Limited Time: Private Consultation Sale with Neil Garfield $279 (reg. $350)

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During the remainder of May, Neil Garfield is offering a limited-time discount on private consultations.

A 1/2 hour consultation is now $279 until the end of May, while an hour consultation is only $500 (reg. $650).  This discount will not be offered again this year at this price.

We can help in a variety of ways:

  1. CONSULTATIONS: WITH THE COMPLEXITY OF FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS AND TRANSACTIONS, IT IS OFTEN DIFFICULT FOR CONSUMERS AND HOMEOWNERS TO EVEN KNOW WHAT QUESTIONS TO ASK. THE PATH OUT OF THAT CONFUSION IS TO GET A CONSULTATION — with someone who has studied the financial crisis as a former investment banker, attorney with the highest ratings, and trained in auditing and accounting. (See Neil Garfield Resume below)
    2. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT from a consultation? Both guidance on the facts of your case AND, if there is any lawyer on the line licensed in the jurisdiction in which your property is located, the consultation broadens in scope to discuss legal strategies and tactics.
    3. The thirty minute consult is now $279 (reg. price $350) and Mr. Garfield usually runs over a few minutes. The 60 minute consult cost promotion is  now $500 (regular price $650) and goes into much greater depth than the 30 minute consult. Mr. Garfield services as consulting expert and attorney to dozens of homeowners and lawyers across the country. If you wish to schedule a consult please click on this link:
    4. All consultations are recorded on Free Conference. After the consult you will receive a copy of the recording from the service platform and you may transcribe it, listen to it again, and use it to interview prospective attorneys.
    5. It is strongly recommended that you fill out our intake form before your consultation. This will make our discussion more productive. Please take the time to fill out our intake from (Without any charge or obligation) by clicking on the following link: 

    For further information please call 954-495-9867 or 520-405-1688.  If you call or email us at your question or request for service can then be answered more easily.

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