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  1. Sorry, I stand corrected; just found out today that the U.S. Federal Marshal is not the one to call should anyone trespass on your patented land. This is what I was informed 20 years ago when I perfected mine in Sanpete County, Utah. However, I am researching who is to be called to enforce the NO TRESPASSING signs. These signs are much different that the ones available at Wal Mart of other department stores. They are available through the National Association of Rural Landowners (just google them). They have some real good ones that last a long time! People are perfecting land patents all over America and I pray more people catch the truth of true land ownership and take back their land!

  2. Hello Anonymous! WOW! What a battle you have been in, and are still fighting! It truly grieves my spirit, the hell you and millions of other homeowners across America have endured! In the beginning of establishing the ‘Federal Government’, we also had the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT of “WE the people”; therefore, we had two governments…one consisting of the several states united by their individual borders, and the Federal Government (likened to the county seat in all counties). The Federal Government was only to consist of the ten mile radius of Washington, D. C., with elected officials to handle the higher affairs of the country. After the Great Depression, and the establishment of the Federal Reserve (a private corporation), banks decided to loan money to farmers with patented land and use their homes as collateral to secure those debts. These Land Patents flow from their individual treaties and the beauty of Patented Land is IT is free from collateral attack! These Land Patent/Grants were awarded from the President of the United States, going all the way back to George Washington, and they are awarded to the heirs and assigns FOREVER! Few people know about these Land Grants, but the banks and mortgage companies know that they cannot use someone’s ‘land’ to secure a loan, so the only thing that can be covered under a “Promissory Note” is the house. However, once an individual brings the land patent forward in their own name, NO ONE can trespass on the land to get to the house. With Rescission, the note/mortgage is cancelled and made void according to TILA; therefore, the loan becomes and unsecured debt. IF the borrower is going to pay, it would be voluntarily because without collateral there is nothing the pretender lenders can take away from the borrower. The Land Patent gives the assignee absolute indefeasible title to the land, and since the house is setting on the assignee’s land, he/she/they may as well live in the house!

    Google Land Patent and a plethora of information will populate. Educate yourself and select one of the organizations to help you bring your existing land patent forward in your name (as an assign). Team Law has a team of 150 lawyers nationwide to help people regain true land ownership, LEAGALLY! It costs less than one monthly mortgage payment for most! Keep in mind, for those who are skeptical, IF these land patents were obsolete, they would not be available for the perfecting, with a current assign, at the Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management. Should anyone violate your land patent, they can be arrested by the U.S. Federal Marshal (you have to call them), fined $10,000, spend 10 years in prison, or both! These patents have never been defeated in a Federal Court, according to SCOTUS! You will be amazed at what you will discover! Also, google “Allodial Title via Land Patent” and Homowners4justice.com

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