Is New Century Mortgage in Your Chain of Title? Act Now!


Attention: If you have New Century Mortgage anywhere in your documents you might want to act quickly and obtain your New Century file.  The information contained in your file may help you discover critical information about your “loan”.  Even if you aren’t in Foreclosure we advise you to obtain your file because it may contain data that may help you ascertain what happened to your Note.  Once the files are destroyed by the bankruptcy court, your “servicer” might utilize a document “restoration” service to “fill in the blanks”, if you know what we mean- an indorsement here, and an assignment there.

The Website DeadlyClear sounded the warning.  Apparently New Century Mortgage has been in financial trouble since 2008 when a bankruptcy court examiner discovered a number of “improper and imprudent practices related to its loan originations, operations, accounting and financial reporting processes.”   Not that New Century Mortgage wasn’t doing anything the big banks weren’t doing- their misfortune was not being too big to fail- but too small to bail (out).

“The New Century Liquidating Trust….authorizes Trustee, in his discretion, to abandon and destroy all records in the Trust’s possession, including all hard copy files and electronic files, online databases, and other books and records (collectively, the “Records”) that are not necessary to complete the liquidation of the Debtors’ estates and the retention of which is the only remaining significant issue that requires resolution before filing a motion for a final decree” states the order.”

Why not shred the evidence while you have the opportunity?  Files will be available until June 30,2016.

“There are 12,991 boxes containing approximately 190,000 loan files, of which approximately 5,800 boxes contain funded loan files and 7,200 boxes contain cancelled/denied, withdrawn loan files.”

And guess how many of these documents are lawful records that the loan was properly delivered to the trust?  My guess would be less than zero.


Thank you for the heads-up

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  1. was anyone able to get this CD that i may get a copy?

  2. If you mean too late to get a cd with all your loan docs…. Call immediately to the attorney firm representing NC as debtor. Call Blank Rome LLP in Delaware. Tell them you need to speak to someone who can send you a cd with copies of your loan docs.

    There is a pending motion in the bankruptcy court in Delaware to end the New Century bankruptcy. You should discuss with a competent attorney if there is anything you could do now.

  3. I guess I am too late!!!! I just read this article today and its August 8, 2016

  4. Hi Poppy
    Actually no motion is necessary. If folks call up or write certified letter to Hahn & Hessen in New York City attention Mark Indelicato, and provide original loan number and request all files related to loan, then homeowner will be provided with a cd of what the bankruptcy trust has in its possession. Do it before they destroy all the documents etc. However, they do not provide original paper copies.

  5. Contact all the entities if they are still in business. Send the letter certified to all of them addressed on the same letter. Did you have title insurance–I guess you did. They do not file satisfactions of mortgage, because they really do not have the right. Good luck.

  6. Who should I contact to obtain information on getting a New Century Mortgage cancelled? My title company paid off a 2004 mortgage in 2006. We never received the documents necessary to cancel the mortgage from the public records. The loan was being serviced by Saxon Mortgage.

  7. Hey Poppy and all,
    Do you know how to request our file from the Trustee? If anyone has info, please email me .. I would assume Alan Jacobs Trustee but I am looking for an address. I have already got certified copies from the Delaware Bankruptcy Court (the bankruptcy petition the rejectory contract with MERS cancellation, as well as the destruction order) I have already contacted the Credit Bureau and was able to remove one aggressive servicer(Bayview) off my Equifax report with an online dispute. Now I am mailing the rest of the filthy credit report companies (transunion and experian) with my certifications. We are currently in the appeals court pro se and I just submitted my Initial Brief. Thanks so much! Neil, You do a great job and have helped me gather strength and knowledge to beat these wreckateers!!! God Bless y’all

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    Anyone that has a New Century Mortgage anywhere in their chain of title needs to act quickly to obtain their loan file as they are planning to shred all of the loan files by June 30, 2016.

  9. Not too late, the bankruptcy is still open…Jeez at least try!

  10. The linked article referenced an overview of the bankruptcy. If you read the attached link it states that homeowners have until June 2016 to make claims- The Lending Lies Team

  11. All of our ‘loan’ documents went under with HomeEQ in 2009. They were the ‘servicer’ for Barclay’s and Sutton Funding (both one in the same). Barclay’s apparently saw the handwriting on the wall and quickly closed HomeEQ and unloaded servicing rights. If only I knew then what I know now.

  12. File a motion to release your paperwork with Alan Jacobs, Trustee of all things New Century and Hahn and Hesson/Blank Rome-Alan Root. They are closing down the bankruptcy this year, July 2016 or sooner. I had a claim and AP for years. They are scheduled to have a Omnibus Hearing May 2016….hurry! The paperwork is all a lie “hearsay” if you will, coming from books and records, supplied by New Century and Susanne Uhland/Holly Etlin….with Access Partners…New Century was mostly table-funded, no liens exist, lawfully. New Century stole the money from the table funders to use as capital for the business operations (many of the escrows/payments were stolen too), many of the loans were seized as collateral, then wrongfully sold, when they should not have been. Do your homework on this, it’s all there. oh, one more thing; they will tell many of us the estate has no interest in these loans, not true….many of the servicing interest “bought” the defunct loans (they defaulted them, not you and I), and do exist as part of the estate, even after the bankruptcy. New Century was transferring this stuff in 2012 and later….with the help of debt buyers, so-called servicing entities with POA’s….and attorney-in-fact’s.

  13. At this point if you have a bank account in one of the too big to fail banks, you are either dead, living in denial or not paying attention.

  14. And the Court is allowing this? Who said that America was the “land of the free??” Courts allowing Banks to steal houses, the GOP stopping citizens from elections in Colorado not to mention shutting down hearings for a Chief Justice placement?? When is everyone going to sit up and take notice of what is happening here??

    BOYCOTT ALL THE BIG BANKS! MOVE YOUR $$$ TO smaller independent banks who are closer to your community that the big guys. Not such thing as too big to fail! They want you to believe that!

  15. How can I request the file on the loan that I made with Home123/New Century in 2006? In 2003 I purchased a penthouse condominium in Waikiki and in 2006 I refinanced with Home123. The loan was foreclosed in December 2015. I am in need of legal help if there is any possibility to recover for damages. Aloha, Russell Grisham 808-256-7004

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