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Success! Last week we piloted a new program that allows up to 10 people to participate in a 90 minute conference for $99. Each person gets to ask questions and follow up questions. It works out to about 10 minutes per person. In a survey at the end of the Group Consult last week, every participant agreed that this was a good format. 2 participants would have liked to see it go longer to answer even more questions.

This Friday at 3pm we are doing it again — 90 minutes for $99. Last week we were sold out in a few hours. So if you want to participate this week, it would be wise to click here immediately:

Group Session- 90 Minute Roundtable Discussion

I like the format too. It allows me to reach far more people than restricting myself to one on one conferences. It allows everyone to hear the questions of others and my answers. Obviously it is not a comprehensive review on each case, but it gives me and the participant an opportunity to have a short discussion about their case, and for me to provide some pointers and guidance without the burden of a half hour conference ($350) or an hour conference ($650).

Each person fills out our intake form and in one of the “comments” sections poses questions they want answered. I am able to cover more ground by having information and questions in advance of the Group Consult. I also take questions directly from the participants which allows for follow-up questions that makes the consult more meaningful. My answers are given as an expert witness in the field of securitization of debt, but of course I am an attorney practicing in Florida so you will hear some references to law as well.

The intake form can be found at


After the conference is over an audio file of the entire conference is sent to each participant. There is no other fee nor any obligation as to how you use the conference. Obviously there is no attorney client privilege with other people on the line listening in and my responses are for general information, but not quite as general as on the radio show or on the blog.

Participants are cautioned that however I might answer their question, it should not be considered a definitive legal opinion on their case. Whatever you hear in this consultation is subject to review by an attorney who is licensed in the jurisdiction in which your property is located. Take no action without consulting with a licensed professional who know all the facts about your situation.

We have also successfully automated our scheduling system where you can schedule your own extended consultation for either 1/2 hour or a full hour. And we continue to provide our other services — like a comprehensive review of a specific loan or case. And of course we continue to directly represent clients in Florida, where I am a licensed attorney.

** If you wish to schedule a one on one conference —-

https://www.vcita.com/v/lendinglies to schedule, leave message or make payments.

We value your feedback as we continue to try new ways of getting the right information to the right people. Thank you all for your support in our 10th year doing this.


For a description of our services  click here:


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  1. I have tried to reach you to attend the class today ? I have a reply due this friday ! I also spoke with Carol and I think she sounds very nice. We will await and see what this judge rules ager friday ! Please rsvp, thank you, beverly

  2. Perhaps you can pare down sessions with like themes or limit to issues common to the group – announce the conference with suggested themes – this way you’ll get 10 people if they know what’s going to be the topic of the conference . . . i.e., TILA issues and concerns – possible steps to take, etc.,

    If there is only 1 person interested in a non-judicial action – the other 9 judicial will not really be interested because DOTs won’t apply to judicial folks . . . split conferences i.e., judicial v. nonjudicial or suits involving Fannie (GSE) v nonbanks, Nonbank originations v bank originations, etc., many categories to choose from and easily burn up 90 mins.

    Just a suggestion!

  3. Hey Penny, how are things at the Nigerian orphanage?

  4. So glad to hear you are having success with the conferences. 90 minutes for $99 is very charitable as well.

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