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  1. 7 years in foreclosure litigation in Miami Dade Court. Judge: Thomas Rebull. Bank’s Atty’s. Akerman Llc. Hellerman, Esq. Previous Atty. David J. Stern. The king of lies.
    3 Page promissory note FORGED. Per forensic handwriting expert.
    Backdated mortgage assignment. Robo signed doc’s. Several mortgage assignments to different financial institutions.
    Judge Thomas Rebull ex law partner employed by Akerman. Llc. as well as several of his legal assistants before he was appointed as Judge by Chris Scott, Fla’s Governor.
    Judge Rebull is totally 100% behind the banks, this is my opinion based on my experience with this Judge and his rulings always granting banks requests and even helping them by tells nw them how to plead their cases. He suggested that if theepre was fraud, how about using the rescission strategy to defeat my fraud claim.
    He told them by making payments I ratified the forged loan, never mind that the bank has never plead ratification or the fact that this loan was rescinded two years after its origination.
    I want your comments on our Wonderful Third DCA and their rulings time and time again on behalf of the Banksters.
    When are we homeowners going to do something in the name of justice. What such apathy by the media, the legislatures and the State Attorneys office? BANKS NOW CONTROLL EVERYTHING IN THIS COUNTRY.

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