Consultation Sale Ends Tomorrow! Pay Now-Use Later

Register now for a Half-Hour or One-Hour Consultation Now.  Sale ends tomorrow at Midnight.

Half-Hour Consultations are now $279 (reg. $325) and One-Hour Consultations are $500 (reg. $650).  Not sure how much time you need?  Purchase the one-hour consultation and use half now and half later.

Neil’s experience and expertise can quickly analyze your particular situation and provide possible solutions a less seasoned expert may not catch.  Neil can discuss securitization, standing, rescission, and any other matter related to foreclosure.  Unless you are a Florida resident or have your attorney on the line- Neil Garfield cannot provide legal advice.

Self Register at:  or contact us at (347) 850-1260.

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  1. I tried to sechedule the Half hour consult before midnight deadline, but your link on this page doesn’t work.

  2. Did that a long time ago, did you ever talk to me? I am #179390507 BOA or judemcdonald,

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