What Happened When the FBI Investigated Foreclosure Fraud in Florida?


By David Dayen, Author of Chain of Title and winner of the Studs Terkel Prize via Vice


Six years ago, FBI agents in Jacksonville, Florida, wrote a memo to their bosses in Washington, DC, that could have unraveled the largest consumer fraud in American history. It went to the heart of the shady mortgage industry that precipitated the financial crisis, and the case promised to involve nearly every major bank in the country, honing in on the despicable practice of using bogus documents to illegally kick people out of their homes.

But despite impaneling a grand jury, calling in dozens of agents and forensic examiners, doing 75 interviews, issuing hundreds of subpoenas, and reviewing millions of documents, the criminal investigation resulted in just one conviction. And that convict—Lorraine Brown, CEO of the third-party company DocX that facilitated the fraud scheme—was sent to prison for duping the banks.

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, VICE has obtained some 600 pages of documents from the Jacksonville FBI field office showing how agents conducted a sprawling investigation. (The Jacksonville case is also featured in my new book, Chain of Title.)………………….


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  1. How did they get away with the stealing ? Why is that permitted?

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  3. @Andi Metcalf – I hear you Andi. I had a home on ancestral waterfront property taken. I am so plagued by seething anger that I can’t even go by that waterfront home while out wanting to commit a criminal act. It was all very personal. A third party inserted himself early on because he had inside info from the foreclosure mill attorney Bill Savage of Shapiro & Burson about my house and property. That greedy asshole Dorn waited five years to get my house and had us (and my 81 year old mother in law on 24/7 oxygen) ordered out on a snowy bitter day in March 2015. And as his final act of dominance, he then demanded to see the inside of the house and went over it with a white glove in the presence of my husband. It’s been over a year now and I still lay awake at night thinking of what I could do to exact revenge in a Stephen King type way. I will never ever be whole again.

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    Does anybody around here know how to do Securitization Audits without costing a fortune??

    Thanks and Make it a Great Day.

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  5. So do we get our homes returned???? I am still not myself..it affects one for life for USA government to be in bed with Banksters stealing from middle class Americans and Soldiers thus ruining America from inside out!!! I want my home returned to me!!! That would be justice as it should have already been or never lost.

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