Santa Cruz County Boycotts Big Banks that do Bad Things


SantaCruzCountyBy William Hudson

The progressives in Santa Cruz, California- a sleepy surfer community off of California’s stunning Route 1 highway have decided to take action against the big banks and their Wall Street Tactics- and hope their tactics will spread nationwide. Santa Cruz- located about 45 minutes south of San Jose and about 50 minutes north of the luxury enclave of Carmel, is unlike either capitalist-centric communities to their north and south.


Santa Cruzians aren’t obsessed with the tech wealth of Silicon Valley north of them, and nor are they impressed with the fortunes of the Carmel/Monterey/Big Sur crowd who have profited from their big bank holdings. Santa Cruz is where people reside who value lifestyle, the natural beauty of its coastline, redwood forests, and hold liberal leanings against corrupt banks. Santa Cruz is demonstrating that social responsibility matters and this concept may take hold in other similarly-minded communities nationwide.


The visionaries elected as Santa Cruz County Supervisors decided they would not invest the County’s holdings with the five banks who have participated in criminal felony activity. “Doing business with institutions that are committing federal crimes is not consistent with the obligation that we have to protect public dollars,” said Supervisor Ryan Coonerty, who originated the original proposal to the board. Coonerty recognized, “There’s been so much bad behavior and so few consequences.”


Citicorp, JPMorganChase, Barclays, The Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS AG were boycotted by Santa Cruz County after they were fined a scant $5.6 billion dollar penalty for manipulating the foreign-currency market. A measly fine of 5.6 billion dollars when hundreds of billions of dollars were made will never stop the banks from their criminal enterprises. However, if enough communities nationwide begin investing their funds in companies that offer altruistic social policies and sound economic principles- perhaps the impact on the banks will be enough to alter their illegal conduct.   Wall Street won’t mourn the loss of Santa Cruz County’s portfolio, valued at about $650 million- but collectively, if other communities join in- the resulting impact could be enormous.


In the case of Citicorp, JPMorganChase, Barclays, The Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS AG- the banks and traders designed the fraudulent scheme in online chat rooms referred to as “the mafia” and “the cartel.” United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch predictably failed to prosecute this criminal enterprise but did admit that the heist was a “brazen display of collusion” that affected “countless consumers, investors and institutions around the globe — from pension funds to major corporations and including the banks’ own customers.”


This concept may prove revolutionary. What would happen if, at the local and county level, citizens and their representatives took regional action against the felonious conduct of the big banks? Instead of looking at a Macro solution that has failed to materialize, perhaps people should use Santa Cruz as an example and boycott by micro-means. Civil protest has always started at the grassroot level until it becomes such a force that the states and federal government have no choice but to accept the inevitable.

To date, Santa Cruz Supervisors have contacted about 50 “progressive” cities nationwide to join them in their boycott, including about a dozen cities and counties in California’s uber-liberal and wealthy Bay Area- but have not disclosed the counties that have been contacted. These supervisors should be commended for being the first county supervisors nationwide to take action against banks that engage in policies detrimental to public policy and that are in fact illegal and criminal enterprises.


“It’s a bold step by the supervisors to do this. They’re taking a creative and direct response to the criminal practices of the big banks,” commented Walt McRee, an outspoken chairman of the Public Banking Institute, a nonprofit working to create publicly owned banks. “Whether or not other counties or cities will have the ability or the courage to do it remains to be seen.”


Apparently Santa Cruz County is now on Wall Street’s radar. In addition to inquiries from counties worldwide (countries like Australia and Ireland among others) – the supervisors have received emails from Wall Street finance workers who are fed up with the systemic culture of deception and fraud. Wall Street workers are looking for a venue to express their disapproval and the need for financial reform that will finally address the past decade’s Wall Street economic free-for-all at the expense of the middle and lower classes. The county claims that they will invest with other financial institutions including the Bank of the West and other sound financial institutions. However, the county may wish to “peak inside the hood” and conduct their due diligence before taking on smaller banks who may engage in similar practices.

The supervisors of Santa Cruz County should also be advised that their county records are in complete disarray, contain thousands of fabricated documents and go after the banks that circumvented the county’s recording laws. If the supervisors really want to take a stand- look at their country recording system and stop the banks from recording fabricated documents. Back in 2011 and 2012, Santa Cruz county cut ties with Barclays, JPMorganChase and Bank of America for deliberately rigging interest rates and other sketchy practices. If anyone can take a stand against banking practices that undermine the financial stability of a county’s financial holdings- it is Santa Cruz’s progressive thinking officials.

A revolution may be brewing by simply refusing to engage with banks that destroy the lives of ordinary Americans. Break the Banks!

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  1. Thank you Neil!

    I’m encouraged. Santa Cruz has set an inspiring (at least controversial) example. This article could have a sequel listing each and every “big bank” and any further updates from Santa Cruz.

    However the “Bad Things” are not limited to this topic. We still have to contend with the debt-virus funny money system that all banks depend upon and yet has started being rejected by several nations who realize it’s a Ponzi scheme.

  2. I am laughing at my self. Because I wanted to write a comment in response to Neil Garfield’s posting “Santa Cruz County Boycotts Big Banks that do Bad Things” and I thought I was committing on boycotting the banks. Forgot I had moved on to read fighting foreclosure by sharing knowledge that I follow also. After I read a comment written, by Dan Schramm I began my reply. I clicked post and much to my surprise it posted on ”And So it continues regarding Ocwen. I have a mortgage with Ocwen Loan Service. I am now worried they will come after me…
    I thought I’d comment that I agreed with Dan S. The commits made good senses. So I wrote first on the wrong blog.
    Stress makes you do stupid mistakes sorry if you read twice.

    MY reply met for William Hudson article regarding Santa Cruz boycotting the banks.

    I feel that Judges are guilty of aiding and abetting intentionally or not intentionally. (it doesn’t matter we trusted judges to uphold the law for JUSTICE IN THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE) or is that the Sheriff??? ;^) My personal courtroom experience was absolutely shameful. ;^(
    FORGERY and FRAUD IS and WILL always be a CRIME!!!
    I found it hard to understand why LAW ENFORCEMENT WILL NOT INVESTIGATE??? Why has no one (in any published case) raised the fact that NO LICENSED BANK can assign fiduciary duties to a non-bank business. That’s an interesting question. My husband did raise the question he even prepare the complete report listing all the true factual details and names. He made a list of suspects and where to find them. He also created a list of documents to be produced in discovery with names of witness to be subpoenaed for depositions. We asked for and paid the fee for a jury trial. Was clear on every detail but the unqualified attorney we hired from Santa Cruz state bar legal referral. Took our money and all the evidence we produced the prove with the honest true facts and documents along with our chain of title, forensic securitization audit from 2011, etc. etc. and on and on and on……if your interested in knowing our on going story? I think you can reach me from Neil or Patricia Rodriguez Law Group.
    Our attorney said we could not have a jury trial and we could not do discovery. The Judge looked the other way allowing DBNTC defense attorneys to commit fraud upon the court. Agents representing the banks and groups of brokers that found and organize the questionable investors. With the blessings from Wall Street unethical corrupt attorneys etc.. By committing perjury in both court and in pleading papers filed with the courts. Judges can’t be that ignorant they have to be aware that their actions, giving favoritism to the Banksters. I Believe Most Judges Just Wanted to Clear Their Calendar of These Wrongful Foreclosures.
    Allowing the fraud to continue..!!! Our country’s legal system, attorneys, judges, court procedures, servicing companies likely owned by the banks or the same investors possibly aware of the organized conspiracy? The trick is to get a chance to be allowed to bring that evidence and those facts into a courtroom. The trickery manipulation the unethical attorneys that teamed up with the foreclosure mills and REO’s . The court has made so many errors and attorneys have no ethics or respect for the law. There are so many corrupt attorneys that took an oath to serve and protect. Oops I think that’s the sheriff’s office again. You know what I am saying; It is such a on going nightmare. But not a never ending nightmare. If we all stand together AND MAKE IT CLEAR we will end this fraud and organized criminals from stealing our homes. We the 5% that have been willing to stand up to these tyrants. I still say hats off to the people of Santa Cruz w/out the support of their judges to keep on fighting…. next election maybe we should elected a new bench of judges…along with maybe a new Sheriff? Thank you Neil Garfield for posting “Santa Cruz County Boycotts Big Banks that do Bad Things” I will be closing the accounts I have at Chase to Boycott them for the bad things they did after taking over Washington Mutual.

  3. I’m recalling being drummed off a local government blog here awhile back for even suggesting a new approach to funding local government. It was during one of those discussions about how to resolve a major budget deficit.

    I had suggested that, rather than increasing tax, along with ‘painful’ cost cuts, we renewed a retiring sales tax that would generate approximately the same amount as the city’s entire operating budget for an entire year as a 5-year bond (requires a vote). Pay it out over five years and retire the bond (forever). Use the bond money to pay current years’ expenses, and place every penny of revenue into an interest bearing account until next year. When next year comes, we have our budget, exactly the amount we drew in. Rise, repeat every year thereafter. No more deficit spending.

    Of course, the banks don’t like this much since they don’t get the millions of dollars in bond interest paid for debt financing (along with amazing origination fees, et al).

    The required funding is thus reduced by those expenses, too. No more guesswork as to how much there will be to spend. Then, a good zero-based budget should work well.

    The added benefit is that the local rulers would no longer (generally) be able to initiate ‘new’ programs/adventures without getting new funding (by voters).

    So many times local government expands operations, or initiates new programs from ‘surplus’ funding achieved by taxes they said would raise only a certain amount, only to ‘discover’ it really raises twice that amount. Then, return later saying they simple cannot ‘cut’ these programs, so need more money.

  4. Nice article, a left leaning community that refuses to go after a left leaning administration… which allowed this to happen.

    Hillary Clinton broke the law and she should be indicted.

  5. an excellent acticle, wish we could have some input in Ireland. We

    are in a dreadful place.


  6. My response to anyone who posts here regarding a judge asking them…
    ‘Did you sign the note dated?’

    No. I did not sign the securitized ‘note’.
    Additionally, your honor, the bank in court today is not listed on any of my documents in relation to the original loan. They are not listed on any of our documents. Through months of persistence we were not able to ascertain who owns our note and that is why we chose litigation. We do not know who holds the debt/note.

    ‘Are you behind/in default?’

    No your honor as we were current on our payments. The bank manufactured a default to unlawfully foreclose on our property.
    As well your honor, the bank who is trying to take our home unlawfully
    did not loan us any money and they are a complete stranger to any contract in our possession. To this date your honor, there is no documentation that a default exists.

    Also, we had never heard of this bank your honor until the unlawful foreclosure process began. They do not have any accounting nor payment history as we have made payments since 2001 your honor.

    The loan was sold as a security instrument without our knowledge.

    Start answering the judges with the truth.

  7. Wow! Fantastic to see we are taking action ourselves. Comforting since we know the deck is stacked through normal judicial processes. I’m telling everyone I know and hopefully, even more I don’t.

  8. I hope the law makers in Rhode Island read this article. It’s time for Rhode Island to tell banks based on other states not to foreclose properties here or do anything to take money away from here. RI is a small state and people here are still struggling except some who were not affected by the recession. Siding with the banks DO NOT solve the economic crisis. Instead, it may create another financial melt down worse than the recession.

  9. Amend Susan. I might add; “The progressives in Santa Cruz, California…” Progressives is one of those touchy feeley words that is now being used instead of saying “Socialists.”
    What is the difference between socialism and communism?
    Answer: The citizens of a country vote for socialism, communism is enforced by a minority by the force of a gun on the citizen majority.

    Karl Marx quote; “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” Its a shame that 36% of US voters 18 to 26 yrs of age support the avowed socialist Bernie Sanders. The government schools-aka- public schools are doing a grand ole job.

  10. Thank you Santa Cruz. I used to live in nearby Scotts Valley, CA before I moved back to Colorado where there is NO one minding the store and a Rule 120 (many have an opine that it is totally unconstitutional, and I fully agree) is Colorado’s way to keep any and all property owners from defending themselves in court, even when one has all the fabricated, forged, phony documents to fully support their case. A once part time judge who actually has no clue abut what is going on, or maybe he does mocks a person trying to present their case and just asks three questions: 1( did you sign the note dated _____, 2) are you behind on the payments?, and then they ask the attorney do you have the originals in your file (they naturally say yes even though they have been fined by the Colorado AG for nearly $1 Million dollars back in late 2014 which they continue to do this day and the judge says case closed. “Many people have come to my court with larger files than yours and you have no standing”!!!

    The ONLY way we get this moving again in my humble opinion is to find attorneys, counties, states, the press, and hopefully some halfway caring, honest congress people to step up and not cave as Senator Corey Gardner apparently did after he inquired about one of my 5 loans initiated with Countrywide and got a true modification in 2 weeks after speaking directly with FNMA that I had been seeking for 55 months!!! Something fishy here and I think we ALL know that FNMA is not the current holder of the original note and trust deed as there is none!!! What I have on all five loans certainly points to that with the known robo signers like Michele Sjolander.

    I say we keep going, keep reaching out, and Semper Fi.:)

  11. Don’t believe what you read. This is old news and whether they actually did anything, I really doubt it.

    My own case involves our property in Santa Cruz where we’ve been fighting since 2007 (I lived there since 1956, leaving in 2011 although still fighting our case) and decided to take it to Fed. Court in San Jose this go around due to the corruption and coopted judges and recorder’s office (et al.) in Santa Cruz. From further comment I digress as it would take far too long and too much space to discuss.

    The county recorder also refuses to record TILA rescissions too even though they have no legal right to do so.

    They will never tackle the corruption and fraud because they’re mired in, and are part of it…in typical of California mentality (don’t-do-as-I-do-do-as-I-say) always blaming someone else and impossible to reason with.

    See how many MERS members you find there and you’ll see why from CalPERS (conveniently administered by CitiMortgage, Inc.) where Calif. employees (including judges) are vested with substantial investments in mortgage bonds, to the major “mortgage companies” there along with the usual prominent “banks” in the County.

    The district attorney will not prosecute mortgage or recording fraud lip service from the governor, A.G. and on which in typical manner, only give the appearance of being concerned when it suits them politically rather and feeding their thirst for power and control rather than any real interest in helping the people they are supposed to serve.

  12. Reblogged this on California Freelance Paralegal and commented:
    Good for the County of Santa Cruz. More counties and cities need to do the same thing to hurt the big banks where they live, in their pocketbook. May or may not convince them to change their behavior but I do not see how it could make things any worse.

  13. MERS and Hillary Clinton using a private network to bi pass the public and transparency.

    Both being protected by Obama
    Both being protected by mainstream media

  14. Boycott was a big reason that brought down Apartheid in South Africa

    Also Hillary Clintons Email Server reminds me of MERS. Same argument Same Motives


  15. Understood. Those who were directly affected are much more in touch. But we still need to try to spread the word. Even if a few get it. It will be a few more than previously

  16. @Sheri Daniel – I agree! However, people do not want to believe what has happened if they have not been personally hit. Most of us are too freaking busy keeping our heads above water and then just collapsing into bed each night only to get up and do it again the next day. It is only people like us who read here every day. I have a large extended family who isn’t speaking to me for what they think I did in losing ancestral water front property. When it all fell down all they wanted to do was tell me what I DID wrong. I tried to explain. Apparently none of them read much.

  17. Susan, you are too touchy. I see the right wingers are always voting against their own best interests. See it every day right here in South Carolina. Everybody, including citizens and county governments should be unloading the big banks. Get an account in a local “honest” bank or credit union. Should have been done a long time ago. Too many Americans live in a fantasy land of “Leave it To Beaver” or Trump’s “Make America Great Again.” We, the People, need to take this on. Santa Cruz County is correct, and this is a great idea.

  18. It is enough to say ‘thinking officials’. ‘Progressive’ suggests only they understand the fraud and will tackle it head on. This heist of America’s wealth was conceived and carried out by evildoers of all political persuasions, who, apparently, gave enormously to politicians and regulators to look the other way.

  19. This article should be sent to every town city county and state. !

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