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  1. Little wonder that phony Fannie Mae, making claim they are the owner/investor of my loans are operating under fraudulent and phony conditions and little wonder they never really replied or tired to help me. Their latest response on the Internet that they were closing my case because of a completely phony response form someone named Kalikasan Ongchangco and the lawfirm of Severson and Werson is really bad. The letter from the attorney even lists Montrose, CA and not Montrose, Colorado and the loan he cited in his letter and included a supposed false modification of is actually for a property located at 15032 6160 Road that the crooked Janeway lawfirm wrongfully foreclosed upon last July with phony, forged, fabricated, robo signed documents is a complete joke. Just shows you how very phony the CFPB is and how terrible Richard Condray is. I hope they can close down the CFPB soon as they do far more harm than good and are as phony, inept, and dysfunctional as you can get. We Americans need to stick together. Semper Fi. It is easy to see where ALL these billions of dollars went and all taxpayer money!!! Sure wish I could get some much need help right now as old B of A and Janeway try to take another property! I hope the 10th Circuit Court Ruling in Colorado continues to gain force.

  2. Good job President Trump. Now you need to really dig deep and put a moratorium on any and all foreclosures in our nation, How you and your supposed smart and moxy staff can ignore over 6 MILLION homes being completely stolen by greedy, corrupt banks and our very own government under FHFA/GSE and the really terrible CFPB is beyond my belief. You need to read “Chain of Title” by David Dayen and have your AG staff review the initial bail out of $45 BILLION to nasty old Bank of America, the Nationa Settlement Act back in 2012, the supposed epci supreme court ruing in Montana in last 2014 in the Morrow Case and the most recent 10th Circuit Court Ruling in Colorado regarding racketeering on behalf of Urban Settlement Services, Bank of America and hundreds of others that should be names. So far I am disappointed with your office and how it completely ignores the facts out there, refuses to listen, and more importantly refuses to act on behalf of MILLIONS of us American Patriots. I say shame on you and your staff and for taking down your one Email address which is apparenly bogus anyway. Semper Fi

  3. What do you think Neil. These people seem to be using a credit collection and their attorneys to do these supposed free assists but they do require you sign an agreement to relinquish 50% of whatever they might get and don’t know if rescission is a good move to make. Don’t know if you even read your emails like most congress people and government agencies, but keep up the great work and you may want to speak with Rich Elias (google him he is pretty impressive) as he might have some ideas or wish to help lead the movement to hopefully gain momentum across our nation. Was really disappointing with Senator Gardner who dropped things quickly once he realized the huge Pandora’s box. Really sad that no one wants to help:( Have a great summer.

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    Fred R. Schneider

  4. Sorry forgot attachments- you can tell I am an old retired (maybe retarded) Veteran.

  5. Good luck and God be with you and all of us!! Have a great weekend.

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