Call for Forensic Accountants Nationwide

Neil Garfield, through his blog LivingLies has always claimed that court victories are usually won–based on the underlying evidence and facts presented in a lawsuit.  The Garfield Firm and Lending Lies team are looking to partner with Forensic accountants nationwide to defend against foreclosure fraud.

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Forensic accountants with accounting expertise and investigative skills can be a game-changer when defending against foreclosure.  Foreclosure financial audits typically find gross GAAP violations, contract fraud, misappropriation, securities fraud, financial statement fraud, and bankruptcy fraud issues.  These findings can increase a homeowner’s bargaining power and damages awarded.

Therefore, we are looking for qualified forensic accountants who can assist our attorney network with these and other issues:

Financial data analysis
Evidence integrity analysis
Computer application issues
Writing reports
Compiling information
Testifying as an expert witness
Eliciting other experts’ assistance
Maintaining documentation
Damage assessment
Tracing illicit funds
Locating hidden assets
Due diligence reviews
Forensic intelligence gathering
Business valuations


If interested, please contact us at:

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The Lending Lies Team



4 Responses

  1. The [only] venue where this matters … is the Federal Bankruptcy Court. The [only] challenge that should ever be made is an opposition to their Proof of Claim as being a secured debt, and that is where the judge must consider the GAAP examination. (…nuff said)

  2. That is correct, Elaine. The judges refused to consider or examine the evidence.

  3. Well this is interesting…I had a rather damaging report and sworn affidavit from PaCE, LLC here in Maryland who happen to be certified forensic accountants. Not one judge would even consider or look at anything they had to say and believe me there was plenty!

  4. Shawn Adamo, CPA (available Nationwide) helped Barry S. Faganalready helped many others

    Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2016 14:00:55 +0000 To:

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