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ATTORNEYS-The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!


Dear LivingLies Readers,

If you have had a good experience or good results with a foreclosure, bankruptcy or real estate attorney- we would like to know who represented you (or a friend).

Please leave a reply in response to this post.  Please provide name, location, contact and any cases won (if known).  We are working on an attorney resource for homeowners facing foreclosure and would like to know about your experiences.

If you have had a terrible experience with an attorney we would also like to know about it so we are aware of the conduct of that attorney.  Please send complaints to 


We appreciate your information and insight!

The Lending Lies Team

10 Responses

  1. Heath J. Thompson
    Heath J. Thompson, P.C.
    156 Newtown Road, Ste A-1
    Virginia Beach, VA 23462
    Virginia’s trailblazing foreclosure defense attorney. Expert in loss mitigation and loan modifications.

  2. In Texas: Ricardo “Rick” Guerra, Attorney at Law
    Guerra Days Law Group
    Offices in: Spring, Texas; Houston, Texas;
    Edinburg, Texas; and San Antonio, Texas.
    Phone number: (281) 760-4295
    Successful appellate decision: Vazquez v. Deutsche Bank; In the Court of Appeals First District of Texas in Houston, Harris County, Texas; Decided July 24, 2014. Reverse and Remand in favor of appellant homeowner’s quiet title claim.
    Excellent attorney (Skilled at every level–pre-trial, trial, and appeal).

  3. Joseph Davidson
    Sulaiman Law Group
    900 Jory Boulevard
    Oak Brook, Illinoois

  4. I forgot to mention that the attys are Shapiro Fishman & Gache, who flipped it to Pennymac Corp/Pennymac Loan Servicing and then to Akerman. They are all debt collectors. These mortgages are all debt collection and they had to fraud the courts with these assignments or they would never be able to collect. MERS OWNS THE REAL ESTATE WORLD NOW and its crazy!

  5. My friend had his mortgage transferred twice and the second time it did not get recorded but there are so many things wrong with the case. They filed a lis pendens and then they sent out the acceleration letter. I’ve read that the CFPB sometimes makes the servicer rescind so that is where we are at. Lost 2 cases and an appeal and may try to refinance but we still do not know who owns the note. We also sent two QWR letters and still no knowledge of who owns the mortgage. CFPB is getting tougher so Im going to see where that goes and get back to you.

  6. Here in New Jersey my 9 year long Pro se fight against Wells Fargo is finally coming to a head as the new judge in this second complaint has denied my timely TILA rescission, denied that Jesinoski said my TILA rescission letter voided my note and mortgage by operation of law, denied that the 6 year SOL bars the bank from filing the second complaint 7 years after they accellerated, denies that the fraudulent, fabricated, forged note is Void, etc., etc.

    Now he has granted Wells Fargo Summary Judgment and they have applied for Final Judgment. I denied the default, denied that any legal or valid loan had been consummated with the pretender lender, asserted that they are not the real party in interest, that they lack standing and have based the complaint on fraudulent paperwork and the presumptions of the court. The New judge doesn’t want to hear any of it. He simply denies all of my assertions, defenses, counter claims.

    I have reach out to Margaret “Peggy” Jurow and her partner Rebecca Schore. They worked together for over 30 years at Legal Services of New Jersey Foreclosure Defense. Peggy was the Chief Counsel and wrote an important brief for the court during the Robo-signer scandal when New Jersey halted all foreclosures in Dec. 2010 and threatened to dismiss all of them and level sanctions for wasting the courts time and resources by filing faulty documents in foreclosure cases.

    I met with Peggy and she is a very nice person. Unfortunately she does not agree with the LivingLies analysis of Jesinoski …she still believes that the courts have the right to first demand tender in common law type and she refers to and cites all of the case law on the books that already supports it…she does not feel any court would demand to see proof of standing of money trail without them using the note and mortgage docs and the assignment they base their complaints on … In my case they assigned after my rescission, how can they assign a void mortgage? She feels the judges will not accept these types of arguments in their courts …. She says that she is a TILA lawyer and will argue my TILA case …but that I better be prepared to prove tender …she does not believe any judge would agree with the 20 day timeframe that the creditor needed to comply with in the TILA statute … Basically we are here at this point with 2 points …. 1) we rescinded under TILA and did so within the 3 year timeframe .. 2) 6 year SOL bars the plaintiff from filing the foreclosure complaint because they accellerated in the first complaint Sept. 2007 ….filed the second in May 2014 … 7 years time bars the plaintiff.

    Wells Fargo sent me a streamlined modification last week …

    Trial payments …1519.00 month …3 months

    40 years …275,000

    They deferred 100,000 to be owed and paid later …or upon sale

    375,000 modification ….original refinance was 230,000

    The townhouse is only worth 230,000 right now

    They want me to agree to a modification of 375,000

    I will never own it …and can never sell it

  7. Oregon; Richard Billin, Medford, OR. 541-776-9900
    The ONLY knowledgeable person in Oregon that I have spoken to after 7 years and he practices only foreclosure defense.
    If you have followed Neil, you know what questions to ask, and you know what the answers are likely to be if they are legit.
    Learn to spot a scam that only wants your retainer.

  8. Please contact: Alvaro Llosa at Phone 888-334-0707
    The Lending Lies Team

  9. Searching for an attorney in MD who understands the Foreclosure and HAMP procedures… Nationstar is at it again … Regards (410-652-4356)

  10. Theresa B. Edwards
    Edwards & Clarkson, P.A.
    412 North East 4th Street
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
    United States
    954.463.5266 ext. 103

    She has been wonderful ,, practicing mostly in South Florida but occasionally venturing into Central Florida. If you want to learn how she joined the fight google her name and “Pam Bondi”.

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