Limited Time Promotion- Private Consultations with Neil Garfield on Sale $279 (reg.$350)

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We can help in a variety of ways:

  1. CONSULTATIONS: WITH THE COMPLEXITY OF FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS AND TRANSACTIONS, IT IS OFTEN DIFFICULT FOR CONSUMERS AND HOMEOWNERS TO EVEN KNOW WHAT QUESTIONS TO ASK. THE PATH OUT OF THAT CONFUSION IS TO GET A CONSULTATION — with someone who has studied the financial crisis as a former investment banker, attorney with the highest ratings, and trained in auditing and accounting. (See Neil Garfield Resume below)
    1. We offer 30 minute consults with Neil Garfield, who is nationally recognized expert in the securitization debt, a lawyer licensed in Florida and the Federal system, and who has been committed to helping homeowners since before the financial crisis started — something he correctly forecasted in 2007. The point of the consultation is (1) for you to be able to select and approve an attorney or other professional who is willing to commit to winning your case, getting a modification or achieve whatever objective you wish to reach and (2) to know what services you need from us
    2. TO SCHEDULE A CONSULT NOW CLICK WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT from a consultation is guidance on the facts of your case AND, if there is any lawyer on the line licensed in the jurisdiction in which your property is located, the consultation broadens in scope to discuss legal strategies and tactics.
    3. The thirty minute consult costs $350 and MR. Garfield usually runs over a few minutes. The 60 minute consult costs $650 and goes into much greater depth than the 30 minute consult. Mr. Garfield services as consulting expert and attorney to dozens of homeowners and lawyers across the country. If you wish to schedule a consult please click on this link:
    4. All consultations are recorded on After the consult you will receive a copy of the recording from the service platform and you may transcribe it, listen to it again, and use it to interview prospective attorneys.
    5. It is strongly recommended that you fill out our intake form before your consultation. This will make our discussion more productive. Please take the time to fill out our intake from (Without any charge or obligation) by clicking on the following link: 
    1. For further information please call 954-495-9867 or 520-405-1688.  If you call or email us at your question or request for service can then be answered more easily.

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  1. Neil, will you please provide SUCCESSFUL pleadings samples and cases for TILA rescission enforcement? It will be a great service for many of us, especially since we have not been able to find competent attorneys in our jurisdictions, or a competent attorney who is willing to take the case–not on overload. Therefore, we have to go pro se. Even an attorney who is willing to provide limited representation by writing or co-writing our TILA rescission enforcement will be a huge help.

    Your post on 2/20/2016 provided the likes for foreclosure defense. Really appreciate that. Now we need what I state above.

    Such help might lead to some donations, in spite of the facts that no public legal education is provided and courts and lawyers reject that idea in order to maintain their exclusive club against the people, thereby “breaking” the people, and although in every lawyer’s oath he (male/female) swears to provide some pro bono work, MOST NEVER DO! By the way, a good pro bono attorney CAN GET PAID FOR SUCCESSFULLY DOING HIS JOB. Pro bono representation is probably the best test of a sincere, honest, genuinely caring and concerned attorney.

    Why does the world revolve around the lawyer and court trades? Things are so corrupt that nobody buys or sells anything today without a “legal” agreement, even if the product is free.

    Looking forward to a quick reply from you or other writers here to request for well-written, successful, or in process TILA rescission enforcement cases, sample pleadings, templates.

    Injured as many of us are from years, 9+ in our case, of lawyer and court abuse (CFOs, servicers, etc., are mostly lawyers; agreements, Deeds of Trusts, Notes, foreclosures, etc., are all written by lawyers; tax laws are written by lawyers (and none are rightly applied to people on their own land for personal, family, and household purposes).

    I’ve been researching, rereading much of your stuff and others’, to come up with the best TILA rescission enforcement, with all the damages possible, but don’t even know yet how to title the document. You’ve provided some help and insights, but not samples of an actual winning document (maybe I missed it) or cases (maybe I’ve missed them). If you could please put all this in one post as links, you’d be worth your weight and more for donations.

    My TILA rescission enforcement document must be filed this Thursday 5/12 in US Washington Western District. Therefore, I don’t have time to re-read this to make it, perhaps, more acceptable. I hope you can empathize and sympathize with my dear torn family and our 9+ years abuse situation.

    Neil, please understand that all your non-lawyer (and maybe some lawyer) readers going through the hell of lawyer-induced threats and actual losses of home, family, money, opportunities, and enjoyments of lief for nearly a decade, may, like myself, be unwillingly divided in opinions of respect for you personally and disdain to near hatred for you personally as a lawyer. One element spiking the latter–disdain to hatred–are your pleas to us that we must remember that lawyers need to make a living, so we ought to pay them, even be glad to pay them. As they set in motion the entire contrivance to steal our homes, our lives, our families, our wealth!

    Odd as it may seem, Neil, I send this with heartfelt Love (believe it or not) and prayers, for you and your family personally, and with prayers that those of the lawyering/judicial trade will now step up to stop, fix, and create methods to reverse the money and land-grab lies, theft, murder and suicide inducements, and destruction (those four factors describe the man who is enemy to his fellowmen in John 10:10), and restore and remedy to the furthest extent possible their carnage on their fellowmen, in the spirit of that greatest of all men–“I am come that they might have life, and that they might have more abundantly” (John 10:10). Every man can read down through verse 17 and hear God tell him personally which man he is.

    A liar, a thief, a murderer and inducer of suicide, a destroyer, will lose all he obtains from those deeds, and far more, more than he ever could imagine.

    A benefactor to his fellowmen is the most blessed of his good deeds.

    Beryl W

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