How to Prepare for a Consult with Neil Garfield

 You have a choice between a 1/2 hour consult, which is being promoted now at $279 and a one hour consult which is being promoted at $500. The consults are recorded on and the audio file is sent to you usually the same day. The purpose of the consult is (a) to reveal the facts relating to ownership, authority and balance of the loan and (b) if a lawyer is on the line, then Neil will suggest specific strategies in motions, memorandums, lawsuits, discovery and trial preparation.
There are no hidden fees and none of your information will be used for any purpose other than the consultation, or future work if you order it.
  1. Schedule the consult by going to
  2. To pay the promotional fee call 202-838-6345 (NEIL), or 954-495-9867 or 520-405-1688.
  3. Fill out the form that gives basic information about your situation at
  4. Think about the questions you want to ask. Make them as specific as possible.
  5. Think about your goals. What do you want to be the end result and hat would you accept as the end result?
  6. Restrict your narrative to specific things you want comments upon, rather than long narrative that use up your time.
  7. Think about what result you want from the consultation. Be able to express it.
  8. Have your paperwork on hand.
  9. Be able to answer questions about when things happened, whether they happened in court or out of court.
  10. State whether any deadline is coming up.

WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME? An Overview of Services offered by Neil Garfield

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