NY Judge Shack Dies: His Legacy Endures

” If you are going to take away somebody’s house, you have to do it the right way,” Schack told the New York Times in 2008. “You have to have due process, and the law has to be followed.” “That year, he refused to allow foreclosure in 13 out of 14 published decisions in the first seven months, dismissing 12 cases without prejudice because of unproven ownership, according to the Times.”
Editor’s Note: Judge Shack was considered to be radical in thinking that banks had to play by the rules. He treated their claims with justifiable scorn and stated outright that claims of ownership of the “loans” were pure fabrication. Looking back on his rejection of the procedure and substance of the bank claims he was prescient about what would eventually be revealed as robo–signing, fabrication, forgery and malfeasance by the banks.

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  1. He was more than a judge. He was a man of integrity loved by the masses. I am not in New York but Judge Shack is loved and respected here in California and across the USA. Such a loss and my heart is heavy. RIP Judge Shack, you will be missed. Judge Shack was a champion of the people and he always did the right thing. God Bless Judge Shack a hero to many. We will never forget you.

  2. RIP, Good Judge.

  3. God Bless Judge Schack …thank you for caring about the rule of law and showing that justice should be available to all citizens. RIP

  4. KT HAMLET – Gone too early too.

    I just found out today our friend in spirit Kt Hamlet passed – she was one of my heroes – a warrior but also the gypsy-hippie-fairy goddess she was in real life – I . . .we . . . will continue to fight in your name too my dear lady. Love to your family, Papergate.

  5. RIP Judge Shack! Thank you for
    upholding the law!!

  6. Huge loss; a man of kindness and character with a profound respect of the position and power bestowed on him. All judicial representatives would do well to follow his lead and behave in a way that emulates Judge Schack’s reverence for the law and its very essence. He chose a path of leadership and honor, not complacency and dishonor of his profession. The legal profession, would do well to stay true to their traditional values, like Schack, instead of following liars, cheats and thieves….it diminishes the entire profession. Rest in peace your Honor…you did it right!

  7. Unfortunately 6 years later we still have “false” foreclosures. Senator Warren is still trying. One of the good thgs that may come out of Trump running is that Democrats may regain control of house and or Senate and be able to make changes long overdue. Delaying choosing a Supreme ct replacemts may backfire and we may get a more liberal choice rather than someone who although certainly qualified was chosen in the hope at least there would be someone on the bench open to change. Jurge Shack’s death may be the start of change to come rather than a door closing. MAY HE REST IN PEACE AS WE THANK HIM FOR HIS FIGHT FOR LAW AND ORDER

  8. There are thousands who loved Judge Schack – his family is remembered by us all who adored him – no judge will ever fill his shoes. Be in peace good man – your spirit will live on!

    I propose we set up a fund to further advance legal research in Judge Schack’s name. Any suggestions?

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