scheme that stole thousands of homes.


Erbey shouldn’t qualify for a passport to Malta, but a passport to federal prison. What is left of his fortune from the illegal activites of Ocwen and Altisource should be returned to the thousands of homeowners who were forced into foreclosure by a loan dis-servicer without absolutely no standing to foreclose.

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  1. Nick, have U not leaned, Hurricane Irma was a summer squal as compared to the zombie horror story that is now and always has been…corrupt CEO, corrupt Senoir Bd “advisor” (Wilbur Ros, current Secretary of Commerce and next door neighbor to Marlago (Ross is/was the corrupt thief who STOLE #340l equity from me in 2014 when his solely owned AHMSI was made part of Ocwen and whose CEO (now a fugitive from justice living in Malta) drug laundering HSBC sliced and diced my free and clear $340k AAG appraised home and divied it up among BILLIONARE crooks, by a Federal Ct Judge who “gave” my home to these creeps with NO TILA PROOF OF STANDING (I have Ct records to prove what I am saying, not shit stirrer, am I, just a VICTIM like you are destined to be. CFPB FAILED ME, OCWEN SCAMMED ME on the 2014-15 CFPB punishment to OCWEN and I am now a pauper all thanks to WILBUR ROSS JR…google AHMSI, google OCWEN, Get to PACER legal depository in San Antonio and join the same case reserve program that every lawyer in the USA uses to research cases. Look mune up (Bruce R Nelson v AHMSI, where ROSS solely owned AHMSI attorney, in court under oath testified that Mr. Ross” outfit “has no original note” there for 100% zero standing, !@th Dist Circut Ct, Polk County, Oregon, Presiding Judge Horner who vacated Ross’ AHMSI from any interest, but Ross is a true robber baron, the VC Vultue capitalist of Wall St, google it, you can not invent this stuff out of whole cloth!.. But not many of Garfields members, like me, seem not to give much a damn of what I desribe and for which NOW, finally, SCOTUS is supposedly investigating Fed CT Judges who disregared (unlawfully) all the consumer protection laws under TILA and awarded millions of our home to the likes of Ross’ AHMSI, Enbys Ocwen Financil and WTF is HSBC, UK Bank doing with claining “interest inmy property, Both Qcwen and HSBC are alleged crininal outfits….HEY EDVERY ONE GOOGLE this stuff, I an’t inventing any of it. My sincere to the several empathetic Garfield members who have politely commented on my many previos bitch memos thru Living Lies (i.e, I AM living lies:-) 78 disabled vet and proud of it USAF 58-59-60, now a pauper, thank you Mr. Secretary Ross, you son of a wolf bitch!

    GRRRRRRR and I know I will never recover..just have to vent because WTF else is there to do at my age and health, go bowling?

  2. What a joke” this guy is worth half a billion dollars!! Early this month I got a email about hurricane relief. If afected by hurricane Irma ocwen has several programs to help home owners recover in case of a emergency. After reading this article it’s all a big scam!! The relief offered.. 3 months no payment and then after that a payment plan begins. That mean that after the 3 months are up your mortgage will most likely double.. most average Americans can’t afford higher monthly mortgages. And probably and up in foreclosure. Half will lose there homes.. second I’m so mad that I call and a person in a third world country answers my call putting me and many others at risk of identity theft..

  3. erbey holding corporation owns altisource assets a subsiduary to ocwen which is western progressive llc. who ever heard of a attorney under an llc arent attorneys liable for something? and salt pond holdings owned by none other than william erbey a million shared , along with mr. erbey is mrs. erbey and brother john erbey they all own companies which business is conducted in the virgin islands chrstiansted trust company owned by william erbey ocwen financial corporation he is still 10% owner as of 1-5-2017 filed with sec also 9 million 13 thousand 852 shares of stock to tribue limited partnerships ,100% owned by william erbey also mrs. erbey owns trust c and trust f along with brother in georgia a deleware corporation 7 million 849 thousand 704 shares issuer ocwen financial corporation munus lp
    how is erbey the 100% owner and president of altisource ? he was forced to resign from the mortgage banking industry and mainly resign from ocwen and its four subsiduaries like altisource but in as early as 2-14-2017 filed with the SEC the fallowing… william erbey and his trust funds salt pond investments also owned by erbey able to remain in forclosure department at ocwen altisources subsiduary own all of the stock shares filed with the SEC?

  4. I would have thought Elaine would have killed you by now. But that would be too easy.
    Maybe now you will lose some weight so you won’t look like a gorilla on a trycycle when you drive your little sports car.

  5. No need to “hate” to say it. This fat kat billionaire theif stole my Sallen Oregon home with Ocwen aiding and abbetting as they went to Portland Fed Ct, hand in conspiratinal hand and STOLE myfree and clear $340k (AAG apreaisel for $300 rev mortgage. The neak theived with fat ass Embreys blessings conne Fed Ct Judge Anna Brown in to GIVING my home to theives who had zero, nada, nothing even close to any Proof of Standing. In the end thet skinned my ass clean and managed to con the Judge into dismissng me “WITH PREJUDICE and she refused m entry in to her court. Go figue, I was 75, disabled vet. Then along comes CFPB offering a ray of hope to recover. Whoo does CFPB hand overthe 2 billion checl book to…yuppers, right into th fat ass criminal William Embrey CEO of Ocwen. and his partner, HSBC who was under investigation od laundering S Americam Drug cartel cocaine profits….no doubt in my mind aiding and abbetting “EL CHAPPO” Medelien Drug cartel down in Columbia. So don’t “HATE TO SAY IT” Its just a damn shame that I can’t help skin his fat ass alive for stealing my remaining “golden”years

  6. I hate to say it but this guy should be skinned then stoned in the town square and then they would think twice,instead he gets to retire and get fatter ,maybe fly out and hang with Angelo and jamie dimon.

  7. Reblogged this on Deadly Clear and commented:
    And don’t think the banks they service for shouldn’t be their roommates!

  8. Hey its worse then that…LOL…
    Ocwen came after me for mortgage and fees on the 2nd….AFTER I was discharged on BK, AFTER I was foreclosed on, AFTER I was disposed and evicted from the property …and two years later…telling me if I didn’t pay up they were going to FC on me…..LOLOLOLOLO!!!

    Timing is everything.

  9. Hang him for TREASON.

  10. Excellent.
    Tide is turning.
    Keep the faith.

    There are no words and thank you for serving our country.
    Many vets are having their ‘foreclosures’ reversed and remanded.

  11. What adisgusting looking fat faced oinker this miserable theif who stole my $340k free and clear home from me a helpless old disabled vet. I get to enjoy whats left of my life in dire straights and poverty because CFPBs recovery funds failed, miserably. How in Gods Good Grace could CFPB have fed me and many others to the wolves and
    lions. Kind of put CFPB in the same pair of pajamas with Ocwen. I am ashamed pf CFPB, bitterly so. Sure makes me wonder what Obama and Richard Cordrey were thinking of by intrusting a fat pig thief with our money….Mothe of God, Sweet Horl Jesus what amonsterous rip off.

  12. Ocwen’s stock is from $60 down to $1.55 as of right now..

  13. Jabba the Hutt in a suit and glasses . . .

  14. I guess you can run a hit and run business from another country? Great. He has to relocate before the pitchforks and torches get him.

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