The Tipping Point- Americans can Unite and Tip the Scales


By- The Staff at Lending Lies

We are approaching a societal tipping point. Debt, government decay, and global dysfunction are culminating into an unstoppable social upheaval. The 2008 financial crisis that was a collusion engineered by the Fed and Wall Street, created billions of dollars in bad debt that has yet to be realized. Homes and stocks are grossly overvalued, pensions are at risk, investors are in trouble, and the American public are more interested in watching the Presidential Election reality show.


The ongoing Wall Street/Fed disaster has decimated America’s working class and senior citizens who are dependent on interest income to survive in an inflationary economy. Wages are down and the cost of living is up. The American economy has been on the brink of a full-fledged collapse since the early 2000s that was deferred only through the Fed taking extreme monetary actions with their conspirators, the Too Big Too Fail Banks, who through bailouts emerged as entities considered to be above the law.


Although the economy has grown weaker over the past decade, trillions in new debt in auto, student, credit and mortgage debt has been created to fill the abyss created by the trillions of dollars of bad debt issued. Even with electoral politics in absolute chaos across the world people are still asking the same question — where is the tipping point? When do we do something about these banks that are continuing to turn the world into their own fiefdom? The line between slavery in chains and slavery with threat of chains if you resist seems very narrow and fuzzy.


Well the good news is that there IS a tipping point. The bad news is that we don’t know when it is. In the 1970s the public became inflamed over the issue of inflation. The result was coordinated governmental action to correct faults in the economy that were then evident. The difference between then and now is that there was a specific identifiable fault in the economy in the 1970s whereas now there are multiple faults caused by intentional complexity and obscurity created by the Wall Street banks.


The problem now is that people know that they have been screwed and that they are still being deceived, ignored, exploited and ripped-off, but they don’t understand exactly how this is being done. South Florida attorney Neil Garfield is writing a book that will identify the specific practices that caused the economic downturn, the tidal wave of foreclosures, and the transfer of wealth from the general population to a handful of individual persons who control a handful of financial institutions whose policies have never been actually studied by any Government regulator.   He hopes his new book will change the tide.  Unfortunately, there is a reason why the transfer of wealth has not been thoroughly studied.


Picture yourself as a bank regulator who is looking at derivatives and other complex financial products. As you start drilling down into the marketplace you begin to find epic inconsistencies between actual practices, written documentation, and the concept of securitization as it was first introduced. As a bank regulator you would initially be tempted to drill down further in order to do your job.


But the ambient temperature of the room you are in is rising. You are hearing from your superiors and from other regulators in other parts of the government that no matter how bad the behavior of the banks, the American people need them more than they need us. You imagine yourself issuing a scathing report which you are told could cause the fall of most economies and most governments in the world.


You have virtually no support in your agency or from anywhere else to drill down the rest of the way and issue an objective report and recommendations. In some cases you are actually told to stop your research and that you are not authorized to issue any report. You have seen actual instances where people have tried to do the right thing and were slapped down and even threatened with various job sanctions for dissenting from the myth propagated by Wall Street and then adopted and even promoted by your superiors in your agency. In the end, you likely make the choice not to sacrifice your career, your life quality and you fear you will make no traction anyways.  Therefore, you abandon your pursuit and go silent.


With the success of the Sanders and Trump campaigns it is apparent that people who will endure almost anything for an indefinite period of time (paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson in the American declaration of Independence). But eventually things boil over and we are very close to that now, as I see it. We’ve been here before where the bank and the business trusts were in control of everything. While the 1% is breathing a sigh of relief at the moment, they ought not become complacent — because people are demonstrating by the millions that THEY are no longer complacent and that the limits of their endurance have been exceeded.
Specifically people are, as predicted, losing their sense of shame and embarrassment as they realize that they were victims of a convoluted scheme. When people no longer feel like they must stay in the shadows they come out to play. The banks may seem unstoppable. But history has shown that the banks are not omnipotent- and eventually the people will prove them wrong.


The chaos triggered in 2008 by the Fed and Wall Street resulted in the ruling class, or oligarchy, expanding their wealth through the deliberate rigging of financial markets, the expansion of the surveillance state, waging wars of profit throughout the Middle East, adding $11 trillion dollars to the National Debt, expanding social services to anyone on American soil and dividing the Nation through politically-augmented controversies about race, marital status and bathroom choices. Federal control of your life has expanded exponentially the last decade, while your natural rights have been eroded.
It is obvious who is running the show from top to bottom and crony capitalism has permeated every American Institution. The Rule of Law is decimated, justice is for those who can afford it, and the Constitution has been trampled. Yet, the mood is changing, and the American public have grown tired of the corrupt, deceptive, practices of the banks, the IRS, Congress, the War Machine and endless spying on their phones, bank accounts, and emails.
The revolt is imminent. The working class will not tolerate abusive tax laws, regulations, poisoned food, poisoned air, Common Core in the schools, and deceptive propaganda that only an idiot would believe. College debt that enslaves from the first year of college to death is unconscionable. Manipulated monetary policy and control of the political, commercial, monetary, and financial markets has brought this country to its knees. We are near the tipping point.
This country has major problems beyond allowing banks to foreclose on homes they don’t own. Our National debt is an anchor around the average American’s neck and their children. Unfunded liabilities, illegal immigration, social entitlements, and civil chaos will eventually create social chaos. It is likely by design. What response does the Federal government have planned for when all hell breaks loose? They will surely push their agenda of public compliance and personal sacrifice, but this time, the government may not be able to contain the anger of the American people.  When this happens, all that has been planned for controlling the population will be revealed and likely, martial law.
The average American has been pushed to their limits. Unable to earn a living wage, Americans have financed the difference and are now insolvent. They bought homes that were overvalued, their autos are leased, and they purchased stocks through their 401ks that are worthless or overvalued. Pensions are unfunded, unsecured and braced for a cataclysmic fall- and Social Security will not be there as a safety net. Currently, the Federal Government is almost $20 trillion in debts, with unfunded entitlements exceeding $200 trillion dollars.
America is allowing unskilled immigrants to come into this country in order to fund the liabilities created by a rapidly aging population and low rates of reproduction- and fill jobs that many Americans refuse to do. Meanwhile, people flee developing nations in hopes for better lives- thus creating a conflict between those who don’t contribute and those forced at gunpoint to hand over their wages to the government to take care of others (when they can barely care for their own).  You can’t help either party for attempting to protect their own self interests.


If the markets are to crash (and they will), the 99% will have difficulty repaying their debt and if they are smart they will refuse to participate in Wall Street’s insolvency. Of course, the general population tends to be irrational for long periods of time despite the writing being on the wall.


The main stream media is reporting that the economy is in recovery, interest rates are low, job numbers are up and stock prices are rising to reinforce that things are “normal”. Nothing could be further from the truth and reinforces the illusion and irrationality. The 2008 crisis was never dealt with and has festered. It is inevitable that issues will begin to intensify but when the tipping point occurs is anyone’s guess. History will happen and no one can stop it.
What can be done? First of all send a loud message to the Too Big Too Fail Banks by refusing to do business with them.  Quit conducting business with corporations that are corrupt. Move your banking to a smaller local bank or credit union (and you will likely receive better care and services). Quit borrowing. Pay cash. Downsize and simplify your lifestyle.  Quit feeding the beast.
The ONLY way the average American can effect change is to cease doing business with companies who participate in fraudulent practices that deceive, destroy and exploit. Most people who have gone through a foreclosure will never contract with another Big Bank. Stop funding their crime.  Law enforcement won’t help, your elected officials won’t help, the courts won’t help- but together we can Starve the Beast!



Either you are with us- or you are with them.
Break the Banks. 


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  1. Reblogged this on California Freelance Paralegal and commented:
    Great article on how everyone can stop doing business with the big banks and other large corporations and instead do business with a smaller local community bank or credit union. That is a great idea.

  2. Wow!

    On Thu, Jun 9, 2016 at 8:03 AM, Livingliess Weblog wrote:

    > Neil Garfield posted: ” By- The Staff at Lending Lies We are approaching a > societal tipping point. Debt, government decay, and global dysfunction are > culminating into an unstoppable social upheaval. The 2008 financial crisis > that was a collusion engineered by the Fed and ” >

  3. What’s wrong with people?
    They don’t want to be Inspired or Challanged anymore.
    Are they really that dimmed down?

    They want everything served to them on a Silver Spoon!

    Good Grief…its right under their noses n in the contract!

    Deadly Clear Questions …

  4. @DC I’ve been doing similar digging. In CA we can identify violations in multiple counties for grand jury INVESTIGATION. Anyone in CA interested leave email here
    Would b great if Livinglies other advocates support the effort.

  5. Oh My Heavens!


    Obama officially supports Hillary for his 3rd Term.
    Trump that.

    “Shitz & Gins”
    I should behave now. 👀

  6. Agree 99%
    We have to get away from asking for help from elected officials to demanding they uphold the law. If not mass impeachment see whst that does for their career. Same for judges, lawyers.

  7. They are always the 1st in Line. Always!
    The only apparent trust ….
    Trustees of the land you are….
    Renters per say,….tenancy

    Does anyone want to come out of the shadows and play. .
    Land Bond?
    Its where a bond is issued against the land to secure a debt.

  8. Ownership lies with the party billed the taxes.
    It remains with them until death do they part….Provided those billed pay the bill.

    State BAR…County
    Oops there it is…..CORELODGIC

  9. @ DC

    FYI, peel the layer for an attorney search at the state bar’s website, which should include current information.

  10. DC. ..Everybody is going to Court . YEP!
    They rigged the Game…
    “You have to Pay to Play”

    But But … Those who make False Claims and Slander more than just one Title….get a size 10 legal bill ( my damages arising from false claims) right up the Ole”Darkhole.

  11. Any bank with NA after the name is part of the problem,Wells Fargo was busted in 2001 I believe here in CA for deceptive and misleading business practices and their lending license was revoked,only to return that same year under the “National Association” Bank to continue robing from folks.
    You want your money Insured by the FDIC,your loans Insured then you sell your soul to the devil,our federal Government.
    I was banking at US Bank many years ago when people thought they were just a small conservative bank,when in fact they are the self proclaimed “Trustee ” on 90 % of all the foreclosures in this country.
    The house of satin,just look at the eyes of their CEO who grew up near where I grew up,its revenge of the nerds all growed up style.

  12. I Don’t do Business with People Like that!

    The Currency Reset is upon us Neil, lets Pray those nincapoops don’t crash the market or start WW3..1st.
    Prepare for to rebuild, hyperinflation , shortages of imports for a while,

    Come Hell or High Waters they are going Down.
    Currently they are paying advances from the dark pool & pocketing the money…again screwing the investors & homeowners who have proof of payments.

    Plausible Deniabity … I read it off Countrywide & BAC Computer
    Serviver Records affidavit.
    So it must be true..huh?

    I’ma going to Nail another Lil’ Packer Down..aha.

  13. You can forget about state this and local that,they are part of it and until we get real and take to the streets,be willing to risk your comfort and possibly more it will never change.Trump,Clinton,Sanders will not change things if we dont insist on it.
    The City of Los Angeles owns 3billion dollars worth of real estate,Why?

  14. Why are there no lawsuits or class suits against the OCC,FDIC,CFPB,and so on?Why not go to the real roots of the cause with a million or so names?
    Interesting stuff when you dig deep on certain things,I was looking at the website Netronline her in California where things like recorded documents are available for viewing and while helping a friend who was totally railroaded by her selling agent from sothebys,and a women who I believe was a straw buyer working on behalf of a very large group of real estate agents.
    This women who claims to be a lawyer and has the last name Irvin,when I look at certain properties there is 50 people with the last name Irvin,and they all live in my area,they all receive Farm subsidies for farms that do not exist.
    I have never met anyone in this area with the last name Irvin,on the site AVVO they list her with 5 stars yet she has no email or phone to reach this superlawyer.
    So certain properties will have 5000 names attached to the recorded document and when looking over the document I see several names of local real estate agents,some names are backwards to try to hide their identity.
    This is not mumbo jumbo and no Im not drunk,look for yourselves,I was blown away at the brazen misconduct and outright abuse these agents were doing to a close friend and I begged her to cancel the sale of a once in a lifetime piece of property that was overlooking the mighty pacific that her ex gifted to her then when the Americas wholeSale Lender aka Countrywide pick a pay loan adjusted and the payment was 8k a month he said forget it.
    She sold it as to not lose the equity,the escrow company Sterling West Escrow and the crime empire Chicago Title when asked by the seller to show proof that the loan was paid off they said to the seller “YOU WOULD NEED A COURT ORDER” blew my mind,filed at the least 20 complaints and was met with the same stonewalling on them all.
    Just a little tale of the crap that we as people are allowing the local,fed Government to do to us daily.

  15. Did someone say:
    “Come out of the Shadows & Play”?

    I Like to Play!
    But I Play by the Rules.

  16. It has been stated in the comments and in this blog many times that we should all move our accounts/money out of big banks like WFB, B of A, anything Chase, anything Citi and some others. I did that many years ago and found out I receive much better service at a very small bank located in only one state, the one I live in. I agree. Starve the beast.

  17. Local and smaller must give better protection and incentives for consumer’s money. I have an account with a local bank. There was a fraudulent transaction in my account and because it was brought to the attention of the bank only after 60 days, the thief got away with the money. Whereas bigger banks gives zero fraud protection. So people like bigger banks.

    State lawmakers may need to understand that if money stays within the state, it is good for the economy of the state.

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