Rescission Revisited


This evening one of south Florida’s finest foreclosure attorney James “Randy” Ackley will join Neil on the Neil Garfield Show at 6 pm EST on: Blog Talk Radio.

Neil and Randy will discuss recent rulings on Rescission and how despite the Jesinoski ruling, the courts are reading into the statute on procedure and saying that various conditions apply when the statute and the Supreme Court say otherwise.  Neil and Randy will also discuss why presumptive findings of fact can be problematic for homeowners.

Attorney “Randy” Ackley is one of south Florida’s finest foreclosure defense attorneys who has a 5-star ratings at

If you are in Florida and are looking for help with your foreclosure, especially your foreclosure trial, call the Law offices of James R. Ackley at 561-594-5671 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

A 5-star rating at Martindale is a rating reserved for attorneys who display the highest commitment to ethical representation:

Mr. James Randal Ackley Lawyer Profile on 2016-05-12 04-13-49

Practice Areas
Commercial Law; Construction Law; Insurance Law
University of Miami, B.S., 1982
Law School
University of Miami, J.D., 1985
1985, Florida; 1986, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida; 1987, U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit; 1993, U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida

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  1. Thursday 12 May 2016

    Yes, Cheri, just click on the link. If you miss it, or the time is inconvenient,
    Neil Garfield has conveniently made the show available almost immediately
    for listening shortly after he broadcasts.

    Always worth a listen.

  2. Shit if could read. It is tonight do I just click on blog talk radio

  3. What is the phone number for tonight

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